Exhilarating Canyoneering Adventure In Alegria To Badian Cebu

The prime highlights recently in Cebu if you are looking for a far more adventure tripping, one common suggestion is to try Canyoneering in Cebu.

If you are brave enough or have the courage to conquer your fear of heights and afraid to swim in deep water but wanted a try, with this kind of endeavor will surely make your interest worthwhile and incredible. Like the remarkable canyons at Kanlaob River in Barangay Compostela, Alegria Cebu which is considered as the top destination in Cebu for pumping experience like the canyoneering activity.

Alegria has really got more adrenaline sports to achieve like my tough climb experience at the peak of Mt. Lanaya.

What is Canyoneering?

Is a kind of sport activities that involves rope work or abseiling, technical climbing or down-climbing, rafting, as well as waterfalls jumping and swimming along canyons and mountain gorges.

Touchdown at the crossing of Brgy. Compostela Alegria Cebu
Touchdown at the crossing of Brgy. Compostela Alegria Cebu

The Planning

When I knew that my officemates were planning to go for canyoneering, so I reckoned to join with them and got so excited then although I can’t swim. There’s a great thought I’ve learned in life to overcome whatever obstacles that are ahead of you causing you to fear moving forward.

According to Manilyn Monroe, that if fear is holding you back from living, then it’s time to let go. So I’m inspired between the lines over my limits to eventually become fearless being and so as about living solo.

“We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets.” – Marilyn Monroe

Where did we start our journey?

Hired Private Van

Anyhow, we rendezvous at Caltex Gasoline Station – fronting Cebu South Bus terminal at 4:00am and departed 5:00am heading Southwest. We were total of 35 brave nomad individuals invading in what they call a must try adventure in Alegria. Good that the organizers of this event opted to hire an 18-seaters private Van which is good for 2 vehicles and sent us all through Brgy. Compostela Alegria’s drop off point.

For Ceres Bus Commuters

On a side note, you can also opt to ride a Ceres bus liner bound for Alegria at South bus terminal then inform the bus conductor to drop you off at the crossing of Brgy. Compostela.

At the road off leading to the 1st jump point
We are taking a short miles trek heading the jump-off point to the 1st waterfalls 15 ft. high jump.

What things to prepare before canyoning activity?

Do we consider proper outfits or attire, shoes, gear or equipment? As per experience, these things must ought to consider:

  • There are legit canyoneering operators that you can reserve for bookings for a canyoneering activity.
  • I found one operator in my FB page its VERTICA outdoor adventures, you can visit or contact them directly thru their Facebook page.
  • Proper clothing/outfit like wearing a close-fitting top for swimming or rash guard as this could help you protect against sunburn or exposure to the sun and coldness of water, thus also protects against rashes caused by abrasion.
  • Wear comfortable tight-fitting shorts, cycling shorts under your loose shorts and or protective coverings for the legs like leggings.
  • For footwear, I strongly suggest to consider wearing an aqua shoes, sandals with straps will be fine as long as it’s tight fitted, and any sports shoes will do as long as you’ll get comfortable wearing it.
  • Since this activity requires swimming and jumping thus gets you wet, a dry-bag is necessitate to put all your important belongings but make sure to wrap your valuables first in a tight plastic bag or container.
  • Keep your cellphone enclosed tightly in a plastic to avoid unexpected damage, just like mine it’s dreadfully dead.
  • And off course for photo ops, your sophisticated GroPro camera is a must, plus bring extra battery (tightly closed in a plastic).
  • Put on a life vest and helmet.
A briefing first before the start of canyoneering adventure
Had a short briefing conducted by one of our guides about “What to Do” and “What’s Not” in the entire activity. Also advised us the proper body/hand positioning when jumping off a cliff.

Necessary Things for Canyoning

Secure Logs

Upon arrival we were advised to register our names individually at the log book provided by the management for monitoring purpose at the Alegria Tourism Office just located nearby crossing at the left corner.

