Holiday Lechon Paksiw: Ready-to-Eat Canned Food Products In Cebu

PORK LECHON: There is one thing that would surely hit in the festivity of every town in Cebu, whether it is for small & big events, or either it could be in birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, town fiesta’s and other occasion. The presence of the whole piece of  roasted pig or LECHON is one of mouth watering and most popular specialty food to among Filipinos, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and many more. In spanish word meaning a “suckling pig”.

So, when we say about Pork Lechon — this type of food is one of the most talk in every Filipino’s especially in the province of Cebu, because of its one of a kind perfectly cooked – soothed with lemon grass, ginger root stuffing, crushed garlic or g leeks/spring onions and other ingredients.

LECHON PAKSIW: In the event of your special occasion and when it’s over, I am sure there are still lechon left overs at your table, like the head part. Put them all (left overs) temporarily at your freezer or refrigerator and cook it at your most preferred time then serve it later. After that whole tasty piece of lechon baboy, is by cooking it as another type of menu mostly dubbed as Lechon Paksiw. This also one of Pinoy’s food to indulge your meal all the way to your plates, servings together with cold softdrinks and or juices… it is so delicious! Busog ka sa sarap!

LECHON PAKSIW IN CAN: This product featured is one of canned food products made in the Philippines and proudly manufactured in Cebu — distributed to wholesale food distributors and cater to most Philippine markets. Even to filipino online stores, distributed up to the smallest sari-sari stores nationwide, to canned food importers — in abroad and overseas Filipino stores.

This canned products has been in long decade. A good food or meal variety that can be sort of substitution to the most termed Lechon. Holiday Lechon Paksiw is another type of food, proudly made from Cebu food manufacturer — serve it in a bowl as an alternative lechon paksiw at your dining table, would be best with a cold Ice tea or softdrink with you.

This is good meal serving for those busy enthusiasts and don’t have enough time to cook… so take one and serve Holiday Lechon Paksiw  at your plate. This home-cooked goodness is a ready-to-eat canned foods, an instant meal to feast your tummy. Or you can serve this in a warm plate — heat in a frying pan before serving. Like yours truly who sometimes get lazy in preparing food or doing cook task and either way around, so this type of canned goods is good alternative to serve as a meal. To note, this is also good for outdoor picnics and camping.

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