10 Exciting Reasons To Visit Kalanggaman Island In Leyte

An island located in Palompon Leyte is recently at the hot seat as one of the popular island destination in Visayas esp. this summer. I feel like wondrous and look pensive though. Then a sudden flash black came into my mind that sometime before the destructive typhoon Yolanda came in the Philippines, that I was once blessed to have had the opportunity to visit the island.

So to unfold my former getaway at Kalanggaman Island, here are some of the pictures I kept in which sad to note that my worked hard photos taken from my DSLR camera were all corrupted. Good that I was able to make counter shots back then using a handy digi-cam so these are few of them.

Anyways, as much as I’d like to revisit but since lately this much talked about in the social media sites and striking in our Facebook newsfeed, that ignites me to share also my former experiences at the island. This truly excites everyone to visit the island.

(1) The Picturesque Kalanggaman Island


Have you ever dreamed of going in a paradise like island? A secluded perhaps. Or in a serene islet that all you wanted is just laid back and relax. Something with strikingly pleasing or vivid qualities that  a scene so real picture-perfect that you feel an impulse to reach for your camera and get more clicks and selfies.

While it is a buzz around at the office, that getting to Kalanggaman Island is likely a Facebook profile picture or a cover photo worthy.

Kalanggaman Island is considered as a top summer island getaway in recent years.

The term Kalanggaman is a local dialect which means “bird”, the name derived because of the shape of the island in an aerial view it looks like a bird. The island is huge covering around 753 meters of land mass with quarter parts of the island are developed which is good location for tourists where to swim and enjoy. Get to discover more as you walk along the other hidden parts of the island.

If you are on a relationship goals, this island is good romantic place to get along with. Nice escapade too with families, friends or colleagues. And even spotted number of foreigners at the island during our vacay — noticed mostly women foreigners gets comfortable wearing bikinis and laid under the heat of the sun. So you can beat with them too and show off your achieved summer body at the beach. 🙂

But hey! For your total relaxation and peaceful stay, there’s policemen stationed at the Island for peace and secure safer of the place.

(2) Get to fall in love the turquoise water


Who else wouldn’t want to enjoy in this crystal clear water when it’s real fronting on your very own eyes. The island has pristine shores, deep sky-blue color invigorating water. Aside from cerulean, one most loved at the island is its pure white sand powdery beach — no one could resist to have a dip and enjoys swimming at the water.

Two islands I’ve known also gets almost identical — a little strip off the famous Boracay in Aklan and Malapascua Island in Cebu to where we had side trip visit after our Kalanggaman Island trip. Getting to Malapascua Island is about 2hours away sailing from Kalanggaman Island. But anyway it’s totally distinct because in Kalanggaman you cannot see any resort except for few of kioks available.

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(3) Escapade in Kalanggaman is worthy travel


And to give others information, that aside from achieving your desire to visit in Kalanggaman Island, there’s no accommodation, resort or establishment in the place. If you would like your travel worthwhile, it is most recommended to stay overnight and bring your own camping tent.

Get to chill at  night and don’t miss the stargazing while it is more entice to observe the wondrous treat of the island. Since there’s no electricity, take time listening and appreciate the calmness of the sea and the solitude of the place. Thus gives you the opportunity also to experience sunset and sunrise — but make sure to arrange your trip during good weather while it is nice to see the skies are clear.

Else if you desire for a day tour, it is suggested to start your journey early morning so you can further enjoy at the island and leaves before sunset because the seas gets wavy in late afternoon.

Below are the specific entrance fees to Kalanggaman Island, be settled at the Eco-tours office at the island.

