Gibitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu: The Unforgettable GetAway

A small islet in the Northern Cebu

Why is it that we have to go through a lot of pain and difficulties in life? That’s my question? Though we may find the answers, however, that can be ambiguous and why we could not get the point? Why do people get hurt? One thing for sure, God wants to remind us of his existence in this world.

Anyhow, going to the brighter side though about the subject GIBITNGIL ISLAND, CEBU was part of our day-2 tour in Medellin Cebu. It took us with sense of suspicious and wonders to what’s in store for that Island. An Island? I might as well have fear with deep blue sea, especially of getting the chance to ride on a boat or banca. OMG! Suddenly, a swift remember about my travel experience at Malapascua Island which is situated close at the town.


Apart from Fantastic Medellin Cebu tourist spots — to complete your tour and itinerary, make it as your last drop through this Island. You will get surprise then and amaze its crystal clear turquoise sea water. The notable presence of white sand powdery beach to which in awe. With affordable rentable kiosks and entrance fee. Get enthrall for Cliff diving at 30feet high. Kayaking is also available. Ziplining adventure. And get to fascinate of the magnificent rock formations at the island.

As a side note, you wouldn’t find here a cozy accommodation for overnight stay like hotel and resort rooms. There’s no electricity. Solar system is the only power source at the island. So, if you wish to stay for an overnight — you gotta have to bring along with you a light source like rechargeable lamp or headlamp.


This is gonna be a great escape of the tremendous life you have laid back to where you belong. Getaway at the northern part of Cebu through Gibitngil Island, Medellin, Cebu is a great relief if you are helplessly finding of a place where you could meditate, reminisce and moving away from perplexing situation. Going to this islet could lift your burden for a while and get to fully enjoy in the isolate yet magnificent resembling island that God has behold for us. Prepare yourself for a marvelous appreciation.

gibitngil island medellin cebu_shore6

Most importantly, getting along with companions has been the most pleasant vacation notably here at Gibitngil. The photos on this page were recollection of my unforgettable journey at the island. Heart breaking though as the recent life changes, but this happening is considered as one of the joyous days I had of previous year.


Actual Rates in FUNtastic Island – Gibitngil, Medellin

  • Budget Entrance Fee: Php 10.00 per head
  • Small Cottages: A Php 50.00
  •  Small Cottages: B Php 75.00
  •  Small Cottages: C Php 150.00
  •  Medium kiosk w/ diving board: Php 200.00
  •  Medium cottages with grill area: Php 200.00
  •  Big kiosk on top: Php 250.00

For travelers who is not accustomed yet at this island – for me, this is a must sought to visit located in the northern cebu island apart from the famous array of islands that can be found in Cebu namely: Malapascua, Bantayan Island and other neighboring islands in the north cebu places.


Caused by many to mention happenings you could have at Medellin, actually I’ve created different post about our journey in Medellin.

What makes it the most unforgettable experience for me at the islet, the fact was I had the chance to jump off for feet high as a beginner. Though it was supported with vest, but the brave and courage is a piece of pride for me. So silly. šŸ™‚

I could still remember the joy, the fun and laughter that we’ve shared that moment – but only to cherish them now and reminisce. Again the most incredible highlight was the tremendous and trembling experience to jump off for the first time at the clear shore hence, yours truly doesn’t even know how to swim.

How to Get There and Tips:

  • Head to North Bus Terminal located at Subangdaku, Mandaue City. If unaccustomed, you may ride a taxi cab to drop you off at terminal.
  • Look for Ceres bus liner via Kawit, Medellin.
  • Ask the conductor to drop you off at Kawit, a drop off point near the health center.
  • Ask for any locals for a boat arrangement that could take you there at the island.
  • There’s also available resort at Mahawak, Medellin that is offering a tour arrangement for Gibitngil Island.
  • And, wanna know more about the Municipality of Medellin? Checking their official website can be of help.
  • Motorboat/pump boat rental ranges: Php700 (6persons max) – Php 1,200 (good for 20persons). This is a two-way rate.
  • There’s a WiFi hotspot area located around Medellin Municipal Hall area and nearby public places.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask any of locals there to where other Medellin tourist spots located.

If you wish to invade the place and looking for guides or pumpboat service? You can do reservations and call the Mayors’ Office at 4362031 or text 09176234925. Or you may contact cel no. 0920-4636724 for further details.


What about you? You can tell us your inspiring stories about your Medellin vacation especially to this particular location. We will be glad to hear your interesting experiences so we can have ideas on our next vacation plans. You can leave comment(s) at the comment section below. Thanks for visiting the blog. God bless everyone and enjoy your trip!

Special thanks for all these wonderful photos mostly captured by Leah Q.
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