Find New Friends with Jelly Cam, a Mobile App!

Meet with friends and strangers online with this new social messaging app!

A new social media messaging app is coming to mobile this year. Jelly Cam, developed by Jelly Cam, lets you chat with old friends and start a conversation with strangers online. Connect with your contacts via text chat, voice chat, or video chat. But, Jelly Cam is not your ordinary messaging app. It also comes with a variety of fun features!

Jelly Cam comes with a special gifting system. Users can exchange precious gifts with their friends to brighten up each other’s day. Have a friend that’s having a bad day? Send them a gift through Jelly Cam and it will surely cheer them up!

Alongside the gifting system, users can also gain points so they could rank up in Jelly Cam’s friendship leaderboard. Users can gather fame points as they send gifts to their friends. Gain enough fame points to get to the top of the leaderboard and access various rewards from Jelly Cam. Aside from fame points, you’ll be able to collect coins on each connection you’ll receive once you are already famous. Each call received can give you coins!

Jelly Cam is now in mobile as a new messaging app. It was launched in the Philippines last September 1, 2020. So, stay tuned for more updates!

Registration is now open! So go and discover ways to beat the boredom of quarantine, meet new friends online, chat away your woes, and find your soulmate all in one app.

Register now to claim up to 300 coins once Jelly Cam has been released on Google Play & iOS App Stores!

Register here:

Disclaimer: This particular blog post is contributed by GeekNation Marketing.

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