What Kind of Entertainment Do Tourists Seek in the Philippines?

What kind of entertainment do tourists seek in the Philippines?

You can have a really good time in the Philippines. You can do everything from hiking in the mountains to relaxing on a beach. Discover the best kinds of entertainment right here.      

What kind of entertainment do tourists seek in the Philippines?

When you visit the Philippines, you are guaranteed to have a good time. There are tons of things to do and places to visit that you won’t be bored even for a second.

However, there are some places and activities that are more popular than others. These are things that tourists most often opt for when visiting the Philippines, and they can easily fit in even a fortnight-long vacation.

We are going to look at those most popular places, activities, and attractions here. What follows is a shortlist of the most common types of entertainment tourists seek in the Philippines and one that you should adhere to on your next visit to the country. Read on to find out more about the best types of entertainment in the Philippines.

Land-based and Online Casino

MACAU (Photo credit to the owner)

Few places in the world are as attractive to gambling enthusiasts as the Philippines. The island country has some high-quality land-based casinos and a booming online gambling industry too.

The casinos in Manilla, Cebu, and Angeles City are among the best in Asia. Moreover, they are much more affordable than their more illustrious counterparts in Macau, Singapore, or Seoul, and that makes them an excellent choice for the budget tourist.

Online casinos are also a popular destination in the Philippines, albeit a virtual one. Online casino providers have always been a prominent option for tourists in the Philippines, but after COVID-19, they are even more popular. In fact, right now, they are the only way to gamble safely and responsibly, especially if you are a health-conscious tourist caring for your health and that of others.

And if you wondered whether online casinos in the Philippines are legitimate, you should know that you have nothing to worry about. According to roulettesites.org, it is legal to gamble online in the Philippines. The country has clearly outlined gambling laws, and that means that it is completely legal to use online facilities, the same way one would at land-based ones.

And speaking of land-based casinos, did you know that there are more online casinos in the Philippines than there are offline casinos in Macau? The gambling capital of Asia is easily outnumbered by the Filipino online options and you should have your pick of online operators on your next visit to the country.

Relax on a Beach

BORACAY (Photo credit to the owner)

Relaxing on a beach in the Philippines is a truly unique experience. There is something about the white and powdery sand and turquoise water that makes relaxing on a beach in the Philippines completely different from any other holiday experience you’ve had.

The beaches in Boracay, Palawan, Bantayan Island, and Panglao are among the best in the world and can turn your regular family holiday into a five-star beach and island hopping adventure.

And relaxing on beaches is only the beginning of your marine adventure. When you visit one of the 7,000 islands the Philippines are on, you can do more than just lie on the beach and sunbathe.

Locations such as Kalanggaman Island have excellent beaches, but also offer tons of other things and activities to do.

For instance, if you like to burn some calories and look at the majestic scenery at the same time, you can go kayaking. On the other hand, if you are after more serene experiences and like to get close and personal with hidden underwater gems, you should give diving a try.

Hike in the Mountains and Volcanoes


You might be surprised to find out that in addition to the myriad of beaches the Philippines have, there are quite a lot of breath-taking mountains too. Mountains such as Mount Pulag, Mount Apo, Mount Kitanglad, and Mount Canlaon are all spectacular and are super-popular with tourists. Finding an organized tour for any of these should be a piece of cake.

Going up these mountains is a real stress reliever and will take your mind off the things that bother you. Moreover, the scenery you’ll encounter going up will be better than anything you’ve seen before and will be as close to hiking in paradise as possible.

If you are in the mood for even more hiking and trekking, you should also visit a volcano or two. There are lots of world-famous volcanoes in the Philippines and chances are that you have already seen Mount Pinatubo and the Mayon Volcano in some documentary by now. Visiting them from close, however, is a completely different experience and is a must for every tourist. See video here: https://youtu.be/2tIXhk8SAVk

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