The Unspoiled Lambug Beach Badian: A Laid Back At The South

It’s really a great pleasure for us if we could spare sometime to unwind with our better half, family members or even to our very close friends and colleagues. A staycation perhaps or a getaway where we could laid back and just focus on the moment where to whom you share with the fun memories away from your havoc situation and the hustle city life.

For those unaccustomed, little did I know that aside from the famous Kawasan Falls in Badian and the horde Moalboal Beach, where to add up on the list of must visit beautiful beaches in Cebu South is the unspoiled Lambug beach. Truly incontestable!

A wonderful place to get along with – in a long stretch white sand powdery beach and swimming in an uncrowded resort. It is good to stay there any type of the day even if the weather’s temperament turns to gloom.


Why Recommend Lambug Beach?

This place is considered as one of the hidden beaches in the southern part of Cebu – Lambug Beach in Badian, Cebu. It has a long coastline of white dust like sand, clear waters and which you could also experience catching up both the sunrise and sunset.

The place is still under developed so you can’t see any high-end resort in the area, besides, it has many rentable cottages or kioks and room’s to rent along the shoreline. But, so far the only resort that stands out there is the grandest Grandeur Beach Resort.

The picture above is situated at the right coastline wing of Lambug, and this is the best location where to stay allowing you to do something that you want and relax.


This is the picture at the left coastline of Lambug where minority of people can be seen here and few of rentable kioks at this side. This location might be packed with beach goers when peak season. As a side note, according to a local that we’ve spoken that the view can be seen from afar is a resort owned by Korean nationals.


Why visit to Lambug?

Going to Lambug now a days isn’t costly enough hence the place is still undeveloped. There are room accommodations available at minimum cost. Good advantage for younger ones to swim since it has a narrow shoreline. You could also save up much if you can bring tent while it is good to stay along the beach shoreline listening to the wind blows and the calmness of the sea.

But during our visit, that night was a bit noisy by certain group of people in a loud videoke sound at the neighboring site. Well, we couldn’t blame others doing since this place is a public beach and people there were just all having fun.


Ideal Activities in Lambug

Beach Volleyball

Group of young generation were having outdoor activities like playing volleyball at the beach. In any way, Lambug is really a place for fun in great numbers of people from all walks of life. Most fun can be observed like team building, thesis, birthday parties, family outing and beach hopping.


Intimate Bonding

This is a good place for drawing much closer to your partner or spouse and or growing intimate relationship with your loved ones. Family outing is best here. This short escapade was a great privilege and relaxing trip since we just hitched a ride by my ex-husbands’ humble friends’ private vehicle together with their daughter.

We then started our journey from 4:00pm at the crossing of Canduman, Mandaue City on a busy Saturday and arrived Lambug at past 8:00pm already.


Lambug known for its powdery beach

Kids and even adults too can make playful with the powdery sand. It’s also nice to stay during at night and make all the fondness with your friends, colleagues, office-mates and most especially it would be as romantic to get an intimate chat with your better half or family members.


Imagining how sweet it is looking up the sky – stargazing – and listening to the whisper of sea breeze.

Chill, Hang-out, Drinks

And to spice up your evening, an all set of happiness mostly there’s a bottle of alcoholic drinks or beers, refreshments and associated with crunchy finger foods or “pulutan” plus unlimited laughters! 🙂


This picture is one of the kioks available in Lambug, but there’s one resort that maintains the most convenient accommodation in Lambug.


Available Resorts at Lambug

Among the grandest resort rooms accommodation in Lambug beach. Next name is Magic Beach Resort is also located in nearby Grandeur.

Also Read this PostPictures Of Grandeur Beach Resort: Lambug, Badian


Aside from Grandeur, there are also available nipa hut rooms at the beach and can rent a videoke machine. But didn’t able to get the contact numbers of that site.


Details of Grandeur Beach Resort

Renting a room at Grandeur Beach Resort is free usage of cooking needs like utensils, frying pan, dinnerware sets, plates, spoon & fork. You can ask staffs. This resort doesn’t offer menu. But the good thing is you can cook your food all you want and water is free. It has also bathrooms. For more details please contact the following numbers: TM: 09262789880; SMART: 0908992490; SUN: 09333383686.

Grandeur Beach Resort Rates and Accommodations: Fan Rooms (up to 10 persons) – P1500 and P2000; Air-Conditioned Room (up to 12 persons) – P3500.


Details of Magic Beach Resort

Magic Beach Resort Contact Numbers: 09154586637; 09261205042.


