Tabogon: A Visit To (Sally Kelly) Sea Turtle Lagoon & Resort

If you are looking for a diving resort and not typical for low level shoreline, I guess this is the place that suits for you where snorkeling is good due to its marine sanctuary. You can really see small fishes playing along the sea.

The resort that I happened to visit last May 2012 is located in the Northern part of Cebu at Villanueva, Camoboan, Tabogon.

The name of the resort is Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort.

Actually, I am just feeling wondrous to share herewith this particular  resort since this visit happened to be a total surprise not just for me but for my other companions that time because this was not included in our itinerary beforehand.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be unfamiliar with the town, look further because you will get surprise. The fact I was also shocked then ‘coz in a quiet municipality like Tabogon, it was hard for me to figure that it has a scenic resort — there lies a hideaway resort that fits for those honeymooners who loves to stay in a serene resort.

Glad that a friend of mine who celebrated the baptism of their first child, who featured us to this amazing place. Travelers must discover this hidden resort or lagoon as the staff says it also…

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Sally Kelly Sea Turtle Lagoon and Resort at Tabogon, Cebu

At the entrance you may think that it’s a private house because it has no signage and the gate was barely closed. There was no guard stationed at the entrance.

My first impression was, this might be just a simple resort. But surprisingly, as we got inside the amazing view captures us like a childlike reaction because there were plenty of flowers in various forms planted along the sideways.

And, right when you enter at the gate the flowers complementing and thus, our appreciation arose because the landscape looks good in the place.

But in fairness, I also find their rooms quite simple, attractive in native designs with good amenities.

Sally Kelly Sea Turtle Lagoon and Resort at Tabogon, Cebu_2
Looks like I was one of the happiest person at the resort.
The accessibility:

The resort is somewhere far from the North-Highway road, but when you are landed in the place I am sure you will never regret after all. From all of the beaches/resorts that I’ve visited particularly in Cebu, I guess this is the only resort where you can see bunch of flowers that surround all over the place.  You would surely forget all your worries and takes away your boredom even for a while.

If you prefer just to roam around the place, a P 20.00 will be collected to all adults and P 10.00 for kids (This is an estimated amount – Sorry just forgot to note the exact amount) for entrance fee. There are small and big cottages (as seen in the picture) that can accommodate to more than 20 persons and it’s perfect for Team Building, family gatherings and other celebrations.

The place is very clean and well organized.

Actually, we never brought some swimming stuffs with us, but the good thing is, less as expected the resort have various swim suits and other swimming stuffs for rent available right at the resort.

Sally Kelly Sea Turtle Lagoon and Resort at Tabogon, Cebu_3

The resort is ideal for those who loves diving and knows how to swim. And for those individual (like yours truly) who doesn’t know how to swim, they have kayak, “salbabida” or life buoy, life jacket, snorkeling available for rent. Just ask the staff and they might share you some ideas to make your visit worthwhile.

What makes me worry and sad because kids won’t  enjoy the water nor dipping into the sea because it has no shoreline. Minor ages must be guided by an adult. However, there’s a life guard who’s always watching over the crowd.

Sally Kelly Sea Turtle Lagoon and Resort at Tabogon, Cebu_4
Diving at the resort is best to catch!
Resort Amenities

The rooms and their toilets are clean, room rate is affordable. Price range from P 1,500 – 3,500. The staffs were very humble and accommodating. For reservation, inquiries and current rates contact Ms. Sally Kelly @ 032-5121604.

Note: Rates may change in recent time.

Sally Kelly Sea Turtle Lagoon and Resort at Tabogon, Cebu_5

How To Get There?

Travelers should go directly to North Bus Terminal (located at Subangdaku, Mandaue City) and ride via Tabogon bus. Approximately three (3) hours long drive of travel. The bus will drop off to Tabogon proper and you still have to ride on a motorcycle for hire and travel for less than 20-minutes to reach this destination.

Bits of History

Bill and Sally Kelly lives in another private villa on the resort. Sally was born in the Philippines but has traveled and lived all over the world with Bill’s work in Geology & Geophysics. Having come back to Cebu they have created this serene resort and are happy to share it with travelers.

Cottage rental and other fees
    • Daytime use: P 1,000 (7:00 am-5:00 pm)
    • Overnight stay: P 2,500 (6:00 pm-6:00 am)
    • Reservation fee: P 500
    • Per cubicle: P 600
    • Whole cottage rental: P 2,500
    • overnight stay 6:00 pm-6:00 am
  • Additional charges:
    • Sound system: P 300
    • Cellular phone charging: P 15
    • Laptop charging: P 100
  • Plastic table use w/ umbrella (large): P 250
  • Plastic table use w/ umbrella (small): P 150
  • Other items for rent
    • Adults shorts: P 25
    • Children shorts: P 15
    • Goggles: P 20
    • Life jacket (kids): P 25
    • Life jacket (adult): P 50
    • Snorkel (mask only): P 25
    • Snorkel (1 set): P 50
    • Slippers: P 10
    • Sarong: P 50
    • Beach towel (regular size): P 25
    • Beach towel (medium size): P 15
    • Salvavidas “life preserver ring” (large): P 100
    • Salvavidas “life preserver ring” (medium): P 75
    • Salvavidas “life preserver ring” (small): P 50
    • Comfort room usage: P 5

Short shoreline boat trips from Brgy. Camoboan Turtle Haven to Tabogon Bay: P 100 / head (adults only)

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