Villa Teresita Resort Talisay Cebu: Spending Quick Occasion On A Saturday Afternoon

Wondering if you thought if I had a splash and plunge moment at the resort, but I did not, even if I wanted to. And besides, due to time constraints, my endmost intention that time was solely capturing insights of this particular resort. And it never fail.

Anyways, it was late Saturday afternoon at past 3:00 pm when my estranged husband and I arrived at Villa Teresita Resort all the way from the office at I.T. Park, Lahug Cebu City.

Actually it’s one of my desire to visit the place once again. Then it was timely and privileged because we were invited a double birthday celebration of my dear aunt-in-law and her adopted child. Upon arrival, we settled at the counter and paid the entrance fee of Php 90.00 per head.

On the other hand, we did not pay for cottage rental because my aunt had already paid the cottage just enough for the two of us to get an inclusion of number of heads per cottage. Thankful! 🙂


Here’s a Quick Guideline

If you wish to visit Villa Teresita Resort, kindly take note the following information.

Daytime use (8:00am -5:00pm)

At first, we never had any knowledge that there’s a time frame if you ought to spend at the place. Hence, we arrived already late in the afternoon, indeed we’ve spent only for short hours that lasted until 5:00 pm. Though my estranged husband did a quick moment to immerse at the seaside pool instead. 🙂 Entrance fee of Adult: Php90.00; Kids (4ft.below): Php45.00

Night swimming (6:00pm -12:00pm)

It is expected that some would prefer to stay or to spend their celebration in the evening, while staying beyond 6:00pm has different entrance fee for Adult: Php100.00; Kids (4ft.below): Php50.00.

Overnight swimming (6:00pm -1:00am)

This is intended only during Saturday, entrance fees for Adult: Php110.00 and Kids (4ft.below) is set at Php55.00.

For information regarding tariff rates and cottages, please visit this link!


Our cottage was located at the right corner of Seaside swimming pool beside that loft of seaside pool slide. Took a photo of our location, as seen above. This can accommodate to groups maximum of 8-10persons, with table at the center. To note, there’s a WiFi zone so you definitely have to check.

Type of Cottages at Villa Teresita

Anyhow, there are other type of cottages like good for 8 to 25 persons, price ranges from Php300 to Php600.00. Just coordinate with the staff at the lobby.

Since it was a busy Saturday, it was expected to have that fascinating great numbers of guests around the premises. Two big swimming pools were packed that time including the kiddie pools but excluding the other big one pool (photo shown below) way at the entrance – which i believed that was prepared for the Saturday night affair, a disco perhaps.


Swimming Pools in Villa Teresita

Meanwhile, I perceived that there are some who are still eager to check on this type of resort located in Talisay City. In Villa Teresita Resort, there are three main types of swimming pools which are big and is good for adults. While there are also three small swimming pools which are good for children.

The first two (2) pools will be seen nearby the reception area or way past the entrance. The other one on the right side has 4-8ft with a slide.

The third one is the widest pool which is the most splendid swimming pool of Villa Teresita Resort. It’s located way over at the back of their dormitories and is fronting the sea. A fountain at the center and a loft standing as a sliding pool is presumably as tall as a 4-storey building. But this pool requires to observe proper swimming attire.

Be reminded that slide situated at the seaside pool is open every Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays only.

Anyways, here are the different swimming pools and facilities at Villa Teresita Resort Cebu:


The pool above is located at the Seaside. And if this part of the place interests you, one must follow their set rules for proper swimming attire. It is recommended to wear swimsuits, bathing suits and trunks for men. Kindly see regulations below.

Swimming Attire & Safety Pre-Cautions

  1. Pool 1 and 2: Must strictly wear a White T-shirt, Garterized short, cycling pants and or else wear swimsuits and bath trunks
  2. Seaside Pool: Prescribed only wearing of Swimsuits, Trunks, Bathing Suits
  3. No gym shorts (like under armour, mesh, basketball)
  4. Lining in shorts does not qualify as appropriate swimwear.
  5. Inappropriate attire damages their pumps and chemicals.
  6. Bathing suits are designed to be quick-drying and are generally made from smooth polyester or nylon material.
  7. They are durable and hold up to wear from contact with pool chemicals

Available Necessities at Villa Teresita

Function Hall

There are different function halls available at Villa Teresita. If you have number for 60-100 persons there’s 4types of hall to choose price ranges from Php1,000 to Php2,000 – non-aircondition rooms. If you choose for maximum of 80 persons with air-conditioned room, there’s one hall for price of Php3,500.

Tent Type

Good for 30 persons to maximum of 100, price starts from Php800 up to Php2,000.00.

Room Accommodation

Superior, Economy, Family, Dormitory, Standard, Non-aircon – price starts from Php800 up to Php2,000 inclusive of breakfast. For non-aircon and dormitory type there’s no free breakfast. An amount of Php300.00 per pax if you add an extra person.


Don’t fail to enthrall yourself from this astonishing slide if you prefer to stay there during week-ends and Holidays. Brave enough could easily get captivated by the splaying of the slides though.


Other Services in Villa Teresita

Aside from swimming pools, it has also restaurants, function rooms, 24-hour room service, videoke, disco (Saturdays only), laundry & pressing service, billiard, lockers. Beyond it they also offer a package tour accommodations.

Villa Teresita Resort also accepts catering services with three (3) menu of your choice, one round softdrinks, salad, vegetables and noodles, dessert and rice. See more inclusions here!


Right before heading closely in our cottage, a space caught my attention (image above) and I guess this cool area is good for holding programs and other activities. And as such other means there’s also a stage present the one that has an art and painted with Villa Teresita and their logo.


The picture above is shower area and beside it are comfort rooms. Way across that open gate is a 3-storey building – an extension of Villa Teresita resort. Haven’t got the chance to roam that place, although I tried a furtive look right at the gate but to no persons available. I guess the building is not fully operational that time.


The History

Let’s get to know how is the place evolved into a must-visit resort in Talisay City. Villa Teresita was named after their mother Mrs. Teresita Santos. The Santos family was formerly from Bulacan where the family always love of going out together for leisure. Then it came up started to business here in Cebu during the early 90’s. They built a house at Barangay Biasong Talisay then the latter it developed into a sophisticated resort.

How to get there?

Villa Teresita is located in Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu. The most convenient way to go through there is obviously by private vehicles or by hiring a taxi cab since the place is situated a great distance from the highway. If you take the public transportation (i.e. jeepney, bus, V-hire) from Cebu City or South, you need to drop off at the Tabunok-Talisay public market and or beside Gaisano Grand Mall – Tabunok then hire a tricycle and inform the driver to take you through the resort. Look also for the signage or better don’t fail to ask the driver to drop you at the street going to Villa Teresita.

See sketch of the resort here!

Corkage Fee

  • Softdrinks/Case – Php120.00
  • Beer/Case – Php150.00
  • Liquor/Bottle – Php50.00

Contact Details


At Villa Teresita, there’s so much to enjoy within the place like swimming at the beach or at their pools, you can choose to prefer day use or have an overnight stay, and the like.

Disclaimer: This content is a review to this particular resort. Therefore, this is not a paid post. This is purely based on actual experience.

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