My Musings At Inambakan Falls: Ginatilan, Cebu

After several occasions passes by and few of future plan trips, this time I should start recollecting or re-scanning my significant travel events that are held unpublished on list.

This event took place last quarter month of 2012. Thus, one thing that I should hastily indite with apart from the subsequent happening up to the degree of my recent trips. However, whatever the preference maybe but ideally – to utter with words – this is a must compose that a blogger should accomplish for.


This ought to never-to-be-forgotten piece of writing can be worthy to share and so does my experiences for those who haven’t been able to invade in the southern tip of Cebu province. A tourist attraction and tourist spot in Cebu that can be perceived in a quiet town like Ginatilan.

The latter ponder of our journey seems quite surprising because who would’ve thought that I’ve already gone a long way thus, I’m almost closer at the southernmost tip part of Cebu. Hopefully I could visit there soon! You too… so we can able to conquer and discover to what’s in store with the town ahead which is at Samboan.

For now, I shall impart with you the bare narrative part of the details of our adventure trip at INAMBACAN FALLS which are some locals call it “Inambakan” a Cebuano dialect which other means “ambakanan” it’s a jump-off or jumping point.


This to walk you through the origin recollection of my musings at Inambakan Falls. Honestly, yours truly is a typical person who is just fun of “I’m going” or “Maybe” at some events. I’m sort of “kuyog baboy” type of person and that you would only see me dependently or associated with many.

My musings while on the road trip.

I was a bit moody, uncomfortable and bothered during that time although I was prepared for that trip. I had a heavy burden for myself because of problem arises between my immediate family members.

Traveling to Ginatilan was uneasy escape for me. With the conveying thoughts of my former travel buddy and the eagerness to join the escapade, yet we’ve persuaded the plan. Since the itinerary introduced by us somewhat challenging, and so we reckoned ourselves and break free in the town of GINATILAN.

My musings about life and marriage.

Oh life… it’s like riding on a roller coaster. Life oftentimes seem horrible for me. Supposing it depend on one’s ability whether how to decide responsibly in dealing every difficult situation — without ceasing to surrender.

We shall embrace the fate at once, this is what I’ve learned. It has to be associated with strong belief, in prayerful manner and the love of God almighty. Getting into marriage requires perseverance.

It takes two to make the relationship worthwhile without pointing at each fault.

As our remedy with this type of clause, the enthusiasm into some outdoor activities and few of travel events will help develop your intimacy and knowing each weakness as a couple.


Where and How to get there at Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan, Cebu?

Should you find interest to escapade in Inambakan Falls, I hope our travel recollection below shall be helpful to you.

  • Starting point is at South bus-terminal and ask any staff, bus conductor or driver (wearing uniform) if you can’t figure out the exact post of buses bound for Ginatilan.
  • At South-Bus-Terminal. We’ve waited for an hour in a long queue before the bus leaves around 9:02 pm.
  • All passengers were exaggerated to commute and fortunately we took the comfortable seats together with my estranged husband. It was an exhausted ride coz’ the bus happened to fully occupy all seats even at the center isle.
  • Then we finally arrived at the crossing around 12:50 am of Ginatilan proper and waited for couple of minutes for our guides.
  • Started the trek around 1:02 am heading through our destination.
  • Inambakan falls location is at Barangay Calabawan, Ginatilan — traveling takes about 3 to 4 hours.
  • While heading to Ginatilan, please don’t forget to remind the bus conductor to drop you off at the crossing where heading to the falls.
  • You should see a post signage at the left “This Way To Inambakan Falls Barangay Calabawan, Ginatilan”, a 3.9 km. ride via habal-habal. For further details, please refer additional information below:
How Far from Cebu to Ginatilan
  • 3 h 57 min (144.8 km) via Santander – Barili – Toledo Rd
  • 4 h 28 min (166.8 km) via Natalio B. Bacalso S National Hwy and Natalio Bacalso Avenue
  • 5 h 18 min (196.4 km) via Cebu Transcentral Hwy and Santander – Barili – Toledo Rd


Nocturnal hunting activity and river trekking

We’ve waded through strange rivers that connects further through Inambakan Falls. It was so dark with our headlamps as the only source of light in the wee hours past 1:00 am. Creepy. Amazing. It seems like a vague adventure, assuming my companions felt it too but they were not obvious.

