Mountain View Nature’s Park Cebu: Where Picnics, Bondings, Adventure And Leisure Activities

Where is Mountain View Nature’s Park located?

Mountain View Nature’s Park is located at the heart of Busay, Cebu City. It is close to nearby hotels and other adventure places of Busay.

The Park is just few hundred meters away from Temple of Leah, the famous historical attraction – TOPS, Cebu Zipline (Doce Pares) – the first zipline in Cebu can also be found in neighboring areas in Busay. The famous Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, to favorite restaurants like: Chateau de Busay, Lantaw Native Restaurant, and many to mention; plus, various hanging-out bars and Casino, are just few minutes away from Mountain View.

This is a great place for family bonding, friends chatting or any type of hangouts where you could enjoy inside the premises.

Mountain View Natures Park

What are their features?

Mainly features and offers camping sites, gardens, retreat and seminar halls, cottages, children’s park, swimming pool, botanical garden, picnic tables, countless benches of different variations, videoke, jukebox, bunk-houses, mini-zoo, hanging bridges, viewing decks, a canteen, mini-restaurants, the new Way of the Cross area, Christmas Park, Obstacle race and much much more. There are available stay-in rooms to choose from located in different areas.

Mountain View Natures Park_2An entrance fee of Php 50.00 you can avail its magnificent view and roam around the place for perfect satisfaction. Plus you’ll get an intimate relax while chatting with your friends and or loved ones in their cozy cottages and countless benches located in different areas. Surprisingly exciting and superb  experience you’ll also get  within the premises. Just prepare your sophisticated camera, foods and other necessary stuffs with you… and discover what’s in store with Cebu City’s finest adventure park the Mountain View Nature’s Park.

How To Get There?

Taxi cab drivers can help to take you to the place. I believe most of them would prefer a non-metered reading since the place is situated far up hill. They are also amenable to have arrangements for pick-up or standbye (but that can be costly). By jeepney – you take bound for Busay or JY. If you’re at JY Square Mall, go straight ahead to where there many motorcycles are parking & waiting (Habal-habal drivers) at the side of the road and ask to take you to Mountain View. An estimated fare of Php 30.00.

Note: Rates may change in real time. I suggest to contact at their office directly.

Mountain View images/photos

See further below the highlights of important areas for leisure fun and activities. 24hours stay and longer stays. Barbeque, chatting and lot more ideas to make travel worth keeping. Happy Trip in Cebu!

Mountain View Natures Park_3

Drop-off / starting point for your ticket arrangements at Chief Guard which is stationed at the corner.

Mountain View Natures Park_4

After securing the ticket, you may go up ahead and start your journey…

Mountain View Natures Park_6

While your buddy does the cooking, others may stare at the overlooking scene of the city of Cebu. This is the best area of the park where you can view the city in 180 degrees.

Mountain View Natures Park_7

The top most area of Mountain View Park. A mini resto bar located and a barbeque station for travelers who wish to cook their own food.

Mountain View Natures Park_8

The presence of singing box for a P5 coin.

Mountain View Natures Park_9

An overlooking scene of Cebu City.

Mountain View Natures Park_10

Rope Course Opens from 9:00am until 6:00pm.

Mountain View Natures Park_11

Free standbye area at Holiday Adventure…

Mountain View Natures Park_12

Room accommodation  available at Holiday Adventure…

Mountain View Natures Park_13

Mind your Rope Course Adventure Rules…

Mountain View Natures Park_14

Kiosk at the Holiday Adventure…

Mountain View Natures Park_15

Their Adventure Obstacle Race…

Mountain View Natures Park_16

Comprising of 17 Obstacle Race…

Mountain View Natures Park_17

Rate per head is Php 150.00

Mountain View Natures Park_18

The hanging bridge…

Mountain View Natures Park_19

This is not part of the “17 Obstacle Race”, but everyone can play and even kids for free.

Mountain View Natures Park_20

An overlooking site which is good for special gatherings like Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, Corporate events and more…

Mountain View Natures Park_21

Holiday Adventure

Aircon Cottages:

  • Regular (4 pax) – Php 1,200.00
  • Executive (2 pax) – Php 1,200.00

Non-Aircon Cottages:

  • Native (2 pax) – ranges from Php 500.00 – Php 700.00
  • Native (4 pax) – Php 1,000.00
  • Family Room (4 pax) – Php 1,500.00

Check Out Time: 12:00 noon

Note: Rates may change in recent time.

Mountain View Natures Park_22

Beside the numerous cottages is where you’ll see the Christmas Park.

Mountain View Natures Park_23

Other Amenities and Pricelist in Mountain View
  • Barn Php 1,000.00 (good for 50 pax)
  • Cross Php 2,000.00 (good for 50 pax)
  • Canteen Php 1,000.00 (good for 100 pax)
  • Sunken Php 1,000.00 (good for 100 pax)
  • Balusters Php 500.00 (good for 20 pax)

Mountain View Natures Park_24

♫ Darling let’s stop and talk a while ♫♫♫

Mountain View Natures Park_25

You can have your party and other important gatherings right at the “Central Park Garden” or at the Chico Building.

  • Central Park A Php 1,000.00 (good for 40 pax)
  • Central Park B Php 500.00 (good for 20 pax)
  • Central Park C Php 500.00 (good for 20 pax)

Mountain View Natures Park_26

  • Chico Bldg 1st Floor Php 1,500.00 (good for 100 pax)
  • Chico Bldg 2nd Floor Php 1,200.00 (good for 100 pax)
  • Chico Bldg 3rd Floor Php 1,000.00 (good for 100 pax)

Mountain View Natures Park_27

Mountain View Water Park that opens from 9:00AM – 9:00PM. Children and Adult above (3 ft. in height) rate per person is Php 100.00 and Children below 3ft. in height rate is Php 75.00.

Mountain View Natures Park_28

Mountain View Swimming pool…

Mountain View Natures Park_29

Swimming pool entrance area…

Mountain View Natures Park_30

Children’s Playground

Mountain View Natures Park_31

Leisure area, videoke and restaurant…

Mountain View Natures Park_32

Rooms available along the road inside the premises…

Mountain View Natures Park_33

Camping site…

Mountain View Natures Park_5

Heading to the “420 Steps to Millennium Cross and to Rope Course Adventure”

Mountain View Natures Park_1

The way at the Exit point…

Important Facts:

Establishment: Mountain View Nature’s Park
Address/Location: Sitio Garahe, Busay, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Contact number: (032) 419 2300

Here’s the Map:

View Larger Map

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