The Untold Adventures of Montaneza Falls: Malabuyoc, Cebu

After the unforgettable journey we had from Mt. Lanaya climb, our group was taking a compromised agreement by going side trip route in the Municipality of Malabuyoc. We were hopping next town and visited the Mainit (Hot) Spring and the untold or the infamous MONTAÑEZA FALLS and the river — both located next town from the Alegria, Cebu.

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Important note: Travelers who wish to visit the place there are two packages awaits you — the magnificent Falls and the Mainit Spring. You may put this on your list to visit as one of springs in Cebu.


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Heading to the Falls: Going through the falls means an adventure, so you will be needing much effort in order to pursue your interest to get the full magnificent view of the said MONTANEZA FALLS. You will be crossing the stunning ravine that sheds the river channel, the lush blooms of plants and trees surrounded everywhere around you. The presence of various gigantic forms of stones, seems like it’s going to drop over you. And the tempting and alluring turquoise color of running water in the river. A must visit!


Taking you through the falls main attraction could be like an obstacle course, will encounter different shew of scenarios while heading the falls. But since you might get feeling malnourished by these pictures presented here, thus somehow after you experience the thrill — it will be a big accomplishment for yourself. As per our group experience, that moment was indeed a job well done and very memorable one.

The aftermath: Then after the event, I was doing a careful research over the internet about blogs of various experiences in that land, then it came out to my surprise in which totally I’m unaware about the kind of sport like rappelling and canyoning. What’s that all about? With my state of being ignorant, I found out that these waterfalls have become popular in recent years due to canyoneering activity in Malabuyoc Cebu, which has also become one of the tourist attractions in the town. Very amazing!


The ladder that cost Php 50.00 as seen in the picture (above) was our helpful resource that time and great aid for all of us during the entire adventure. Without that support, our journey would not be that easy, though the presence of such still everyone must be equipped with caution as this course could lead harm to oneself.

There were five (5) instances that we took the laddering method before reaching the tallest falls. Transferring the ladder from one area to another was a difficult task but with the help of our buddies our journey have been awesome. During the obstacle we experienced difficult ways like only one person could enter it without an extra baggage.


A trivial reminder from the Barangay officials that bringing your own backpack or any bulk things with your peer(s) is strictly not allowed to bring during your spree since you may encounter inconvenience — and yet this was justified during our venture. With concern of our situation, one climb buddy had volunteered beholding all our backpacks and he just stayed nearby the Mainit Spring, while the twelve (12) of us were yearning unto the strange trail.

Bringing of camera could still be possible as there are beautiful catching views you will see, however for your camera to avoid untoward incident it is suggested to secure a plastic/waterproof camera bag or it would be even good if you’ll bring a waterproof/underwater camera and or your GoPro camera. Since you could possibly get wet while on your way. So take extra careful then while handling your own camera. Per my experience, my handy camera got wet but good thing it wasn’t damaged and still working fine. For high-end digital camera like DSLR, this must be taken cared of — to be honest just anticipate for protection.


The stunning narrow ravine


Motivational process: I usually does motivation into a song amidst all the difficulties in life — especially in times like this. It keeps me relieved and feel relaxed though. Just like a song from Kelly Clarkson, A Moment Like This. Then singing over my head…


Thoughts to ponder: Not all people who keeps on wandering having abundance in terms of finances or perhaps prosperous in their own ways. In order to face life’s challenges — sacrifice boredom or difficulties in life — guess every one deserves to go out and explore sometime. There are many ways to make your life meaningful without spending them costly.

montaneza_9In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.–Anonymous


Uncertainties in life: You might be uncertain, troubled, or may be facing tough problems on any aspects of disturbance in your life, always remember, keep your faith though and deepen your prayer that’s one thing for sure a possible solution. If there’s a render to cry, then cry and cry to the fullest — that is one good remedy to relieve distress. Believe and it shall pays by your strong faith.


Where is Montañesa Falls located?
  • It’s about 4hours+ long drive from South Bus-Terminal. You have to remind the conductor to drop you off at the crossing going to Montaneza Falls (you will see the signage from left). The amazing place is situated in Malabuyoc next to Alegria town. So you will be heading South East of Cebu, passing Carcar, Barili and Alegria.
  • There are other means of going the place. If you wanted to feel the adrenaline rush, there’s a way at the top of the highest falls. This is good for canyoning or canyoneering activity. An almost 30 feet high to rappel down.
  • And if you want a Guided Canyoning Tour at Montaneza Falls — take a moment to visit their page here!


Important hints in going to the place:
  • If you choose just to walk from the drop off area along the highway, it is estimated to take an hour or less depending on your skills.
  • For your personal vehicle there’s a parking space nearby Mainit (Hot) Spring.
  • During our time there was one person volunteered to stay and kept an eye on our belongings where he just stayed at nearby Mainit Hot Spring.
  • Take extra cautious hence the way is very slippery. So wearing slippers would be just fine.


Disclaimer Notice: Travelers going through the said waterfalls today will now experience convenience as compared to our excursion last 2012. However, I have heard that there’s now an entrance fee at minimal cost. Post updated July 28, 2014. Thank you!


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