There are also stores available at Lambug beach.


Others: Camping in Lambug

Our tent was located at the side of Grandeur Beach Resort and we only rented the space for Php 100 only. Before headed Badian we dropped off first somewhere at Carcar City to buy rice, noodles, canned goods and have them cooked at the camp area with our portable camping stoves and cooking utensils.

We bought mangoes and banana’s too. Brought extra hanging rice (puso) for reserve. My estranged husband did the cooking errand as he is good in preparing all these. Thankful!

Lambug Beach afternoon shot

How to Get Through Lambug Beach

How to get there in Lambug by Bus?

  1. From South Bus Terminal, ride a bus bound for Badian and that will cost approximately to Php 143 (non-aircon bus). It takes 3 hours + all the way through Badian Town proper.
  2. Remind the bus conductor to drop you off at Badian public market (P 139 for non-aircon) if you opt to buy stuffs before heading Lambug; or else head through the crossing of Lambug Beach where you could see a signage of Cebu International Golf and Resort.
  3. Both drop off point have available tricycle or habal-habal. Tricycle will cost Php 30 per head while habal-habal (local name) is at Php 30.
  4. When you arrive at the Lambug area, go right or at the left and walk for few meters through the beach shoreline or to head on your destination.

*Please take note that fare rate may change in recent time.


The original story was, my friends and I were not familiar of this particular location in Badian where this so called Lambug is situated. Actually, while on our way through Badian town, we were almost lost then but good thing I had able to search on Google about Lambug. Until we finally found the signage Cebu International Golf and Resort, Badian Cebu past 8:00pm already.

How to get there in Lambug by Private Vehicle?

  1. Drive all the way to Badian, Cebu.
  2. When you pass the Badian Public Market, you will be heading closer about 10-15 minutes away of the crossing to Lambug Beach.
  3. Look for signage on the right side that says Cebu International Golf and Resort. Then turn right.
  4. At Lambug beach, you can ask locals to help you reserve for parking space. Please note you can park right the port or turn left which parking area is also available.

Parking Needs

For parking purposes, there’s one situated along the fishermen’s dock site. There’s also ample space at the left coastline or just before entering the dock site with parking fee of Php 100. Just ask for locals at nearby kioks for your parking needs.

Side Trips

After your joyous stay at Lambug, you can go on side trip by visiting the SeaSide Park in Moalboal just located next town if you’re traveling back to Cebu City.


At Lambug, there’s so much to enjoy within the place like swimming at the beach, overnight camping, beach volleyball and the like.

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  • Clarisse

    March 28, 2016

    hi 🙂 I would like to ask if how much is the entrance fee in Lambug Beach?

    • Janeth

      March 29, 2016

      Hello Mam Clarisse! Wala cya entrance fee Mam, mao nay naka nindot ngadto… 🙂

  • Violet

    April 14, 2016

    Hello Artneth 🙂 ok ra mag overnight ngadtu na nkatent lang? Or kailangan jd mag room?

    • Janeth

      April 16, 2016

      Hello Violet, sorry for the late response. Yes Mam pwede ra ang mag tent ngadto ask lang any locals there kung asa nga location pwede maka pitch sa inyo tent pero naa cya minimal fee. Pero okay rapud at least maka budget rapud mo. Thanks for the comment. Enjoy your trip!

  • Julie

    April 19, 2016

    Hello. Good morning Ms. Clarrise! Ask unta ko if pwede raba makagamit sa CR sa Grandeur Beach Resort? Bisag mu.additional fee lang? or inclusive na camping fee nga php100 ang usage sa CR? Thank you.

    • Janeth

      April 19, 2016

      Hi Mam Julie! During our time kay naka gamit mi sa ilaha CR Mam wala mi ga additional fee. Thanks for commenting… Enjoy ur trip!

  • stl

    April 19, 2016

    how long is the walking after my mom got off from the private in going to the

    grandeur house coz she is having difficulty with her legs

    • Janeth

      April 19, 2016

      Hi Stl! Dili man jud cya layo Mam from the main parking lot. I can estimate less than 7minutes walk Mam. Thanks for dropping a comment. Enjoy your trip!

  • Carl

    September 27, 2016

    Ms. Artneth? nindot ang sa home stay? diha man gud gihapon na sa lambug moadto ko sa octber

  • jumabel zanoria

    October 12, 2016

    hi maam ! pila diay ang inyong cottage for 10 persons ?

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