Together We Brighten Up Our Day At Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon: Liloan, Cebu

It is said that no matter how difficult your situation maybe; whether financial, relationship, job conflict, interests and or other undesirable circumstances which you never ought to come in your life — traveling, unwinding or getaway has always been proven as the best therapy. I am pretty sure many can relate to the saying.

Needless to say, we understand that when we thought of travel this would consider cost. To keep a savings fund for travel, while for less fortunate people this would seriously require superb budgeting. Also a burden to many and difficult to achieve (we are one of those hoho!). Whereas, a privileged one might be so lucky enough since they are able hop simultaneously from one place to another.

Like for instance, therefore I conclude, that the idea of travel is the most pleasant remedy if we want to set apart from busy weekdays and spend a day or more together with our loved ones and friends. Right?

Wandering would not always mean that we should go in far away places – in other regions or in other country. Although we can also have it experienced in our own province as well without shelling out of our savings.

Anyway, how about going to a distinct restaurant where there is a resemblance of fishing and after a while you can ask them to cook your caught fishes and then have a fine dining afterwards? Aside from it, you can also select varieties of gastronomic foods like; seafoods and other meat — while also having in a rush for an adventure package all in one site. Well, be it known to many that this is possible at PAPA KIT’S LILOAN.

Recommended Place…

What is good in here is that you can bring along with your little ones and even indulge with different rides available at Papa Kits. Going on week-end is expected to have many people, while spending on Weekdays would be less crowd. However, during our experience at Papa Kits, it falls on a manic Monday afternoon – as expected it was minimal crowd compared to peak season. While at the same, also enjoyed taking photos of memorable scene at the premises.

And for others information esp. those who haven’t got the chance to visit Papa Kits – here are some of my photos to have idea about the place. Anyhow, I chose a collage form not in the usual single image posting in order to save bytes of my web server so to skew multiple pictures of this scenic place.


Got bored already but need to unwind?

Sometimes we get bored at home and we wished for a quick getaway even in not so distant location. Papa Kit’s Marina & Fishing Lagoon is an ideal place for family and friends getaways, fun and adventure. The famous attraction is PAPA KIT’S ZIPLINE and other features including, wake boarding, wall climbing, hanging bridge, kayaking, bicycling, swimming at the pool and restaurant.

If you thought that spending the whole day is not enough and wanted to stay in a cozy night – room accommodation in Papa Kits is also available with reasonable prices.

It was a beautiful-nice-weather Monday afternoon when we drove out at Liloan together with my estranged husband by our motorcycle. It’s our Day-off from work and thought of wanderlust – then we chose Papa Kits to complete that day about 20 minutes travel away from our home in Mandaue City.

The images above is a long stretch pathway with both sides is the Silot Bay for wake boarding site and adjacent to it also the Silot Bay which is good for kayaking – where you can paddle a boat to roam around the lake, you could also witness zip-liners from upward, see the fish ponds and mangroves .


If you feel that walking around the premises would exert too much action, you’ve got no worry, because there’s available Papa Kits Shuttle Service for free that could help you get through at your preferable destination around the site.

How to get there?

Anyway, when commuting bound for LILOAN CEBU is not so difficult as jeepneys (#25) are anywhere along the National road of Mandaue City. Terminal is nearby WhiteGold House Department Store. PAPA KIT’S MARINA AND FISHING LAGOON is located at Silot Bay, Liloan Cebu. About more or less than an 1 hour drive by jeepney when traveling from Cebu City (SM City or at White Gold House).

Take note if you have already passing through SM City Consolacion – it’s more or less than 20minutes away down to Liloan Municipal Hall or at the front of San Fernando Rey Parish Church. Just don’t forget to remind the driver or conductor to drop you off at Papa Kit’s. Sure it’s a familiar place.

Go Side Trip to famous Parola

If you wish for a satisfying day-tour in Liloan, you can also opt on a side trip by going into the historical site – worth to visit – in Catarman the Parola ng Bagacay Point. Beside the church head few minutes to towns’ sports complex, take tricycle bound for Catarman then remind the driver to drop you off at Parola.

However, it would always be best if you are traveling conveniently in a 4-wheel vehicle coz naturally it is going much faster compared to riding on a passenger jeep.


You should need to try Wake boarding

Prior to our wander in Liloan, we were actually very eager to experience wake boarding before we urge ourselves at the destination.

