The Legaspi Trail Mt. Lanaya Alegria: Assaulting Its Ignorance

My life wouldn’t be as greener today comparatively before without involving ourselves into this invigorating activities in resemblance of climbing to mountains and or river trekking.

Each attempt I made was brought with fear and ignorance, but all worth in substitute of success and pride after conquering all the trail consequence. An association with bearing pride and arrogance ’twas somehow an expression after enduring while amidst the difficult slopes and inconvenience of loose track of stones and roots.

Behind each step though, was urging myself of reaching the peak and reclaiming the wonders and beauty of God’s gift.

“Come live with me, and be my love. And we will all the pleasures prove. That valleys, groves, hills, and fields, Woods, or steepy mountains yields”. — Christopher Marlowe


Climbing up in a mountain isn’t just having fun though – each individual has to learn and appreciate towards every scenarios of trail.

This course isn’t rare but a challenge and not a race to among others. Every individual who endures the challenge shall live with pleasures and yelling alike manner could be an evidence to oneself (may not all) upon reaching the highest peak of a mountain that a man should be thankful of GOD’s creation.

In this post, was an experience of how we conquered this arrogant mountain.


Mt. Lanaya (Kalo-Kalo Peak) Travel Route:

Mt. Lanaya (or Kalo-Kalo Peak) can be found in the mountainous province of Cebu, in the Municipality of  Alegria. The mountain stands about 720 MASL (meter above sea level), has LLA (latitude, longitude, altitude) of 9°42′N, 123°21′E (inexact). Source:

This is among the toughest climb and arrogant hill in the MOUNTAINS OF CEBU — this sought to be a must climb for experts and nice experience for first timers. Take this as list of mountains to climb in Cebu.


How to Get There?

Going to Alegria Cebu is not a difficult ride. Travelers will head at South bus terminal then check out buses for via Alegria and or ask any staff if you can’t find the exact bus post. Heading to the destination of Brgy. Legaspi, Alegria travel time takes about 3-hours plus. Get the attention of bus conductor and ask where the drop off point of Brgy. Legaspi going to Mt. Lanaya.

Take notice also when you’re already at Alegria proper, the market and historical sites — coz’ about couple of minutes (from left) you will have to notice a post signage This Way To Sitio Samoyao-Lanaya.


If this could be the start of your journey of climbing up the highest mountain in Cebu, however, before putting yourself into this task, please ensure yourself that you have brought along all the important necessities at hand in your backpack.


Here are some of important checklist when climbing up Mt. Lanaya
  • Bring enough water, 4-liters or more (don’t have water source at the hill)
  • Bring some chocolates, candies, energy drink, bread and or junk foods
  • Foods during mealtime like: canned goods, meat, vegetables and etc. Include instant noodles or pansit canton (optional)
  • 1-2 kls. of rice
  • extra batteries (in case but optional)
  • camping stove (optional/can lend someone in your group)
  • butane, match (for cooking) and condiments
  • tent, headlight/headlamp
  • spoon & fork, portable knife
  • sleeping bag (optional) or blanket
  • jacket, extra shirt, trekking shorts, long pants/trouser
  • towel/face towel, head cap
  • sunglasses
  • must wear trekking/omni-grip shoes with sacks
  • … and other necessities for camping not mention above.


Excitement, Fear, Adrenaline

Everyone was excited then… perhaps another feeling of suspicious and ignorance of what are we gonna achieve that moment amidst our journey while heading towards our destination.

While the group was prepared, the side of me seem skeptic. Can I do this? It’s a sunny day, so will I ever withstand the heat? Or, will I also invigorate upon that steeply hills to conquer my purpose and my goal of reaching the highest peak of Mt. Lanaya or the Kalo-Kalo Peak?

On the other hand, seems a part of me was telling again, worry-less coz you’ll be secured then with the guidance of B. 🙂

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I didn’t show off weakness nor intercepting others without the thought of fear and so be able to get this task done, rather keeping myself focused, believing the courage to bring up my ventures in life.

Though the fact of carrying a backpack with just lighter loads (about 20 liters) compared to my other climb buddies, and yet owing it all to my former best travel buddy for bringing the other important camping stuffs in his backpack like tent, burner, jacket,  two (2) sleeping bags, foods and etc. Mine were just  minimal stuffs.


Trekking after an hour

We loose vigor after an hour. We halted occasionally and walking behind more often, until we finally arrived a single native house.

So glad that we’ve found friendly locals and shared their coco fruits (buko) to each of us. Feeling somewhat odd with our intensifying emotions of thirstiness as we were heading closely at the foot of the so called Mt. Lanaya.

One of our climb buddy volunteered for climbing over the coconut tree but was awkward after seeing the two (2) little locals whom have been able to climb up faster over the tree and picked for more than 10 coco’s enough for us.

The group was very thankful for that awesome rejuvenation of our body as we were looking forward unto our mission which are heading above us.


Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” — T.S. Eliot


We all managed to work in different scheme just to conquer each passing trail. Some are dependable in their trekking pole while others had to pick long wood stick.

While others also had to grip and or crawl in order to surpass difficult slopes. We stumbled and even fall at times and yet we gained up perceiving our mission in that land.


We have gone that far and yet still has to pour out some more strength, consuming another hour or so. Presuming every one of us were tiresome, keeping our minds and spirit just appreciating what we saw and courage all throughout that moment.

We catches breathe every time and wanting to keep hydrated.

A little sip with limit at our water bottle/container each time of thirst. Water is very important as there’s no water source until the destination. Every one was mandated to secure enough water until heading back and or traversing down slopes.


Mt. Lanaya – presumably has an innumerable character in comparable to other mountain, hills, peak that I’ve been through. This is among the toughest climb that I’ve gone in Cebu, so far. The loose track of stones which are  undependable and not secure to hold on, can be put oneself at risk if misguided.

In a group for this kind of activity, it is one common course about helping hand. So thankful of their hands for those unpleasant trail I’ve been.


At almost 6:00 pm the group had finally settled in the camping site. Setting-up our tent. Cooking was next. All were busy preparing for our meal for dinner. I’ve been fortunate enough for having such climb buddies who freely spared us their skillful hands in doing the cooking task.

Finished dinner at almost 8 pm.

Had to relax for a while and did some chitchats.

Since obviously we were tiresome, had to rest around 10 pm. Preparing ourselves for traverse the following day. Call time was set at 6:00 am.


Another adventure the next day as we were traversing down the trail back. Kindly check out my next post for the continuation of this travel venture in Mt. Lanaya:

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