A Walk Through Fuente Osmena And The Giant Christmas Tree

It has been a week now since typhoon “Ruby” struck Cebu, but not as we all feared a lot that will cause great damage of Cebu like what we’ve experienced of last years wrecked typhoon “Yolanda”. But anyways, it was indeed our fervent prayers that helped our nation weakened the supposed wrath of Ruby as projected.


By the way, it has been 2-months and counting since I’m consecutively passing along the streets of Osmeña Boulevard during Tuesdays, and lately for a great walk together with my best pal sister down to Ramos street before heading myself to Sto. Rosario Parish Church in the evening at 7pm for the cenacle prayer.

But anyway, since the yuletide season is already in the air, I would like to share this simple picture highlights at the Fuente Osmeña while I was strolling around the City lights. The loft of a Christmas tree in which every Cebuano citizens and even visitors would always be delighted to look forward every year to see the giant Christmas tree at the Fuente Osmena circle.

The lighting of the giant Christmas tree would always starts every December 1st and follows the ceremony.

This year a typhoon-resilient design of steel of 120-feet Christmas tree sponsored by M. Lhuillier – P1 million budget for the project of Cebu City – for 15 years already which always brings light to the City in times of Christmas and even last until the Sinulog fever.

The tree is adorned with stars, poinsetta and buri fans, then Reindeer figures that surrounds the wooden base.


Healing doesn’t mean going back to the way things were before, but rather allowing what is now to move us closer to God. – Ram Dass #advent #seasonofadvent

Advance Merry Christmas everyone and may this advent season brings joy and happiness among the hearts of every mankind. I may be struggling a lot now but this been considered as phase that better things would come along the least we expect if we entrust God all our pains and desires in life.



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