Blogging: Getting Back On Track With High Hopes

Hello everyone! How are you my dear readers and followers? It has been a long quiet since my dramatic absence for not supplying with recent narrative contents hereon.

And perhaps it’s been a year plus already of losing the endeavor to exert any move by updating this blog site. I guess some of you have noticed my abstinence in the digital world of blogging.

How I wish that you will stay hopeful in me and will never give up following.

Be it known that my social media sites are still up, alive and kicking. Like my Facebook page, still I am periodically sharing some useful facts and current events happening here and there across Cebu and beyond or even globally, most of them are good read sourced from various informative FB pages.

My Instagram account also is still strikingly updated. So, please…please remain persistent and keep posted on my future contents. Fingers crossed!

To be honest, I’ve been through a lot of mess in my life; whether coping up my financial woes, emotional stability, failures of LET examination, suspended travel plans and many to mention.

Actually, I am still an on-going progress of all the impediment causing the sluggish of adding new posts here and even my whole self as individual.

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The love of my life, my family…

Family has always been our best partner in times of downfall in life. Though I am not a good provider at them during these times, but my only assurance for them is the love that won’t fade whatever may happen.

Anyhow, I intent to post this image because this was the first time that we celebrated together on a New Year (January 1, 2017) at the province where my parent’s lived in Negros Oriental.

Therefore I conclude, this is the best family picture so far (inserting my sister Lizel in her absence who’s working abroad). Family tree: my parents, siblings and their spouses and my lovely niblings.

What is my current status?

I found a new love. 🙂 Well, let me reiterate that here I am at present, taking a good seat at my personal computer – trying to update and establish a fresh content. Lol! Wishes to get back on track with high hopes anticipating whatever relevance that entails wisdom in my future posts soon.

Nevertheless, in as much as I would desire to become a conventional blogger besides, I’m not keen to details especially in delivering an English grammar. To be honest, I am still reluctant in this field having less confidence.

My first hip-hop dance experience at age of 41. Lol!

Glad to share the milestones of my journey

While I am away, on the other hand, I’m also busy at work in a BPO industry holding a position as a Team Leader/Transaction Processing Lead. Anyway, I am glad to share herewith a slice of my recent evolution at early 40’s.

I felt embarrassed considering it was my 1st hip-hop dance experience that happened recently last month of May, of the current year.

Undeniably I’ve got to blend with the millennial’s as you can perceived at the picture above. With the accompaniment of modern dance steps ’twas indeed grateful of my supportive subordinates that they had able to combine dance music into a shameless me.

Done a little hard work until the actual team presentation (group of 10 individuals) held at Vista Mar Beach Resort and Country Club, basketball court, during the 7th anniversary celebration of my SBU (small business unit) the company where I worked in. Sarry not sorry, here…

Although, we did not score as 1st placer but the effort of my team somehow fairly appreciative.

Location: Vista Mar Beach Resort and Country Club
Address: Dapdap, Mactan Island, Cebu, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
Contact number: +63 32 236 0196

Have I gone travel far?

In as much as I wished to do — wants to avail cheap travel — but due to financial incapability, I had to suspend all my travel plans up to this writing. But that doesn’t mean that I have to suspend as well my travel visit in my home province.

Even how complex budgeting is and yet I still have to save up money for my two-way travel expenses to Negros Oriental on occasion basis. I got strength whenever I am home.

On the other side, I still have to abstain and discipline my budgeting in order to overcome all my woes and be ready to grow embracing new challenges in life. Alone.

What else this blog comprises for?

Honestly, I cannot afford to travel as often as I can or pay a visit to different provinces and other countries as well. I have to utterly define that incorporates: travel, general lifestyle, musings and everything under the sun.

This blog site not only contain or discusses about my own province of Cebu but it also covers beyond Cebu’s travel experiences, itineraries and the like, however, as long as I can complement other important topics and further musings. I’ll it try harder.

Mabinay Cave – Mabinay, Negros Oriental with new found friends.

I did not travel much since 2016

Places stated below are just few of my recollections from year 2016 up to present; except for periodic physical exercises/activities like: joining a Fun Run event, running or jogging.

Thus, you may also click on the highlighted texts to view some of the pictures.

