Parian Monument: The Heritage of Cebu

Conceptualized by multi-awarded sculptor Eduardo Castrillo, the mammoth structure depicts significant moments in Cebu’s history beginning with that fateful fight of April 21, 1521 in the island of Mactan where native chieftain Lapu-Lapu killed Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Construction of the structure began in July 1997; its inauguration was on December 8, 2000.

The monument was purposely situated in Parian, Cebu City to highlight the area’s important role in the country’s history. Parian, which is near Colon St. , the oldest street in the Philippines, was the old Chinese district of Cebu. It was a bustling community where the locals, the Chinese and Spanish mestizos engaged in commerce and trade. Some of Cebu ’s prominent names such as Osmeñas, Avilas, Uy-Herreras and Cuencos traced their roots to Parian, which was once an enclave of wealthy families.

parian monument

When you happen to visit in Cebu, checking the historical monument is one of places to see in Cebu City due to its historic events which make it a highlight in the bustling oldest city of Cebu.

Since the monument in a collaborative effort, the DOT has turned over to the Cebu City local government the responsibility of maintaining the historical site. According to the memorandum of agreement between the DOT, the Cebu City local government and Barangay Parian, the monument “gives the City the legal basis to provide funds for the maintenance and preservation of the site.” This includes providing for the safety and security of its visitors.


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