My former partner was preparing for that short trip and in fact he chose to wear comfortable shorts like beach shorts thinking that he might get wet right on the spot. But surprisingly when we were there at the said place, there were couple of wake board enthusiasts already playing around the water. Unfortunately, the remaining time slots in that afternoon were already been taken by them.

Just feeling envied while in awe watching all the wake boarders, seems to be they are already expert in this kind of sports. I know how excited he was to go to Papa Kits just because of this sport. Heheh!


If you wish to experience yourself in an adrenaline aqua sport, below is the rate as of March 2014. I didn’t able to inquire about the aqua gears hanging in there I guess they are for rent.

Cebu Wake park Rates:

  • 1 ride  Php 100.00
  • 1 hour  Php 500.00
  • 2 hours Php 800.00
  • 4 hours Php 1,200.00

Refreshments and Aqua Shop

Just along the water sports site, an Aqua shop is located few walks away and a canteen if you wanted to take a refreshment and heavy meal.

Softdrinks, beer and liquor is also available. Snack foods available like siopao, bread, junk foods, delicacies and etc.


Zipline spree

Then we’ve driven farther by our motorcycle for few minutes from wake board area through the venue where other adventure sports are available and since we also both eager to check zipline. Anyway, going at the said place is a bit far so riding on the Papa Kits shuttle could help you get through at Zipline, wall climb, hanging bridge area.

And since the entrance fee of Php 50.00 is consumable for rides, so we opted to take the Zip line course. We paid only Php 150.00 each. Then we head directly at Harness section after paying the cashier and donned the harness belt and helmet up on us. Getting ready for the sky experience.  I remembered that exactly 3 years ago when our first zipline experience in the same venue.


These are some of the photos captured while we were on our way zipped. Apologies for a bit disturbed on these photos but anyways the fun was superb especially when it was my first zip line experience. PAPA KITS ZIPLINE is a two-way 800 meter long that connects through the lagoon. Conquer your fear of heights and get to appreciate the wonders of nature around.


Don’t get deceived by the actions based on the photos you’ve seen above heheh, this is just a drama or rather a warm up exercise char char lang — that is only about a half meter high from the bottom heheh! Actually you couldn’t get to climb up without the complete gears donned to you. As per my short experience it was fantastic and it’s worth a try. I understand that this kind of sport requires adrenaline compared to mountain climbing. That moment I’ve missed climbing up in a mountain.


And since we couldn’t yet experience with these type of sports that time so we just enjoying all the spots by capturing remembrance. So these are the photos of the HANGING BRIDGE and WALL CLIMB if you happen not able to visit the said place.


Horseback riding rates:

  • Php 75.00 for 15 minutes /per person
  • Php 100.00 for 20 minutes / per person
  • Php 150.00 for 30 minutes / per person
  • Php 300.00 for 1 hour / per person

To spice up your adventure memories at the place, you could also try the ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES (ATVs) – this is cool and exciting activity. But this requires a person who knows how to drive a motorcycle vehicle. Kutob angkas lang jud ta aneh permi hehe! During that time there were two Korean couples who were brave to try these vehicle.


Room type & Tariff rates:

Overnight Rate

  • De Luxe Room – Php 2,800.00
  • Superior Room – Php 2,500.00
  • White House – Php 3,800.00

Day Use Rate

  • De Luxe Room – Php 2,000.00
  • Superior Room – Php 1,800.00
  • White House – Php 2,800.00

** extra person with breakfast Php 800.00

** extra person w/o breakfast Php 500.00

  • Maximum of 3 pax
  • Check-in time 1:00pm | Check-out time 12:00noon.
  • Early check-in/late check-out 30% add on from the actual published rate.
  • Rates are good for single or double occupancy with breakfast.
  • Rates are inclusive of Government tax and service charge.


  • 24 hours Cable TV
  • Mini Ref
  • Hot and Cold shower
  • WiFi
  • Swimming pool

Note: Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

I got surprised and impressed since knowing that there is already a swimming pool at Papa Kits. So if you opt to swim at the pool you will pay for Php 100.00, while at no cost if only wanted to watch and roam around the vicinity. A nice view awaits you there.


Papa Kit’s never fail to add more excitement to its clients, their evident is adding up facilities for a more substantial experience for us. It is an all in one place for wide array of adventure spots. It’s like you never wanted to go into another place. Papa Kit’s has almost perfect.

