An Abrupt Visit At Landers Superstore

It was never part of the plan nor an option for us just in case the primary plan turns epic. And it all started the desire about the viral Samyang Noodles Challenge, when the unexpected turns out to be fun and full of surprises though.

And so I have posted some pictures of different grocery items or landers products below as sort of remembrance of the delightful activity we had during that season. I hope this post will help you get through to your day.

Anyhow, it was a fun-filled day with my boss that drove us out to look for Samyang noodles to different stores and even at known Korean stores available from JCentre Mall, Mandaue City at JMart and down to Cabahug St. Cebu City at Assi Mart.

And since Assi Mart is just close to Landers and so we had an abrupt visit. Luckily, it was also in time of their Super Crazy Sale that lasted from October 11-15, 2017.

By the way, little did I know that Samyang Noodles has also been available online. So if you are trying to look for this at the Convenient store but to no avail, then you can purchase them online. Just kindly browse further to shop for any Samyang variance and esp. the new 2x Spicy 140g and check at Lazada PH now.

Then the fun continues. So a group of three whooping into the store with my boss’ membership card as a passport to get privileges — and somehow felt fortunate though for allowing us to enter at the store.

I must have applied my own for a membership card in order to earn exciting landers membership promo available at Landers Superstore Cebu.

parking area

In time with this crazy sale, even at the parking space it can be noticed and somehow you will presume that there maybe lots of people happily shopping in.

For first timers, so what’s in store?

I am sure there are loads of enticing products awaits crazy shoppers like me. Hehe! And here’s some more photos below.

right at the door entry
first shopping experience
at the cashier
fruits station

As we got inside, we were trying to holler for the things that we saw and considering the huge crowd — its like Christmas at Landers Superstore. Shoppers were gleeful and hyperactive at the store that makes us also tempted to buy some more stuffs for our own. Well, it seems I have had enough budget at that time.

The fact I was empty handed. So silly me.

Meanwhile, be also known of Landers fabulous products are of variety like: fruits, veggies, sea foods, canned goods, milk, dairy, goodies, ice cream, chocolates, noodles and even appliances too, plus many to mention. 🙂

Store concept is like Cosco in Taiwan

On the other hand, did you know that this typical store looks identical with Cosco – a store in Taiwan? I think most Taiwan OFW’s are familiar with Cosco, right? And it seems our past life as an OFW in Taiwan got to recall this shopping experience at Landers.

My other colleague had also an awful reaction while getting inside at the store, since she was also once an OFW for two (2) years in Taiwan.

To let the old memories lives on, I could recall my shopping experiences way back in Taiwan.

The Landers Superstore in the Philippines is like Cosco in Taiwan which is one of the fondest store we got crazy then as an OFW because of the quality imported products to choose – stuffs like variety of big containers of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, milk, and many more.

This can contain for our “Balikbayan boxes” and or “pasalubong” for the time being when we are hitting back home in our own country, the Philippines.

loads of exciting products inside Landers

Awesome! When time and budget permits me to do shopping again then why not? There are different choices of imported goods or products awaits shoppers.

But hey! Wait… there’s more to tease you… how about an ice cold imported products like: ice cream, dairy products and a lot more. See some of the items available below.

loads of refrigerated goods that are on sale
Siviero Gelato
Baileys Chocolate Luxe
Nathaniels Buko Pandan Salad
Pretzel Crisps
Special marked down prices up to 50% off.
Kirkland Milk Chocolate Almonds
Sheila G’s Brownie Brittle
Shin Ramyun Black Noodle Soup (korean noodles)
Yummy delicious goodies laid at Landers Superstore.
Dough and Co. US Choco Chip Muffins
Dough and Co. US Double Choco Muffins
Wine up!

Oh, the Landers Central pizza! Does anyone can share some reviews here? I will also feel delighted too if you can drop a comment below about your Landers pizza experience? How does it tastes? I’ve heard its kind of expensive just like S&R pizza. 🙂

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A mob of shoppers were dining out at Landers Superstore Cebu – Restaurant.

That Ball point pen! We got this for a price of P1.00 only. Yes you have read it right… its a one peso worth of ballpen for a limited of two packs for every shoppers as perks from having a Landers membership card – this maybe one of Landers membership promo in time for the Super Crazy Sale!

So did you guys have some fun? Wanna share some feedback or your findings too at the comment section below? And or, you may add-up some more tips on why we should visit at Landers Superstore in Cebu?


Thanks for visiting. You are so wonderful indeed! Kind regards and God bless!


Disclaimer: This review is solely based on actual experience nor a sponsored post.

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