Hire Motorcycle through the Destination

After recording all of our names then hired a habal-habal for P 50.00 each with tandem and drove us through the location where we had our donning of life vest and helmet. After donned we had trek for short miles until we reached a location of barbeque station and we ordered barbeque (P 30 to P 35/stick), large puso (P 10.00/each) and refreshment for our breakfast.

Had a Short Briefing

Then spared couple of minutes for a short briefing conducted by one of our guides about “What to Do” and “What’s Not” in the entire canyoning activity. Had a short prayer as well. Also advised us the proper body/hand positioning when jumping off a cliff. As a side note, for non-swimmers like me, just keep your life vest tighten thus gives you comfortable wearing and swim like a pro. 🙂


Just enjoy and be fearless!

I couldn’t imagine the feelings of my other colleagues too at that time besides I only had few days then for mind conditioning, hence I’m informed late that they will go off canyoning in that Sunday week-end. So I had to rush looking for an aqua shoes and so are they.

During the event I knew that I’m not alone petrified, other girls felt it too but they were all brave. I am noted a gutless being particularly when swimming off in deep water but with the help of our guides, my life vest and courageous Kennith thus conquered my fear. And so as my other teammates they did a great job. Kudos to the team!

Mandatory Jumps

The picture above is actually our team at the first destination of the activity. We’ve waited in a long queue for our turn, crowded because it takes one person at a time for the 15 ft mandatory jump. Hence we were 35 then pretty obvious that I did not stand out to be foremost since I am tensed.

Take Pictures for Keepsake

That is me on my very first waterfalls jump

This is the first spot where we had no choice but to bravely jump off that 15 ft high waterfalls. Hehehehe! Please note that other guides will also prefer at the other side so as not get congested. That was cool exhilarating adventure!


I could recall the haunting experience we had like swimming along canyons. That picture we were advised to form a circle but since we are densely large I wonder we couldn’t able to form circle either. 🙂

swimming along canyons
A very clear water in depth already

Sometimes I couldn’t recognize other swimmers since I need to pace up my guts to swim until I can notice that I am nearly at the edge where I can reach the depth with my toes. The fact I get paced with Kennith’s help. Lol! So silly why I don’t know how to swim like them.

swimming along canyons
The team are enjoying very much

That picture we are informed to swim in 2 lines and link with our legs in order not to split the line. We are bit clamorous at the same time enjoying the activity.

clear waters at Kanlaob river Alegria

In the picture above is another spot where we had to pass under the gorge. The water below is very clear and turquoise but we didn’t swim off in that area. It’s just that there’s another nice spot awaits after that area.

canyoneering Alegria Cebu
This spot is among the most magnificent view. A narrow gorge and deep water.

Our guide opted us to try at the left side corner where we had to slide in the surface individually that’s about over 10 ft high. That was very cool! Then upon reaching the bottom, there’s a small cave where we stayed just couple of minutes waiting for the other mates to drop then head further, but the water is freezing cold.

Other guides would also prefer at the other side of the gorge just to render jumps only, unlike in our side it requires slides.

canyoneering activity Cebu
We halted almost halfway. A relaxing view isn’t it?
river trekking at kanlaob river alegria
Not just intimately swimming along canyons but we also had river trek.
canyoneering activity Alegria
Enticing nice water and remarkably magnificent view at Kanla-ob River

I just realized to wear leggings in this kind of activity since you get accidentally slip off at the stones. I am not the only person of the team got even slipped hence most of the surface and the rocks are slippery, the fact I slipped off twice but good it didn’t hurt my body much and only got little scars back then.

Kanlaob River Alegria Cebu
A very enchanting location at Kanla-ob River
Group picture at Kanlaob River
Memorable Group picture at Kanlaob River

Who else would not want a group remembrance when this enticing location is already fronting incredibly on you. This spot is also good for taking a profile picture or a cover photo worthy. Most of my friends I have noticed dares to capture a good pose here not to mention my name. Nevertheless, I am so grateful that they’ve counted me in to join in the escapade. 🙂

This canyon is called an optional last jump so that’s 30 ft high as they say. But one is good enough to have a try. Among the girls, I could count only three dares to jump in that spot and I am one of those who did not dare. Lol!

last jump scene at Kanlaob river
This is Jhon Rey “Batman” motivating his girl friend to jump with him. Photo credit: Jhon Rey

We arrived at around 12:00 pm in this location. And within this surface is a barbeque station to have a break and take lunch.

