The Enchanting River Across Sitio Cantalina, Brgy. Silab, Amlan

Isn’t it far aged enough for letting this article a necessitate in my blog — considering the fact — a something significant place sought to bring one’s mind, in an enchanted river situated nearby in the birthplace of my mother.

Though the appearance or information herein can be outdated, but by all means, or just a thought of suggestion, still handy for me up to this very point of writing. Through this experience, who knows this river will be recognized eventually and even searchable in Google.

Currently, this location is still untouched to some adventurists and or mountaineers perhaps.

This is a #throwback post which imparted on our Negros Oriental escapade exactly three years ago, as of writing,  in Sitio Cantalina, Barangay Silab, Amlan, Negros Oriental, Philippines.


Travel Recollection

I regret at this moment for the inadequate details of this post. However, by looking on the image practically, somehow I supposed it’s not only me whose sharing a so called legacy of unexpected excursion.

The first image above is a location full of surprises, unfamiliar route, off the beaten path – in a far away remote land of Negros Oriental. That scenario you can actually perceive further beyond your imagination and even at our reach that time.

Gaze that person is my estranged husband standing at halt since we were not familiar of the water two to three steps from that post. The water beyond is kind of deep and the only way to go through a small passage or a cave is to cross along a shallow water. Considering we are not familiar and even no locals accompanied us in the place, so none of us dares to bypass the uncertain trail.

My apology for the pictures herein are not in good quality.

As far as to contrast of my recollection that time, I remembered there’s a strange cave further out there which remains a question and mystery to me. I am also uncertain of the real or correct name of this particular river, could this be the Pasalan River? As what my mother told me however she is unsure. 🙂


At the exact position of this man is a steep rock not at large surface — two steps from there is a cliff of narrow ravine where you can view aside that portion cautiously. Looking also behind is a continuous stream flowing as cascading waterfalls.

Children’s and young ones are not advisable to play along this side nor restricted to engage closely at this side.


We’ve traveled down in six, the three girls are my beautiful cousins, young boy behind is my youngest brother and my ex-husband dear — while I’m busy taking photographs and memories.

Actually we were in numbers, my other siblings, cousins and Aunt left  at the top of the mountain hence we aren’t really accustomed of this place. Good thing these companions were very brave enough to go down with us — even though they have to build confidence and assurance from us as their elders (my better half and me).


We were partly scared and extreme cautious though in that surface trying to uphold a good caption atop of the waterfalls. Only the two of us dares this scene and actually we couldn’t get a prolonged look upon that mystery shallow ravine. Nahadlok jud ko kay lalom ug ngitngit sa ubos, unsaon nalang ug ma slide nya matagak… tsk! Thanks God anyway!


Look more closely…


Stunning in awe…


Then we headed out farther left through the river. Extreme cautious still as the stones in different sizes are slippery, considering the surge of the water.


Still heading further more…


These are memorable poses we’ve got from this place as we all look forward when are we gonna invade this place again.


Do we need to move further? That’s exactly the minds of other. 🙂


This place is likely a dense forest, unruffled, placid — as manifested with moss coverings all over the site. But by ignoring the weird location itself, one could not resist to halt and take a dip by this enchanting river.


My beautiful cousins 🙂


This was the moment when we were about descending for 15minutes and more over perhaps.

Took a moment of peace pose after our excursion from the top of the mountain.

Where Is Amlan?

Amlan is the fourth class municipality of Negros Oriental and was formerly known as New Ayuquitan. Politically subdivided into 8 barangays: Bio-os, Jantianon, Jugno, Mag-abo, Poblacion, Silab, Tambojangin, Tandayag.

How To Get There?

Traveling by plane: Get an airline promo bound for Dumaguete. Then head on to Ceres bus terminal located nearby Robinsons Place Dumaguete. Look for buses that leaves going through North and or ride via Tanjay City. Just don’t forget to remind the driver or the bus conductor to drop you off at Crossing-Silab or at Jugno Baranggay Hall.

***From there, you need to hire a habal-habal driver (can take up three persons maximum) and ask to take you through at Sitio Cantalina. That’s perpetually a long way drive further with unconcrete and stonely paved after passing Barangay Silab proper. Prepare yourself for a butt-bumming ride all the way at this particular place for about 35-40minutes up.

Traveling from Cebu via Oslob

Head at South-Bus Terminal. Look for Ceres bus liner going to Bato Oslob-Liloan. There are two (2) ways to get off at Negros Oriental province, it’s either you can choose via Bato-Oslob by Santander ferry port or at Maayo Shipping lines port.

At Tampi or Maslog port, you need to ride a bus, jeepney, multicab or a tricycle via Tanjay. I suggest to ride a multicab or a tricycle then remind to drop off at Crossing Silab or at Jugno Baranggay Hall. Then follow direction ***

Should you find interests to discover this place, I suggest to approach locals or barangay officials to guide you through at the place.

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