Regular Rates (Day Tour)

  • International Tourists – P 500
  • Non-Palompon Tourists – P 150
  • Non-Palompon College Tourists – P 40
  • Non-Palompon High-school Tourists – P 30
  • Non-Palompon Elementary student – P 20
  • Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen – P 120

Overnight Rates 

  • International Tourists – P 750
  • Non-Palompon Tourists – P 225
  • Non-Palompon College Tourists – P 60
  • Non-Palompon High-school Tourists – P 45
  • Non-Palompon Elementary student – P 30
  • Non-Palomponganon Senior Citizen – P 180

(4) Explore in the so-called bird-like shape Island


This is one of the highlights to explore in the island at the bird-like shape stretched of sandbars. You can go swimming around at the side but not too close enough at the tip of the sandbar, it’s an off limits just be extra careful. As being warned by our guides that the water there is quite deep since the edge of the sand bar follows a steep incline. Be sure to bring a floating device for own safety.

(5) Do ultimate crazy pose at the Island


While it is not good advise to do all the craziness at the island, staying respect to other tourists and good camaraderie must be taken place. Just be a responsible traveler and take control of yourself to avoid being like a drunken master at the island. There’s a trivial reminder also by our guides to instill peace and solitude at the place.

But of course one cannot appreciate the beauty in the place without giving a remembrance for taking a good pose picture of selfies and or even groupies. There is so much to enjoy at the island like jump shots, taking background pictures of sunrise and or sunset with your loved ones. Truly a rewarding experience!

I think the most responsible travel encapsulated for every travelers is the saying that goes “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time”. These are also the same quotes that is sought to be remembered when climbing up in a mountain.

(6) Should try Kayaking


Unlike other beach resorts and famous islands, this islet is not always crowded especially weekdays and poor weather, else if holiday season expect more tourists.

Getting there be like a castaway thus it will be your home far away from home that you can do everything you want aside from swimming in its crystal blue beach, good also for snorkeling so you can see the majestic underwater hidden gems, there are also other activities you can achieve like kayaking and many more.

(7) Bring enough foods to celebrate


It was a grateful journey then since it’s a privilege to have been invited a birthday celebration held at the beholden paradise like island.

Since it’s nice to prepare foods at the beach, so we decided to bring along with us a camping stoves and outdoor cooking utensils and have our raw meats cooked at  our nearby kiosk then served. If you are not comfortable bringing more stuffs on your trip, i think there is a place where to grill meats. Aside from that there’s also comfort rooms for free.

Cottage rate: Php 250, Php 500 and Php 700

(8) Get a picture at the iconic Kalanggaman signage


After being amazed by the crystal clear waters of the sea we were childlike at the beach after docking at the boat when we enjoyed in every ways and taking photos. Then we were advised  first to register at the tourism office to settle the entrance fee.

The iconic signage at Kalanggaman in that picture was captured before the wrecked typhoon Yolanda. So you can see there’s a hut in the background but lately it’s different view since the hut is gone now as I’ve noticed by some of friends posts in their FB.

(9) Wooden Watchtower


While we were enjoying all the fondness in every angles of the island, never also miss to take a glimpse at the wooden watchtower and take an afternoon shot.

(10) Witness the Sunrise and Sunset


Believe me it’s worth the visit to experience and witness the sunrise and sunset at the beach. Don’t get lazy to get up early because it’s worthy like pre-nup shots. Get multiple shots and do whatever angle you want is like crazy then. 🙂

It’s just sad to note in my part because I only realized when I get home that the memory card I used in taking pictures using my DSLR camera all files are corrupted. I had many memorable scenes taken in that said memory card but sad the files are not restored, but thankful still because I’d also got other counter shots using a handy digital camera though I only took few shots back then.


Want to visit the Kalanggaman Island? Kindly check out www.faq.ph for more details on How to go to Kalanggaman Island in Palompon Leyte. Another thing you also need to consider is to go on side tripping in Malapascua Island, that is possible anyway about 2-hours sailing.

Disclaimer: For inquiry and reservation you may call directly at Eco-Tourism office with these numbers: (053) 338-2094; 0917-3037269; 0917-3037267

I am sure you have lots of exciting stories to share about the experiences you have at Kalanggaman Island, why not drop a comment below. Thanks for reading! To God be the Glory!

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