20 Summer Essentials: Your Ultimate Travel Must-Haves

No other words better captures summertime during the month of March to May in the Philippines when the weather is really hot, classes are off for semestral break and long holidays. Many citizens are engrossed to planning a vacation at the beach, exploring to new places, different adventure trips or immersed into off beaten path.

Indeed, summer season feels not just another ordinary days but for total fun and relaxation. Some would consider by planning ahead and book an airline ticket for seat sales.

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Known for its tropical island in the Philippines, consider Cebu as your place to hang-out with. Plenty of wonders to offer like Island hopping, beaches, waterfalls, mountaineering, diving, whale sharks and accommodation. Or getting itinerary on a trip to most-visited places like the ones mostly shared on social media networks e.g. Facebook & Instagram.

Meanwhile, other countries define summer as the warmest season of the year between Spring and Fall, lasting from June solstice to September. In which just like summer here in the Philippines they love spending mostly in the island and to adventure places.

I could still recall the memories of fun and excitement I had during the 3-days vacay to Northern part of Cebu in Medellin.

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Long Holidays. Whether you’re planning a family weekend get-away to a beach resort, playing along the sandbar, being with friends swimming at the pool in a 5-star hotel or travelling abroad, nothing beats the excitement during summer season. While other adventure seekers are preparing for a much needed long week-end vacation trips.

Anyways, you can always take note for every year’s long week-end holidays to come so you can plan ahead. Kindly visit our holiday dates page for your perusal.

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So, if you’ll be travelling off to your dream destination in the weeks to come, it is important to pack everything you’ll need way ahead of time. But it’s never too late yet to pack your summer essentials so you gotta check this one first.

Must-Haves. I made a checklist around 20 summer essentials below as a guide for your ultimate backpacking requisite in which I also obtain from series of experiences and through some manifests. I believe, these things are also vital to you in preparation before you leap off to another summer destination.

These travel essentials mentioned herein are not just limited to preparing your appropriate trendy summer clothes however, this blog post is a necessary by making your trip more enjoyable and safer without feeling exhausted.

(1) Umbrella

We know for the fact that Westerners find it weird that we Filipinos use umbrellas thus to protect ourselves from the sun — in which they only use this during rainy season. Wish they would recognize how hot our summer here in the Philippines and probably in some other countries likely feel the same season too or even hotter.

So, never forget to bring your umbrella because it is a great tool to protect your body from the damaging UV light. And if you need one, you can check available umbrella products online.

(2) Sunscreen

Consider the high amount of sunlight we are exposed to during sunny days or summer time, so we need skin protection from sun damage and ultra violet rays. All we need is a Sunblock lotion as an essential product to protect skin damage by blocking out Ultra Violet A (UVA) and Ultra Violet B (UVB) rays from the sun. 

(3) Summer Hats

There are wide array of hat designs available for men and women according to your preference, may it be trendy or not suitable for tropical climates. Bringing a hat this summer is also essential as a way of protecting oneself from exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) rays – so we have to wear a hat, a cap or visor.

Check for more summer hat design products for men and women online.

(4) Sunglasses or Shades

Another must-have for summer not just by looking good and fashionable but expert says, wearing sunglasses is recommendable because it blocks out 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation and screen out from 75 to 90% of visible light.

(5) Summer Sandals

Another basic item for on-the-go this summer is choosing the right footwear aside from sandals, slippers or flip-flops. So when buying footwear thru website like Shopee PH, you must pay attention to the material of the sole

Select pairs which are made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or rubber. Just like clothing, footwear must also be adaptable to the change in season. Although wearing closed shoes is good but you might be feeling uncomfortable due to hot weather, so definitely sandals are the most suitable footwear for the summer.

(6) Summer Dress

It is good to have a summer dress that makes you look bright and fresh. Opt for dresses that are breathable natural fibers like cotton or linen. This versatile garment can be used anywhere and in fact it can also be worn in multiple occasions like going for a daytime stroll or at the mall, attending concerts, going outdoor or to the beach.

To look for summer dresses, try to check the Boho Style long dress women off shoulder beach summer dress.

(7) Aqua Shoes

A type of footwear that I really wanted to include in the list since many of you loves to go on beach hopping or island hopping. Thus, I highly recommend wearing an aqua shoes because this is one essential to provide protection from sea urchins when you are at the beach. This is safer to wear when walking along slippery rocks, to pointed rocks or even get rid of sand particles. It makes you also feel comfortable when swimming esp. if you wish to go on canyoning.

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(8) Hand Sanitizer

This is also a travel must-have esp. if you opt to go from one place to another. Or even after eating session. This formulation of alcohol-based type liquid is generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands so it is more effective at killing microorganisms and better tolerated than soap and water. Do not fail to bring a hand sanitizer during your trip.

(9) Rash Guard

An athletic shirt made of spandex and nylon or polyester shirt that protects the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion, or by sunburn from extended exposure to the sun and uncomfortable chafing. By the way, if you are looking for rash guard online, website like Shopee PH has many available designs to choose from.

