GoGo Express Price Adjustments effective April 28, 2021

I understand that many of us right now are engaging into Online Selling or an online business. Perhaps there are numerous individuals are also into “Ukay-Ukay business”. Right? However, during the after sales, as part of our service, we need to deliver those items or goods in good condition, right? That’s where our hardworking riders and courier services will come to the rescue for door-to-door delivery services or shipping of our parcels to our beloved buyers or customers.

Since I started my online selling business last March, GoGo Express has been my go to courier whenever I had my parcels for shipment. Although actually I never yet experienced transacting with other couriers like J&T Express or Shopee Express. But sooner with J&T Express because I have one order waiting for shipment as of this writing. Hope you will visit my Shopee store, kindly click here [Janeth Deals Hub].

Anyways, I just wanted to heads up to everyone who’s transacting with GoGoExpress that there will be a price adjustment to be effective on April 28, 2021. I got this useful information from my inbox and thought to share with you.

So here’s the content:

In order to continue providing you with the quality service you’ve come to expect, GoGo Xpress will implement a general price adjustment effective April 28, 2021.  Specific pricing will vary:

  1. No price adjustment across all pouch/box sizes for deliveries within Metro Manila and Greater Metro Manila.  
  2. Price increase will take effect on all cross-province deliveries originating from Metro Manila and Greater Metro Manila.
  3. Price decrease will take effect on all cross-province deliveries originating from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
  4. Within or Same City/Province deliveries will retain same pricing across all pouch/box sizes as MM/GMM.

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