10 Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas Below P500

Christmas is a time of sharing and gift giving. Whilst, buying a unique and interesting Christmas presents for your friends can be a real challenge. And if you love someone so dearly, surely you are in the look out for best item as a gift to him.

What about for exchanging gift idea, I am sure we are as always finding it hard to imagine what kind of gifts to fit our Manita/Manito.

I am sharing here some of Christmas gift ideas that comes with cheap or low-cost that will surely fit to your budget. I select these 10 ideal gifts which is good for your female or male friends, to your God child/children and most especially to your loved ones. Wherein you can find this everything you need at the Mall or at online shops.

I am walking you through some helpful tips below if you are a bit confused on what kind of presents to buy as a Christmas Gift especially for your friends, to relatives and or it can be an exchange gift ideas. Each of the items below cost under P500, so this can save you a lot of money.

(1) Cheap Presents for Teenage/Millennial Friends

This is surely one thing millennials would love to receive this kind of gift. I believe this is one of the trendiest and cutest gift for your teenager BFFs. You can also have this as a gift idea for God children and even to an adult closest friends.

Check hereMaybelline Powder Matte Lipstick – Touch of Nude | Cost:  229.00 (discounted price)

(2) Affordable Exchange Gift Ideas

I am sure a lot of you are getting confused on what to buy for their exchange gift or sort of gift giving idea. This item is one thing to consider since this is an essential for home hence, having a new bath towel has good feels, right?

Check here: WENJIALE Men’s and Women’s Extra Soft Water-absorbing Bath Towel Set  | Cost:  356.00 (discounted price)

(3) Cheap Gifts for Female Friends

For fashionista’s friend surely they can relate and love this item. This wallet is cheap and below P500.

Check here: Jianyue New style zip large capacity wallet long wallet (Pink) | Cost:  347.00 (discounted price)

(4) Best Exchange Gift for Male

Having a hard time thinking of items as an exchange gift for male friends? This item is also good for music enthusiast friends and I am sure they would love this item. This costs very cheap and you can even buy this online.

Check here1.6W Warm White Light of LED Touch Lamp Bluetooth Speaker – White | Cost:  445.00 (discounted price)

(5) Perfect for a Friend Holiday Gift Exchange

This is a new idea for a holiday gift giving which is also perfect for music enthusiast friends. This is also best gift for singing sensation friends who also loves to sing along and used to go for KTV bars.

Check hereMicrophone Suspension Boom Arm Stand Mount Set Support Recording the MV | Cost:  251.00 (discounted price)

(6) Gift Ideas for Best Friend Female 

Perfect for best friends gift giving! I am sure they would love these combination of shampoo and conditioner, plus a hair style product.

Check hereTRESemme Hair Syling Kit | Cost: 217.00 (discounted price)

(7) Sentimental Gifts for Best Friends

If you are a feeling of serious intent for gift giving concern especially to surprise someone close to you, this is a great idea as Christmas gift for his/her. This item costs cheap and actually the original price is above  1,000.00 but when you shop online, this is a marked-down item.

Check hereM99 Quad Phone Bluetooth Touch Screen Smart Watch (Black/Silver) | Cost:  330.00 (discounted price)

(8) Best Gift for Office Mate Female Friend

If a friend of yours loves to bring pack lunch in the office, this item is a good gift giving or an exchange gift idea for her/him.

Check here2100ml High Quality Insulated 3 Layer Stainless Steel Lunch Box | Cost:  314.00 (discounted price)

(9) Best Gift Idea for Travellers

Thinking of gift idea for a friend who is affectionate to travel or wanders from one place to another? This travel organizer is best and ideal gift for her/him. Based on the image above, this comes with multiple color. Check what is their preference.

Check hereHandy Travel Underwear Pouch Organizer | Each cost:  239.00 (discounted price)

(10) Gift Idea for Best Friend Male

Lastly, if you are in the look out for gift giving ideas for your male friends, to your boyfriend and or a male relative, this perfume has romantic feels for them. A new fragrance by Nike which is perfect as it comes with a Woody Spicy fragrance ideally suit for men.

Check hereNike Red Man Eau de Toilette for Men 100ml | Cost:  349.00 (discounted price)

According to others, the longer you’re best friends with someone, the harder it becomes to get them a gift every year. This is true actually! If that’s the case, you want to get everything they could possibly want to feel the good vibes of this joyous season of the year.

Disclaimer: Content idea in this particular post is purely mine. I have included affiliate links for every items to re-direct you to Lazada PH page and please note that price indicated herein might be change in real time. Be it known that they also offers: Cash on Delivery, Free Shipping, No-Sign Ups needed, Express Delivery and Free & Easy Returns.

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