The photos above is the newest building erected – at the ground floor it has mini-bar and restaurant in a nice ambiance.  A pleasant view of Silot Bay, an overlooking of the nearby beach, the bridge and the dock site from a distance – while your seated at the balcony.


The newest building with great features and perfect for lovers, couples, families and friends to hang-out. It looks romantic to me during night time.


I was actually craving to eat pizza that time and perfect it’s available and in fact they have varieties of Pizza for only Php 100.00. For refreshment we ordered iced tea  per glass.


One of the main attractions at Papa Kit’s aside from the famous Zipline is Fishing. This is like the scenario of Co Jordan Talaba and Bangus farm which is also located in Liloan, wherein after fishing you could ask the staff to cook for you per your preferred menu then serve after a while at your kiosk or in the restaurant located near the fishpond.


Helpful Information

  1. For Papa Kits promo,  updates and inquiries please visit Papa Kit’s official website.
  2. Location: Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon, Silot Bay, Liloan 6002, Cebu, Philippines
  3. Papa Kits Contact numbers: (032) 520-2116 / 505-4595
  4. For Booking and Reservation: Sales & Marketing Office Cebu City
  5. Address: JSU – PSU Marines Court Compound, Pier 1, Cebu City Philippines 6000
  6. Call landline: (032) 505-4595 or (032) 254-1995
  7. Entrance Fee: Php 100.0 per person (50.00 consumable for rides like zipline, hanging bridge and wall climb)
  8. Papa kits Zipline schedule: 9:30 am until 6:00 pm
  9. All rides will be closed at 6:00 pm
  10. Horseback ride schedule time starts: 10:30 am – 12:00 noon; Lunch break: 12:00 noon; Resume at 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm.
  11. Free entrance fee after 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm daily from Monday to Sunday.
  12. To rent fishing rod must deposit one (1) valid ID. Fishing is until 6:00 pm.
  13. Bicycle rates is Php 50.00 for 1 hour per person
  14. Rod & Reel/Accessories one’s broken or lost considered sold. Be careful.
  15. No bringing in food inside Papa Kits premises, you will be paying corkage.

Expenses in one setting at your preference

  • Entrance fee: Php 100.00 (P50 consumable for rides)
  • Zipline: Php 200.00
  • Horse back ride (15mins.): Php 75.00
  • Hanging bridge: Php 50.00
  • Bicycle: Php 50.00
  • Wall climb: Php 100.00
  • Fishing rod rental: Php 100.00
  • Swimming pool: Php 100.00
  • Paddle boat (30minutes): Php 200.00
  • Budget per person: Php 1,000.00 (adventure rides)
  • Restaurant: Php 200.00 – 300.00
  • Light snacks: Php 150.00
  • Fishing cottages: Php 200.00 – Php 600.00

Note: Rates as of March 2014

Papa Kits Liloan Map

View Larger Map

Thoughts To Ponder

Meanwhile, the only thing that a person challenges herself from all transgressions, anxieties, depressions, confusions and sadness — though oftentimes it’s really difficult to accept the fate that sometimes we just have to pretend that nothings went wrong. We only need to SMILE just to hide the real score of our life.

Life sometimes so hard to handle. It takes a person to be tough enough to face when things go along a complex happenings. I could relate to this. If we limit ourselves unto the pain without analyzing it, the bitter feelings you had could lead closer to insanity stage. We should really take control of ourselves and not dwell on to the pain because life has so much to look forward to. Just pray hard!


Cebu has really got some more finest adventure tripping whether you are going through Northern part or at the South. And if you don’t seem to go somewhere and would love to just enjoy in just nearby town, try visiting this place. How about you guys? What’s your Papa Kit’s experience? And of course, I would love to know your most enjoyable experiences and or your plans in the future. Please share us your comment below this post… Thank you!

Newest Attraction in Papa Kits

Be happy because there’s a newest attraction at Papa Kits that you don’t dare to miss, kindly check out the Inflatable Island (Floating Park). This is called the Aqua Quattro, located within the lagoon area in Papa Kit’s Lagoon in Liloan, Cebu! For more details, please visit their website:

Disclaimer: This is to inform that this particular post is purely based on experience thus for informational purpose only. Consider this as a Review. If you wish to contact this premise, you may reach through the number mentioned in this blog post. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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