Trekking To Kabang River – Budlaan Falls: Talamban, Cebu City

The long abstinence resulting from certain priorities and expenditures I guess the yearning doesn’t have to be disregarded nor ignored when learning out that we’ll soon be invading rivers.

How’s my trekking shoes this time? As the saying goes with lots of excitement on our upcoming venture. When it fact It has been long kept in my room for 10-months long, still in her original box and no tampered. Since knowing this adventure is quiet located in the city proper thus, the privilege seems isn’t costly to us. Considering my home is situated just close to the Barangay.


That feeling of escape back the unusual task is somewhat a child like reaction but keeping it to myself with wondering and expectation hence, it was our first river trek attempt here in Cebu. Though I’ve been to this kind of expedition occasionally through my mother’s homeland in Negros Oriental province, but this was uniquely different due to the presence of gigantic stones that we were crossing at.

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Kabang River-Budlaan Falls Character

Her tranquil glaze was so captivating as we continuously trek along the river banks and fascinated by the marvelous creation of GOD. The trail was strange and there’s an obstacle situation towards our adventure. Wondering how the water was stagnant though it was clear, then the flowing had been showing off leniency into the river channel and it seems there’s something that this river has lot more to behold.

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Awesome River

The gorge was not really narrow thus you would only noticed the trees along the side from the running water.

A lot of plants and various flowers were also present except for those unwanted garbage(s). Maybe those rubbish were coming from abusive locals. Or maybe those wastes were originated by locals whose living far, flushed by the streams and had been stacked up in there for long period.

On a side note. It was so disappointing upon seeing trashes scattered everywhere along the banks, on the stones, at the steep sides. Please as a responsible citizen, let’s maintain cleanliness and do not just throw your waste just anywhere.


Clean Up Drive at Kabang/Budlaan River

At first I was blinded and either don’t have any knowledge about the groups advocacy that time thought we were just doing the usual river trekking but indeed we were cleaning up the Kabang or Budlaan River.

Whether my former partner knows about the plan or not but after all it was fulfilling of what the team has contributed to the river. All of us assured ourselves a recyclable plastic bag, however Sir Linog was among the great contributor as he was the one handling the large garbage bag.


Four Distinct Waterfalls

We came across to about four(4) scenarios of waterfalls before heading up to our next journey in the arrogant peak of Kan-irag which also comprises the Cebu City.

Every falls appearance takes an appreciation and explicitly breath taking view. They are both unbelievably beautiful, magnificently crafted by made in heaven. Formed in massive stone by variances.

And yes, we’ve gone passing through each postulated sequence and it was uniquely rewarding especially that I was abstained for quite a while from nature escape.

Our struggles and action over the trail.
The happy faces…
magnificent river
at the gorge overlooking the river

Tips in going through Kabang?

Going down that river banks was not an easy task (for me) nor the unusual thing rather comparing in going off to any convenience zone area. And yes, oftentimes you might be feeling uncomfortable to certain trail(s) but I’m sure every one who takes this venture are open for challenges.

Each trail had been achievable however, every one should be attentive at your steps all the time because once you took the wrong move, you might put yourself at risk or this can really harm you. So just keep your mind focus on your purpose thus cautious though in every move you take.

the fellas during the expedition

How’s the flow?

During that day we were so blessed because the weather was cooperative and the streams were not aggressive. Since it’s our first time invading the rivers of Cebu, having doubts and fears how about when the river flows heavily?

I remember my mother always mentioned concerning how the river becomes aggressive when there’s sudden rain or most especially when it’s raining hard that can be worst. But thanks God we were fortunate that day. The sun shone brightly that time until we have reached the peak of Kan-irag.

the signage heading the Budlaan road

How to get through at Budlaan Falls?

  • If you are from South, take jeepney via Talamban or 13C/13B then ask the conductor/driver to drop off at Sunny Hills Subdivision. Nearby Gaisano Capital.
  • Commute is not really difficult through the drop off area but, one should be attentive because you might overlooked Jollies bakeshop and or Sunny Hills subdivision as your drop-off point.


It is really fun to have excursion once in a while whether budget constraints you to move. Yet we realized that this adventure isn’t costly enough for you to go back home broke. Besides, witnessing the stunning views in there is that money cannot buy it just in the corner. Anyways, the memories we had on that day can be cherished all throughout in time. A recommendable activity. And for further details, please consider browsing the related post I have regarding details on how to go through the said place. Please consider checking this post!

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