We were halfway then almost at Badian, this spot is supposed to be the last excursion at Kanla-ob River then we continued our journey until Kawasan Falls Badian. That is the spot for last jump scene but gets optional for gutless individual. Lol! But anyway, try to observe also in the corner of the picture that’s crowd surge to swim in a small passage of clear water.

barbeque station at Kanlaob River
Most of the tourists will drop by at this station where to take a break or have lunch.
Barbeque stations at Kanlaob River
Amazingly, in this picture is a stall of barbeque station at Kanlaob River Alegria, and a small store for refreshments too.

In that picture we already landed in Badian, marching along the side of the river. A beautiful Kawasan Falls awaits us there after trekking couple of minutes.

Swimming at Kawasan Falls 1st waterfalls

Getting at the upper level 3rd waterfalls in Kawasan is used to be the end point of mountaineers when they are traversing from the Osmeña Peak, Dalaguete.

Before, whenever I landed at this location, I also used to dream hoping I can able to swim in that portion of shallow water. But apparently its real possible anyways by wearing a life vest. We even got multiple photo ops in that location and in the current of water back then.

And while we enjoys swimming at the coldness of water, most of the boys are again queuing at the top to jump off the cliff, a location way at the back as seen in this picture.

Kawasan falls Badian
Another group pose picture at the 3rd level waterfalls of Kawasan Badian.
Kawasan Falls Badian
This is 2nd Waterfalls of Kawasan Badian
Kawasan Falls Badian
The 1st level Waterfalls in Kawasan Badian Photo credit: Byron S.

Canyoneering Activities Timeline

Estimate Arrival Time to Alegria

We arrived about two hours plus at the crossing of Brgy. Compostela Alegria. But if you opt to ride a Ceres bus that’s an estimated of 3 hours drive.

Kawasan Falls from Kanla-ob Alegria

We reached Kawasan proper at around past 1:30pm. Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu is a peaceful mother earth where you can enjoy three levels of waterfalls.

Actual Time Canyoning Activity Finished

How long does it take to finish Canyoning Activity? It took us about total of 5hours to finish the entire activity from Kanla-ob River, Alegria through Kawasan Falls, Badian. After the expedition in Kawasan we arrived 3:00 pm at the Chapel of Badian nearby hi-way road. We had a break for about an hour and have fixed at the bathroom located beside the Chapel — before heading back to Cebu City via a Ceres bus liner at past 4:00 pm already.

How to get through Kawasan Falls Badian?

Where to go? This is about 130 kilometers southwest from Cebu City, a maximum of 3 hours bus ride. The Kawasan Falls is located inside the mountains of Barangay Matutinao, Badian. Just look for Ceres bus bound for Badian then inform the bus conductor to drop off at Kawasan Falls entrance. Then you will have to walk uphill for about 1.5 km to get to the first waterfall.

How much is Estimate Expenses?

Actual expenses during escapade (March 6, 2016)

  • Guide fee – P 600/head
  • V-hire – P 150/head (one way going to Alegria)
  • Habal-habal – P 50/head (going to Brgy. Compostela, Alegria)
  • Barbecue – P 30/stick (estimated, forgot the actual price) X 2 = P 60 (breakfast & lunch)
  • Puso (large) – P 10 X 2 = 20 (breakfast & lunch)
  • C2 – P 10
  • Mineral water – P 10
  • Ceres bus – P 145 to P 150 (going back to Cebu City)
  • Total Expenses: P 1,045 / person

Special Information

  • Canyoneering in Kanlaob river has new regulations effective April 2016, please visit this site www.philstar.com for details.
  • Canyoneering activity is open from 6:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • As mandated by the Waste Management Act of the Philippines, you must cooperate proper waste disposal and note that littering is against the Law.
  • Leave No Trace

Special thanks for these wonderful photos courtesy by: Byron S. and Jhon Rey “Batman “

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