Patria De Cebu: What The Site Does?

Update 2019: The Patria de Cebu’s main building has now been leased and is currently under redevelopment by Vismin’s #1 property developer, the Cebu Landmasters, Inc (CLI). On the other hand, I would also like to ask for an apology because I can’t share with you the updated contacts on their Dormitory extension building, should you wish to inquire or to reserve a booking at them. By the way, Patria de Cebu Dormitory extension is located way at the back of Cathedral church.

The Recollection

After I took photos of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, I also decided to capture the site of  Patria De Cebu where it’s just a caught of an eye in a short distance from the church. The image wasn’t really well captured as there was a delivery truck covering the site.

The sun was shining so bright that time so I didn’t intend to capture back. Hopefully If I’ll own one sophisticated DSLR camera, surely I won’t have to miss capturing this site.

What  the site does?

Patria De Cebu is one of the oldest and cheap accommodation in the city of Cebu. According to source that this site was founded way back in 1956 wherein it was believed as a sanctuary for travelers and managed by nuns.

The site caters to your most basic needs as a simple lodging/stay-in for budget wise travelers. They don’t offer WiFi and or hot & cold shower, so just don’t expect a nice catching amenities inside, this site only caters for your time of respite.


The site is conveniently located just in front of Metropolitan Cathedral Church. Walking distance to places of interests like the Basilica del Sto. Nino and Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, Plaza Independencia and the busy street of Colon, Cebu City. The place is also near to the ports of Cebu.

Room rates:

Air-conditioned room:
  • Php 650.00 for 2 pax, private T&B
  • want an extra bed for Php 100.00
Non air-conditioned room
  • Php 300.00 for 2 pax, fan with twin sharing T&B – extra person charge P50
  • Php 250.00 for 1 pax, fan with private T&B – extra person will be charged for Php 50.00
  • Php 200.00 for 1 pax, fan with common T&B – extra person will be charged for Php 50.00

Note: Rate(s) may change in recent times. For accurateness you may contact directly thru Patria De Cebu’s office (see below).

A Site To remember

I could not forget during my teenage time way back 1996 wherein it was also considered hectic for me while juggling work as a full-time employee, then went to school in the afternoon to catch up night classes  and also being an active member of Charismatic Community where we had our engagements at the Patria office.

Back then, this place was used to be our sanctuary. We held our meetings and other agenda in our community’s main office – once located in one of the space at the second level when our community was once active. I am one of the member of Jesus Cares Community (JCC), a Catholic Charismatic Community.

However due to its certain priorities, responsibilities, aspirations and concerns among members, our every Tuesdays prayer meeting at Sto. Rosario had been called off. But our bond still continues in recent time. We still have our every Fridays cenacle prayer but only few who does participate since we have our own life such as attending to our family and etc.

This community teaches me with so many lessons and aspects of life. And will always have a place in my heart and will always impart in daily lives.

Amazing Grace! I could still recall the praise and worship meetings we had at Sto. Rosario Church. I missed those busy moments serving with our Lord God.

As we grow older, our life’s responsibilities becomes tighter. You know as it seems, teenage life is lighter than we think when you finished your studies, having decent jobs, got married and then having children.

Where is Patria De Cebu situated?

  1. Patria De Cebu is located just right in front of Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral Church.
  2. Business address: P. Burgos St., 6000  Cebu City.
  3. Contact number: +63(32) 2556213.
  4. For queries and concerns, you may drop an email c/o

The History

The site of the Patria used to be a squatter settlement not even the Archbishop of Cebu, the Knights of Columbus, and the Daughters of Isabela were able to persuade the squatters to move out of the Church ground.

The squatters were backed up by the local political officials which made them a formidable force to contend with. The squatter site became a crime den.

Excerpt Source:


Disclaimer: This is to remind that this particular content may be outdated in real time. Otherwise, should you have other details to suffice in this blog post is truly appreciated. You may also leave your comment below. Thank you for visiting the blog. God bless!

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