Experiences During Lamudi’s Housing Fair in Cebu

Days gone by after the two-day event of Lamudi Philippines 1st Housing Fair in Cebu, I have had several preparations for LET examination that requires me to put off some serious “blogging” per se.

Now it’s time for me to recall some highlights of the event because it keeps bothering me to create another post of it. Thus, I’m also wondering if you had able to visit on my post-event article.

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On the other hand, I felt so grateful to Lamudi because of their trust in me to do such media tasks intended for the success of the event.

On a side note, the event was also timely for me because of my interest to become one of real-estate agents. And besides, the Lamudi Housing Fair in Cebu did not fail to facilitate knowledge on how to boost your sells through real estate business and how to engage in Lamudi portal. In short, your experiences will not get wasted.

So, these were the highlights as per my experience on their first day at Lamudi Philippines Housing Fair in Cebu.

Going at the Registration

At first, I had to be there before the clock turns at 11:00 am so that I could be able to witness the ribbon cutting. Anyways, you can register and join the event for free.

Upon registration, you will get a so called passport to take signatures of the participating exhibitors. Then once you’ve completed those signatures, freebies awaits.

Prior the event, I was partly panicked because I left home late already plus the heavy traffic along the way somewhere Banilad through Gaisano Country Mall. I commuted a jeep from Tintay Talamban.

On a side note, the traffic leading the Country Mall has always been out of control. Much more as expected you will get stuck on traffic when Talamban jeepneys will pass along the Country Mall terminal. So disgusting!

In order to alleviate the tension in me while at the same time not to get late at the event, instead of commuting through Ayala, I had to disembark at the Country Mall terminal then hired a habal-habal driver. I paid P 60.00 from Country Mall through Ayala Center Cebu.

The Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon cutting was led by Lamudi Managing Director and CEO Bhavna Suresh Chathambeth along with several stakeholders and industry leaders in the real estate.

From left to right: Atty. Nelson Chua (PAREB-CESOREB, President), Lucylyn Whysall (PAREB-CEREB, President), Herbert Buot (CREBA, Chapter President), IDr. Sharon Bering (PIID Cebu, VP for Internal), Bhavna Suresh (Lamudi’s Managing Director and CEO), Shaleena Dee (Ortigas & Company, Corporate Sales Manager), Robert Leyretana (LRA, Deputy Administrator), Ryan Mantuhac (PIID Cebu, President), and Atty. Marlo Cugtas (Register of Deeds, Cebu City).

The inauguration was filled with excitement not just for me but it was a gathering of several property developers, real-state brokers, bank representatives, and property seekers in Cebu.

When Sir Jessie, the Marketing Associate of Lamudi Philippines sent the pre-event article to publish, actually I felt excited too because it’s gonna be my first time to join in a Housing Fair. While at the same time, I got curious then on what’s in store at the event.

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Thus relatively, I dreamt if only I am rich I would invest into properties, but I am not!

Different property developers and exhibitors

It was participated by 23 exhibitors in Cebu Housing Fair, headed by Ortigas & Company which you can noticed their booth few steps from the entry. It seems they are among the high-tech exhibitors, featuring their model units by using a state of the art virtual reality (VR) technology.

The other property developers and even Cebu-based developers were present at the event, namely:

  • The Land Registration Authority, provided titling tips and services.
  • RCBC Savings Bank offered housing loan, while UnionBank held an auction.
  • Had Keller Williams Philippines to consult for developers.
  • The Megaworldand Robinsons Land, presents Mactan Newtown and Amisa.
  • Ayala Land known for its Amaia Steps development with Avida and Riala.
  • DMCI doing market on its Pasig-based Satori Residences.
  • Gaisano known for its Taft Properties partnered with Hong Kong Land to create Mandani Bay.
  • King Properties known for its home office concept Meridian.
  • Primary Homes known for its Brentwood project in Lapu-Lapu City.
  • Softouch Property Development Corp.
  • AboitizLand, Inc.
  • Contempo Property Holdings
  • RDAK Land, Inc. for Bayanihan Flats
  • RFK Holdings, Inc. – Bloq Residences

My passport at Lamudi Philippines Housing Fair in Cebu
Event Sponsors

There were exciting giveaways and activities been given away at the event.

