5 Ideal Wish List For Home This Christmas

Isn’t it nice feeling to know that the spirit of Christmas is nearing? ‘Tis will be the season to be jolly. But do we all have that mutual feeling of excitement? Certainly, it would likely depend on one’s situation.

On a bit feeling of condition, I must say that there are people who are content coz they are truly blessed with fortune, while others are struggling more to find their chances to get a better life.

I must forlorn of the things that displeased on us. However, as long as we find happiness in our home – to our family and loved ones; in the workplace and even to our known friends – there’s always a reason to celebrate Christmas.

Whatever ways to celebrate Christmas, we must always remember the true celebration which is to commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, our savior. Because HE came to save us from our sins and to spread the love to all mankind.

Christmas truly marks a celebration of hope and love.

Thus, love is sharing. For me, I can think of many possible ways we can get or feel the vibes to be merry. One way is generating a Christmas wish list or gift ideas to feel content and be excited. May it be treats, gifts and or gift giving, materials, in kind or in cash, or any forms of things that makes it the most wonderful time of the year.

Anyway, it has been years already since I find myself making a wish list for home. A delightful feeling indeed for every accomplishments I made in the house.

This year, is gonna be more ambitious thing. Since my kitchen cabinet did not push through yet, how I wish it would be done this time before Christmas comes.

In this regard, I am listing below my own wish list. I am pretty sure that mommy’s and housewives out there are most likely the same list as I am. I select these 5 things because I feel the necessitate to my unfinished home improvement project. We may have different likes, but we ended up the same with one good reason. So, here are my initial 5 Ideal Wish List for Home this Christmas.


It’s everybody’s dream to keep a beautiful curtains in the window for a design in the house. And we normally change it every time on regular basis and occasionally. Some will do it on a bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Perhaps others will change the curtains I think every week. Wow, I know that would require extend jobs like doing the laundry thing. But, if you have many curtains held at home I guess it will not be hassle.

There are different curtains design and styles to choose from. Other available curtains design for small windows and there are curtains styles that would best fit to the size of your windows. It will also add-up inspiration for you especially if you put on your favorite color curtains and lovely designs.

Check this item: Cloud Pattern Window Curtain Screen Sheer Valance in voile color blue. I love this design because it’s fashionable and modern look design and of course my favorite color. Adding style to any window or doorway, making your home exceedingly fascinating and charming, creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere for your family.


Since I don’t have any type of decor yet on my wall, I desire to put this on my wish list because, I’ve seen this wall decor as a necessitate to me. Another reason is I wish to put something in my dining area. A design that signifies a consecrate image of The Last Supper and that I believe it add positive vibes or blessings in the house.

Check this item: Last Supper Oil Painting Wall Decor – a high quality of oil paints and canvas wood frame. This is perfect to decorate your dining room, living room or bedroom to match different decoration style.


It’s best practice to change bedding every time and on occasion. While it maintains proper sanitation, cleanliness and tidy to your room. This is also the same concept when you intent to change your curtains. Changing also your beddings’ will add up complement to your home decor and beautification too to your bedroom.

Check this item: Queen Classic Linen Collection Fitted Bedsheet which has a set of 3 Queen size – with 1pc. fitted sheet (39″x78″) and 2pc. pillow case (18″x28″). I select this design because it says on the description, where it has a fabric made up of microfiber, so it feels cool in the skin. A durable material which brings comfort when you lull to sleep.


I admit, I may be too ambitious to have this kind of item at home. But this is one wish that I want to put up decors at home aside the beautiful lighting features on this. I know that I don’t have to choose an expensive one due to financial woes arise.

Check this item: American Legacy 52″ Ceiling Fan (Wood Blade) that comes with wood blade. Featuring 52″ ceiling fan, 3 way light switch, 3 speed fan motor. There’s a choice of forward or reverse air motion. This is a good item.


It has been my desire to acquire a sewing machine hopefully one day. Since I have little knowledge in sewing, I chose to add this on my wishlist as a necessary. I can use this for customizing my old clothes and redesign it to make it wearable again. And also, instead of buying ready-made pillow cases, I can able to make it in the future without shelling out more budget for such stuffs for home.

Check this item: Sew Simple 12-Stitch Sewing Machine – that comes with double thread, double speed. Featuring 10 forward and reverse sewing and automatic thread rewind. I find this very handy type of sewing machine and less expensive.


And these sums up my 5 ideal wish list for home this Christmas!

How about yours too? What are your wish list this Christmas especially for home decorations? It would be much interesting if you could add some more insights for us to achieve great finds for Christmas and gift giving.

By the way, if you are quite unsure to do shopping at the mall, this time we can now shop in our convenient home thru shopping online at Lazada PH. What’s good news, its because they offer Cash on Delivery, even Sign-ups no longer required, with express Delivery and Free Shipping.

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

Disclaimer: All texts herein this post are my own thoughts and opinions. I have also included few affiliate links from trusted shopping site. Furthermore, this is not a sponsored post.

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