I was silently pessimist and optimists that time. Somewhat felt odd and astonished of the idea but have to build trust of our three guides — as they brought pails for the actual itinerary that wee hours for the nocturnal hunting activity plan.

We crept across through strange tree brushes, accompanying some gruesome stories behind those trees as manifested by our guides and locals. That moment I tried not to walk behind the group anymore and assured myself being at the middle.



River Trekking activity

It was quite terrified associated with unimpressive weather. Since it rained prior our time, trekking down the river channel had been so petrified. I just couldn’t imagine coz how about when the running water turns volume?

There were precautions also that snakes might be attacking along the way and yet there was one. Good thing our guide saw it first. Frightened? Yes that was a truly strange yet fun adventure!

Past an hour of river trek we got lifted upon hearing the huge current of water. The thought that we were getting closer to our primary destination point. Finally arrived at Inambakan Falls around 2:40 am. Imagine! Before hand, you will be passing through short hills alternately then crossing back the river isle again until you’ll reach at the waterfalls attraction.


At Ginatilan Falls

Going through the falls is quite hazardous and everyone must equip cautiously — take extra careful with your steps because the road is slippery. Wearing slippers is the most ideal footwear, and or water resistant typed shoes.


The magnificent view while looking at the top of the falls.


Clear waters from Inambacan falls… very inviting to swim off into the stream. And it’s kinda cold.


Trying a glimpse for a nice capture.


Befriending and meeting few of outdoor enthusiasts. I forgot the names of other colleagues, only remembered the Silangan proprietors (Sir Servano & his wife) and a public servant friend. The boys seems enjoying their swimming at the current of the waterfalls – playing like a child.

While the girls were just enjoying the dip in a not shallow area, but cautious though since we don’t know how to swim. Silly me…


If you wish to experience there and looking for tour guides, allow me to recommend one of our guide during that venture. I intentionally got his number for this future post, his name is Jr Otord and you may contact through this number (0905) 6921-839.


The original itinerary from Sir Servano of Silangan Outdoor
Inambakan Falls and Surrounding Bukid:
  • 7:30 pm-8:00 pm South Bus Terminal
  • 8:00 pm-11:00 pm Cebu to Ginatilan
  • 11:00 pm-12:00 pm Ginatilan Cemetery to Camp Site (near Inambakan Falls)
  • 12:00 am -1:00 am Manulo sa Sapa (Nocturnal Hunting)
  • 2:00 AM Lights Out
  • 7:00 AM Coffee, breakfast, Enjoy sa falls
  • 9:00 am-10 :00 am Trek to Nestor’s Place
  • 10:00 am-12:00 pm Mamutong, Maniudto ug Sinabaw’ng Bisayang Manok
  • 1:00 pm-2:30 pm Trek Pabalik
  • 3:00 pm-7:00 pm pa Sugbo
The revised plan from original itinerary:
  • 7:30 pm-9:05 pm South Bus terminal
  • 9:05 pm-12:50 am Cebu to Ginatilan
  • 12:50 am-1:02 am Waited for our tour guides
  • 1:02 am-2:40 am Wading/trekking through river and Manulo sa Sapa (Nocturnal Hunting)
  • 3:30 am Lights out
  • 7:00 am Coffee, breakfast
  • 9:00 am-11:00 am Enjoying the falls, taking pictures
  • 11:00 am-12:30 pm Trekking to Nestor’s place
  • 12:30 pm-2:30 pm Maniudto ug Sinabaw’ng Bisayang Manok
  • 2:30 pm-4:00 pm Trekking forth to other direction going back to Ginatilan proper, then riding on a habal-habal
  • 4:00 pm-5:00 pm Waiting for bus, took pictures other spots of Ginatilan
  • 5:00 pm-9:00 pm Cebu City

Little did I know that how amazing was the excursion we had throughout the entire activity. A total one of a kind experience and truly unforgettable. Wish to do such challenging activity again soon.

You too can choose the same itinerary we had, perhaps a gentle reminder to be careful and be cautious.

Grateful for the experiences, headed by Silangan proprietor!

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