Camping At Chalet Hills Babag: Busay, Cebu City

We wanted sometime to set apart from bustling city and prefer spending our week-end in a totally distinct accommodation. A typical place where you could find it relaxing, relieving, sereneness and any means that helps people feeling calm though. Spending a while in an evening with a different ambiance, not in a contemporary bedroom but to a place where you could feel the cold breeze on top of the hills.

Getting at the top of so called CHALET HILLS situated at Sitio Babag, Brgy. Busay, Cebu City, is an extra-ordinary venue for camping, bonding and or leisure fun. As far as I know, there are still number of mountaineering groups and even those who are not mountain climb enthusiasts still engaging the place regularly even in recent times.


How To Get There?

Going to that place isn’t difficult, the road is accessible by motorcycle and private vehicle. For those who aren’t familiar yet, possible meeting place for groups usually at JY Square Mall, then you will be crossing to the right heading to Busay road.

For commuters going uphill, you’ve got no worry because there are many habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) are on-standbye, you can approach or hail anyone of them. They usually park in front of JY  Square Mall. Fare rate estimate of Php 30.00 per head (as of 2016). And also, there are few number of jeepneys that will pass by bound for Busay, but you only need to embark right at the crossing where to head Mountain View and Temple of Lea (fare rate could be lesser compared to riding on a habal-habal), you will pay a standard rate of Php 7.00.

Please note that fare rate may change in recent time.

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While some adventure lovers, prefers trekking/walking from Mountain View crossing. Well honestly that can be enjoyable especially if there are many of you. To estimate, I figured walking time will consume about less than an hour upon reaching at the top hills of Chalet and yet, it will also likely depend on your agility or speed in going uphill, sometimes it takes more than an hour.


This is a swift caption from atop. And from afar, is the growing City of Cebu then apart also is the City of Mandaue. The Mactan Island is also visible at the hills. When you look around from the top, you’ve got to see different views in 360 degrees. Take your handy telescope with you and you’ve got to appreciate more and see nearer from where your standing point at the hills.


Trying to look at the picture above, there are others who also prefer to lay their tent just below the top most hill. And by the way, space at the top can only accommodate around maximum of 30 tents. Please correct me if I am wrong. Actually, I am not really a keen regular camper and yet i felt the privilege of knowing the SuOc comrades where my estranged husband used to get along with.

Does camping safe at the area?

Camping at the hill is still safe even in recent times. However, there are rumors from the past that there were certain mountaineers experienced that their tent(s) had been ripped off by some bad guys (don’t know of their motives). But nobody had able see the actual incident or who were the culprits, they only found out and noticed in the morning that their tent(s) got ripped off.


By zooming another spot from atop, is another view on the other side. From afar in distant view are towers from RCPI, ABS-CBN and GMA Network. There’s a trail going to that place where you could catch and see that tower nearer at Sitio Babag proper.

But did you know that other Cebuano climbers are still engaging a trail route going to Napo Hills (Guadalupe) to Babag (Busay) regularly especially on week-ends? As I have mentioned, even mountaineers coming from another places too still inclining to engage in that trail. Sounds interesting right? I might as well reminiscing this place.

Anyhow, getting at the top from Napo Hills, Guadalupe, will require you to exert an effort esp. if you are not having a practice with this kind of endeavor so you may have to loose vigor in the middle of your trek at sometime due to long miles. And as per our experience, we’ve crossed that trail until Babag and it takes us about 6hours (or less) to estimate until the camping site or campsite – which is situated at this hill of Chalet.


There’s no danger in going down slopes just a short walk going through at the foot of the hill. However, every one should be equipped with precautionary measures to avoid heedless injuries.

There were few available habal-habal drivers passing that area. Trekking back from the bottom of the hill going down to Mountain View Natures Park is enjoying, it takes someone’s courage to trek for more than an hour again.

Here’s my list necessary for your journey:
  • Bring enough water about 4liters (water is necessary for cooking)
  • Tent, Headlamp/headlight
  • Extra shirt and shorts, bring long pants (esp. for evening it’s cold)
  • Bring also foot sacks for nightime since it’s cold
  • Prepare for mealtime: bring eggs, canned goods, meat or sardines (whatever your most preferred food). You may bring vegetables also if you’d like.
  • Portable camping stove and butane or other
  • Bring chocolates, breads, candies and or junkfoods
  • sleeping bag / blanket
  • Cooking utensils and condiments
  • …other gadgets/stuffs necessary for camping.


Updated: March 14, 2018


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