Port Of Bato Santander, Cebu: Bound For Tampi, Negros Oriental And Vice-Versa

Disclaimer: This is to inform that the subject Port of Bato has been temporarily closed as of this time. I do not know how soon this will be operational but it looks like the place is under renovation for almost 2 years now. Anyways, I will update this post once I’ll receive information or as soon as I will get noticed the moment I will pass by in the said place.

On a side note, some information in this post still has its purpose if you want to travel in Negros Oriental or vice-versa.

To Get Started. This particular post is somehow a guide purposely for travelers who are planning to visit and explore Negros Oriental province and or vice-versa in the province of Cebu from South Bus terminal to Oslob port of Santander. But all these will depend on your itineraries and travel planning. Hope this content somehow or at least can be of help to your journey.

My attraction to this location started since I was cuddled in the arms of my parents, now has fully grown up and matured. The long engagement and acquaintance to this place or so called the Port of Bato urged me to write a post – an itinerary on how to get through to Santander and bound for Negros or the contrariwise. This is a reference of Ferry Boat(s) available from Bato, Santander, Cebu to Tampi, Negros Oriental.


The depicts of Oslob Port

Its people, restaurants, resort and the transformation of Bato

The picture as seen above was captured during my first solo backpacking while heading for Negros Oriental. Actually the representation has great transformation and dramatic change parallel to the spot that I have usually seen before to that place. The seaport, ship, people, vendors and etc. The famous 24hours lodging site in your time of respite had gone but abandoned. And another total surprise was a resort which I’ve been yearning before since I was a kid, now has turned out to nothing except the remains of the posts as the remembrance.

My actual contemplation that time was purposely going to spend time for 3days and 2nights (3D/2N) with my parents whose living in Negros Oriental. Other intention was visiting the grave site of my deceased loved ones especially the sepulchre of my grandparents lolo and lola (my motherside) while taking the Holiday epoch in celebrating the All Souls Day.

My Travel Recollection

I left Saturday morning at 6:20am after my office hours (from Lahug, Cebu City) then commuted and yet hoping that there’s an open Supermarket for my pasalubong. And since I’ve learned that SaveMore Elizabeth Mall starts to open at 6:00AM and so I took a quick shop. Then dropped by at Elizabeth Mall around 7:00am and spent for about 20-minutes to buy few of grocery items then head out afterwards directly to South Bus Terminal.

I took the Ceres bus liner then departed 7:30am at the South Bus Terminal (few meters away from Elizabeth Mall).

Ceres aircon bus fare: Adult – P205.00 | Student – P165.00 (as of January 2, 2018)
Ceres non-aircon bus fare: P168.00 (not updated, but it’s higher now)

ETA around 10:48AM the bus arrived at Lilo-an port in Santander Cebu. Please note that Ceres buses would always drop by at the port for passengers that will get off bound for Dumaguete. Or, you may visit my other post on how to get through to Sibulan port, here!

ETA around 11:00AM, the bus finally arrived at the dropping point of Bato port (Santander, Cebu). Then waited for about 30 minutes before the actual departure schedule of the sea vessel/ferry boat. Additional note, it’s about 3hours and a half travel time from Bus terminal down to Bato port, but it also depends and sometimes it takes longer.

Then around 11:30AM the ferry departure of Santander Express under Cuadro Alas Navigation Inc shipping company bound for Tampi. Then ETA; at 11:58AM arrival time at Tampi port in Negros Oriental province.


At Tampi port

When I landed Tampi port terminal, I got struck in one tarpaulin posted right beside a restaurant/carenderia. See image below.

There’s More Fun In Negros OrientalWhere the fun starts here naturally, One of Negros Oriental’s tourism structure advocacy is leaded and implemented by recent Governor Roel Ragay Degamo thru www.negrostourism.com. So here are the captivating sites and particular places that every one should never be missed about visiting to Negros Oriental province.

Theres More Fun In Negros Oriental

Here’s few of tourist attraction in Negros Oriental province:

  1. Dolphin and Whale Watching at Bais City
  2. Apo Island at Dauin
  3. White Sandbar at Manjuyod
  4. Caving & Nature Sports at Mabinay & Dumaguete City
  5. Twin Crater Lakes Balinsasayao & Danao in Sibulan
  6. Casaroro Falls at Valencia
  7. Balanan at Siaton
  8. Mt. Talinis in Dumaguete City
  9. and lot more

Nevertheless, there’s truly lot more to behold in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. – Will soon to advocate and promoting my mother’s homeland rather my bloodline. You may check blog from the musings of a traveler at Silab, Amlan, Negros Oriental.

Santander Express via Tampi-Bato / Sibulan-Liloan and Vice-versa

From Negros Oriental province there are two(2) ways to get off in leaping back to Cebu province, consider the picture as seen below is the daily schedule from port of Tampi. Santander Express under Cuadro Alas Navigation Lines Incorporated company caters both ports of Tampi (Negros Oriental), Lilo-an and Santander (Cebu).

There’s also other vessel if you opt through Maayo Shipping – via Cebu -Negros Oriental. This is ideal if you transport your private vehicle or motorcycle bound for Negros province. Head couple of minutes away from Cuadro Alas site to Matiao port or Maayo Shipping Lines port.

Port schecule

Actual fare rate as of Nov. 2012:

Full – P 72.00

Student w/ ID – P 62.00

Senior Citizen w/ ID – P 58.00

Half fare 3-9yrs. Old – P35.00

Tampi to Bato or Vice-versa

Fare rate indicated herein may be subject to change without prior notice. Or you may contact the shipping company directly for more details.

So, if you are leaving from Cebu-South Bus Terminal in the morning then your estimated arrival time to Tampi, Negros Oriental will be most especially around lunch time or past 12:00 noon.

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