Zalora Philippines has offered voucher code to get 15% off minimum of P 1,800 purchase.

Lazada Philippines also offered a discount voucher code valid for Day 1 and Day 2 only.

FoodPanda also given away discount voucher.

Free Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee was also offered upon filling up a survey form.

These were just some of the sponsors who added more fun and convenience in home hunting.

Activate and Set up property listings

Hence Lamudi is a property portal, it was also introduced on how to get through the easy-to-use and secured platform in the worldwide web. Teaching visitors or attendees on how to upload their property listings online.

  • SIGN-UP – You can sign-up upfront and be a trusted seller!
  • LOG IN – There were staffs who can help you log-in or assists you on how to upload your listing/s or property listings that you wanted to sell online through Lamudi portal.
  • LEARN MORE  – Wanna know more about Lamudi’s site features, learn more, expand your learning’s and be an online marketing.
Lamudi Academy’s Training Sessions

Lamudi has tapped real estate professionals to talk about series of free seminars.

To be honest, the training session with Ms. Pacis was among the best part of my visit in the Housing Fair, because it really touches my intellectual interests. Thus, it enlightens me on how to get through of my desire to become a real estate agent and to boost my interest for my future endeavor. Hopefully!

I remembered how Ms. Nadine Pacis (Learning and Development coach) emphasized during the seminar that a seller must remember that online readers have a short attention span and one must have a quick revert with details in order to get sales.

The activity started at 11:00 am w/ the ribbon cutting.
Training 1 – Converting Online Leads to Sales

Learn more about how to convert your online leads into sales. There are Ways to Increase Online Conversion by the following:

  • Be Fast – when it comes to online real estate marketing there’s no such thing as brand loyalty. People’s attention spans are getting shorter.
    • Need to set speedy things up e.g. create personal automated message, determine FAQs, schedule in advance newsletters or social media posts.
    • Be Fast, Be First!
  • Retarget Leads -you have to re-target leads even if you have lost them for a while.
    • Get to connect at them who knows they can be your prospect buyer.
  • Nurture them – you have to manage and nurture them.
    • You can treat them for a coffee at the coffee shop somehow while you wanted to discuss on your details.

Habits of Online Sellers – this thing must also be considered when managing your leads on per basis thus percentage lowers according to time.

  • 54% of sellers contacted the lead after 1 day
  • 33% of sellers contacted the lead after more than a day
  • 13% of sellers contacted the lead the same day
Lamudi Audience

Furthermore, I have learned that Lamudi has over 70% audience visiting their website to look for prospect homes online. Has an estimate of 1.5 million visits per month.

That among 100,000 property listings on Lamudi, there are 25 developers from Cebu and group of brokers that were engaged in posting their property listings at the portal.

I had my Lamudi Housing Fair passport almost completely signed by exhibitors.

Freebies Awaits!

The Secretariat section (in the image above) will facilitate those who had completed the signatures of Lamudi Housing Fair passport. There were freebies and special discount vouchers.


Indeed, Lamudi has reached out numbers of real estate professionals at the event by getting on-the-spot potential property buyers. It helps boost their business by getting leads online and offline thus making accessible to all.

Moreover, the Lamudi Housing Fair in Cebu was such a blessing for me personally and so timely because I am about to start a new venture to enter the real-estate world.

When this project was offered by Sir Jessie to cover the event for Lamudi Philippines Housing Far in Cebu thus, I did not hesitate to accept it.

Another thing, getting a certificate at the Lamudi Academy for attending the Converting Online Leads to Sales, serves an inspiration for me because I’ve learned knowledge and ideas on how to get through of my desire to serve those who are seeking for properties.

Grateful for this opportunity! I am looking forward for another collaboration with Lamudi Philippines. Get to know more about the Lamudi Affordable Housing Fair, kindly visit their page at http://www.lamudi.com.ph/housing_fair/.

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