(10) Make-up Kit

We cannot stress enough the warm feels we get during summertime thus feeling like prickly heat. And for women to feel look good and fresh there’s always an on-the-go make-up kit so we don’t look haggard. Offers protection with a bit of coverage to keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the day. Get a make-up set online for products like Maybelline, so you don’t be afraid to look pinched!

(11) Bottle of Water

Keep hydrated. Dehydration is the common root of heat stroke esp. if you have been exposed to the heat. While it is recommended to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water daily, you also need to bring a bottle of water during travel and stay alert.

(12) Neck Pillow 

Another travel must-have particularly when you are travelling on a long trip. Having this neck pillow while on the go trips is for your support so you can sleep comfortably during long bus ride or car rides. At times when you are not using this, you can place this on your outer backpack so you won’t need to hand carry it all the time.

(13) Medicines & First-Aid Kit

We cannot predict our situation during travel thus seriously we wanted to be ready in times that we can encounter unexpected emergency. For circumstances like: when we got small injuries, loose bowel movement, headache and stomach pain or an insect bites. If you have these things on hand, then it will be easy for you to go back into move.

(14) Good Book

Earnestly, having a good book or any other related reading materials is also a travel must-have. This is one good way of killing time for situations like unexpected flight delays at the airport and or during long rides in a bus or in the plane – aside from reading during your past time.

(15) Laptop

For busy individuals or a business person who always wanted to be an on-the-go even during travel, bringing a laptop is an essential. While for most travel bloggers/vloggers, they see this stuff as a necessitate esp. when they need to be always connected or when they have targets for publishing. So, if you are looking for a handy laptop for your escapade, you can visit website like Shopee PH coz they have variety of brands available.

(16) Microfiber Towel or Mandala Roundies

Having this stuff is vital to your backpacking esp. when travel requires swimming or you could get wet. Choose a microfiber towel because of lightweight material, super absorbent and quick drying – unlike your ordinary bath towels which is bulky and it consumes space in your backpack. While you can also substitute microfiber or an ordinary to a mandala roundies. It is flexible. You can make this like a towel and at the same time a blanket, table cover, and a beach mat.

(17) Dry Bag Set

Mind you, this is also important to your travel esp. if you are spending long days. You might be staying at a resort or in a hotel room but there are instances that you might go on kayaking or go on island hopping. Bringing a dry bag is really good to carry around your cell phone, money, sunscreen and anything ready for on-the-go side trips. You won’t have to get your important stuff wet in the beach or when it rains.

(18) Camera

Thanks to social media networks because in our time we can able to see updates or status of our friends and closed relatives while they are on staycation. It seems this is essential because bringing a camera feels really good in us and since we couldn’t stop ourselves from taking selfies and or pursuing your hobby into photography. So, bringing a camera along with you is a must.

Nowadays, there are also travel dense cameras which are larger and have more powerful zoom lenses than point-and-shoot one. Mirrorless camera is another option which allows you to shoot DSLR-quality photos without the bulk, website like Shopee PH has this kind.

(19) Swimwear Outfit (Swimsuit and Board Shorts)

It’s not about just during summer but it is imperative to bring swimwear outfit since some of the resorts and water parks have strict rules to follow when it comes to swimming attire. On the other hand, bringing along this kind of comfy summer outfits and swimsuits are vital to your travel.

There are wide range of styles available in the market or even online, what’s important is that your swimsuit fits good on you. While a board shorts for men is also a must to put on your backpack.

(20) Action Camera

As the saying goes, where there’s water involved, point-and-shoot activity or digital single-lens reflex, DSLR cameras just won’t do all the job at hand. That’s why there are action cameras available now – this is very handy, small, water-proof bodies, shock proof or freeze-proof. This makes the gear of choice for surfers and snowboarders, or just ordinary people on vacation who wants to capture their memories or for videos without worrying about their camera getting wet.

There are many brands like Kodak, Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Xiaomi, LG have developed their own offerings for this segment. Action cam brands available in the Philippines include Qube, HTC, Playground, CDR-King, Garmin, Sony, Veho and Xiaomi. But if you choose a sophisticated brand like GroPro which is versatile, or an ordinary SJCam action camera – both comes with a slick, handy and video efficient. All these and more are available online thru website like Shopee PH.


I did not include travel luggage, backpack, tote bag or beach bag because I know you’ve been investing as such. My only advice is that take a light packing, meaning just prepare a lightweight luggage for long trips and bring convertible purses for everyday use.

So, what’s in your travel bag now? Did I miss out something important? This summer (but not only summer actually), it’s important to pack items that are not only make us fashionable or comfortable, but also keep our bodies healthy, too. Do you find some of the products listed above not feasible to you? Please let us know your thoughts too regarding the subject at the comments section below. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Disclaimer: All images used in this particular blog post are not mine but owned by pexels.com. On a side note, this post contain affiliate links however, all products listed are curated items that I have loved. Thoughts and opinions are mine and done a few careful research.

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