Discovering FUNtastic Medellin, Cebu

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Medellin is located in the Northern part of Cebu Province, Philippines. The 2nd class  and is one of the nine municipalities comprising the 4th Congressional District of Cebu Province. It is bounded on the west by Tañon Strait, on the east by Camotes Sea and on the south by Bogo.

The town is known as the sugar bowl of Cebu and in recent times it has now become one of tourists attraction with the effort of current Mayor Ricky’s vision has truly transformed it and put it in the map as part of Cebu’s eco-tourism trail. With the help of its plugging name called “FUNtastic Medellin” wherein visitors were surprisingly increasing and totally boost it’s tourism industry. It is expected to have great numbers of visitors esp. on Week-ends and Holidays.


My Memories and Recollection

Medellin isn’t rare to me well in fact the place is somehow close to mine as it always linger in my mind as what does the place looks like in recent time. I could not remember anymore my exact age when did my last visit in Medellin. I had gone there once I was a little – in the birth place of my father at Kawit, Medellin, Cebu. That was during the burial of my lolo (a Visayan dialect) or grandfather as the english term.

It was awkward at first and inconvenient to convey much stories about Kawit,  however, all I could remember is the sugarcane and pintos which I craved during my childhood days.  I could only recall a part of my short visit long time ago in my grandparents (my father side) home when the location is somewhat very far from the highway road of Kawit. It’s like we were crossing along the midst of sugarcane fields when it’s just as tall as my father.

And one thing also that I will always remember is that every time my  father or my relatives went home in their province, they would always bring us a delicacy “pintos” as a “pasalubong”.

It was just lately after the visit when I discovered how Medellin developed now from its original quite town, that every traveler should never dare to miss while you are visiting in Cebu, today.


When my former travel buddy introduced me his plan for a vacation to Medellin, actually I did not react nor opposed to him. I just actually go with the flow with wonders and mixed emotion of excitement and surprises as to what’s in store in Medellin. I was also eager to visit the homeland of my father then.

I don’t have really much knowledge in particular about Medellin, but after our superb experience/getaway associated with fun and lots of excitement during the 3-day trip in Medellin, thus, you would not forget to note of how you’ve got to amaze by what Medellin has now become. I brought pride and admiration after I went back home in Mandaue City.

And now I’ve got more stories to tell about the town of Medellin. Wish to visit there once again and hopefully sometime I can bring along  my entire immediate family members and other relatives with pride.



Travelers must head directly at North bus terminal located in Subangdaku, Mandaue City. V-Hire or van-for-hire is other means of transportation in going to Medellin. Estimated travel time usually for about 3 hours or more considering the bus stop and route stop. It would be less hassle and convenient way to travel if you have your own private vehicle. If you prefer to rent for a Van/Car there are companies available in the City that are hiring for a specific cost it depends on your arrangement.

If your first destination in Medellin is going to Gibitngil Island – just don’t fail to  ask/remind the conductor/ticketer to drop you off to Medellin dock where heading to the Gibitngil Island (famously known as FUNtastic Island). Boats available from 700.00 Php that can accomodate to 8persons and 1,500.00 Php good for 20persons or more depending on your baggage load. Fare is a two-way transport to the island. (Rates indicated herein may change in recent times).

palms seaside inn medellin CEBU


We’re fortunate that time because instead of paying in a luxury resort, our hospitable friend Leah (my estranged husband’s office mate) was the one who gave us the hint to visit Medellin,  shared us their private room and stayed during our 3-days escapade. We’re thankful for Leah’s supportive mother for the meal treat that she shared & prepared w/ us during our stay. The house is situated along the main road of Barangay Luy-a, Medellin, Cebu.

As our first itinerary that very first day in the afternoon was were headed a tour in nearby barangay at Mahawak, Medellin. Felt so lucky that we were able to visit a resort that is highly recommendable for travelers who prefers to stay a while in the town.



I would like to refer you to the resort that we visited during our vacation, the name of the resort is Palms Seaside Inn and Resort at Nipa beach – Mahawak, Medellin, Cebu. The resort is well organized, semi luxury type and room rates is just worth your pay. Each room has a unique features and with exclusive toilets. If you prefer to stay in a non cozy and not so expensive rooms, they have available rooms in your time of respite.

For Booking, Inquiries & Reservations you can directly contact/call Ms. Gigi. Their telefax is (+63) 32-436-2275, Mobile no: (0917) 9595278  and or (0917) 841929. Email address:


Disclaimer: This is to inform that this is not a sponsored blog post. Contents herein are purely based on experience and actual happening. Photos and texts updated as of March 28, 2018. Thanks for reading! Feedback and comments is appreciated

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Sharing is loving. Please share this page to your family & friends. Thanks!