Shadow Seven Launches Come Together Campaign

Play MINImax Tinyverse and earn rewards for Shadow Seven!

Shadow Seven recently launched its “Come Together Campaign” which aims to introduce new unique games to the players of Shadow Seven. The first game to be featured in this event is MINImax Tinyverse. Players of both games can get exclusive rewards when they join the Come Together Campaign Events.

MINImax Tinyverse is a real-time strategy game set in a MINIature world! Become a god, cast miracles, and command epic battles! Fight one-on-one against players from around the world and lead your favorite MINI Champion to victory!

MINImax Tinyverse is free to play on SteamAndroid, and iOS. Download MINImax Tinyverse now and use the coupon code SHADOWSEVEN in the game to claim special MINImax Tinyverse supplies.

Shadow Seven players can also get special rewards with the Come Together Campain Event. Login every week until April 30 to receive one Unique Gacha Box, 2000 Basic Promotion Stones, and 400 Deco Tickets. All rewards can be received once a week.

For more information about the Come Together Campaign, visit Shadow Seven’s Moot community page now.

Shadow Seven is also releasing new content in an upcoming update! Two new characters, Raku and Aris, will be added to the roster of Mercenaries in the game. Can you guess which Mercenary Class they belong to? Take a guess and get a chance to win up to 600 Gems in the “Guess the Mercenary Class!” event! Visit Shadow Seven’s Facebook page to join.

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