  • SIQUIJOR – Salagdoong Beach (public beach); Cambugahay Falls; Century Old Balete Tree; Lazi Church; Salagdoong Beach Resort (Salagdoong Beach); Capilay Spring Park (May 2016)
  • NEGROS ORIENTAL – Tourist attractions like: Dumaguete City; Mabinay Cave – Mabinay; Apo Island – Dauin; Valencia, Negros Oriental (May 2016)
  • SAMBOAN, CEBU – Tourist attractions like: Aguinid Falls; Dao Falls; Binalayan Falls (HiddenFalls); Campanario de Antigua; Balay’g Sawa Falls; St. Michael Archangel Church; Lastly, I just forgot the name of the location where we stayed overnight (May 2016)
  • MOALBOAL, CEBU – Moalboal beach and Pescador Island (April 2016)
  • AMLAN, NEGROS ORIENTAL – Be it known to many, that there are numerous tourist destination if you wish to visit Negros Oriental. With my humble response to few that I seldom visited the land although it is my mother’s homeland.
    • And should there be much time and budget, I would love to visit there as frequent as I can.
    • But time only happens for me during our barangay fiesta in the home town at Silab, Amlan – that falls on May 15th.
  • At sporadic times, I’ve been visiting home during November holidays. Last January 2017 on New Year’s day, we had a short trip bound for Sibulan, Negros Oriental.
    • Although my family and relatives were close enough to fulfill our dreams to visit the Manjuyod Sand Bar (Manjuyod, Negros Oriental) –  it’s the weather’s temperament that day had prevented us and so we backed out our trip and ended at Sibulan only.
  • ISLAND HOPPING – Mactan Island, Cebu. It takes place twice in a row, happened last March 2017 during officers team building and my own team escapade as well, last April 2017.

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Have you had experienced your website being hacked by Bazooka Team?

This is often a question to me why would I experience as such — by one of monstrous hackers in the world? Why would I become a victim and by all means my website isn’t as popular as other bloggers do. I was once eager to know the motives of Bazooka Team.

I felt terribly sad every time they did this to my website. And one of the most horrible experience I had was way back last June 2015 wherein my most hard worked contents from January to June were vanished but hacked by Bazooka Team.

It was a long nightmare for me until December 2015 wherein I had to accept everything.

SM2SM RUN 2017 (the second 21K experience)

It seems I find SM2SM run as my regular run advocacy ever since I started joining a Fun Run event last February 2015. Of course I would love to be with my running buddies: Nadine and her boyfriend and Kris Mae.

Last February 19, 2017 we opted to join for the 3rd time as 21K finishers. Be it known that SM2SM Run event is held once a year and it always falls on February.

The second run event I joined this year is just recently the Primary Home Run 2017 last July 2, 2017  as 12K finishers, with hashtags: #PrimaryHomeRun2017 #HomeRun2017 #PrimaryHomes.

Which one is good to use: a branded scientific calculator or a low-cost one?

I’ve been yearning to own a Scientific calculator to be used for my LET review. It came to a point that I am already shy enough to borrow again to my friend. That’s why I was longing to buy a branded scientific calculator, Casio FX-991ESPLUS  roughly cost around Php 900.00 – 1,000.00.

However, this type of calculator just so costly to me and so I had to settle for another brand and bought a low-cost type of calculator – KENKO (Super) KK-82MS-A. This only cost less than Php 200.00 at UniChoice Marketing, located at Basak, Mandaue City.

Wondering why I included this item here? Sadly because, this is one of the reason why I couldn’t pursue other tasks including creating new blog post — the reason that I had to focus first for my LET examination however, I failed twice.

To this date, I wish to take the exam for the third time regardless of time and age as I’m feeling a bit lazy already to study again the pages of my reviewers. I just felt discouraged now if I can pass the LET and let God do the rest!

What made you less hopeful in life?

Life is hard if you will take it even harder. So face difficulties. You might want to give up life but this I tell you, that feeling is just temporary. Believe me, soon you will be okay. Just have patience. Of course, believe in God. You will be okay. Trust me. I’ve been there!

Nevertheless, I will be glad to see your comments below and even share your difficult experiences that halted you to pursue your dreams.

Sharing is loving. Please share this page to your family & friends. Thanks!

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