Camotes Island, Cebu: Boat Schedule, Travel Tips And How To Get There

ABOUT CAMOTES | Camotes Island is noted as famous and well-known top tourist destination in the islands of Cebu. Once known as “The Lost Horizon” of the South because of its unspoiled atmosphere.

Another thing that manifests how this particular island evolves into a must-sought-visit because it has the quality of sugary beaches (a mini Boracay), picturesque and serene place. Aside from the beautiful beach resorts, to make your stay worthwhile, by visiting other important tourist spots including: Timubo cave (exploring and swimming), Bukilat cave, Baywalk in San Fernando, Panganuron Falls, Buho Rock, Santiago Bay, Lake Danao Park and other exciting features available at the island.

I am sharing herewith our memorable pictures to give you an idea on how this place looks fascinating.

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ACCOMMODATION | You don’t have to worry around when you choose to visit Camotes as there are available cheap resorts and even tour packages available right when you landed at the port terminal of Camotes. So here are the list of Camotes Islands Bed and Breakfast.

  • Santiago Bay Garden & Resort (San Francisco)
  • Keshe Beach Resort (San Francisco)
  • My Little Island Hotel (Poro Island)
  • Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort (San Francisco)
  • Swisslagoon Camotes
  • Sunset Bay Beach Resort
  • Aizawa Beach Resort
  • Heritage Inn
  • Coco Grove Nature Resort
  • Payag Beach House Resort
  • Camotes Seaview Pension House
  • Harbor View Family Resort
  • Masamayor Beach House and Resort
  • Palanas Beach Resort
  • Sunset Vista Resort
  • Vall Hall Resort

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WHERE IS CAMOTES ISLAND | The Camotes Islands are a group of islands that form part of the province of Cebu, Philippines. The island group is located at the eastern part of Cebu and southwest of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island. The Camotes is comprised by the following four islands and their municipalities. Poro (municipalities: Poro and Tudela); Pacijan (municipality: San Francisco); Ponson (municipality: Pilar); Tulang (barangay Esperanza). Wikipedia



1. Aznar boat – Travels daily through the Island from Pier 2 (Cebu Port), Cebu City, at 9:00am. If you don’t know how to get off the said port, better ride on a taxi cab while it’s convenient way to reach at the port terminal.

2. Danao City port – Travel starts at 6:00am and onward. Boat’s travel time will take about 2-3 hours depending on the sea’s temperament. To reach the said port, you must ride on a jeepney with #27 via Danao beside the White Gold Club House (Reclamation Area). Travel time in going to Danao is about an hour.

3. Ouano Wharf – Location is at Looc, Mandaue City that travels daily at 1:00pm.

4. Additional information as of March 2016, you can also get to Camotes (Poro) via Ocean Jet. They have two daily trips. Cebu to Camotes is 6:00 AM and 3:00 PM and the return trip is at 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Rate is P330/pax. Thanks for sharing this info Mam Cymbelline.

This photo taken at Danao City park. Image courtesy by Leah Q.

1. Scroll down below for a more precise schedule of Camotes vessel.

2. If you have arrived ahead of your boat schedule, you may spend time for a while by exploring at Danao City park just located few minutes away of Danao Port. Like we did before in the picture above.

3. At Camotes Island dock you still have to ride a motorcycle for hire or Habal-habal (Visayan term) in order to reach at your desired destination.

4. Tour guides are visible at the Camotes dock site for your tour arrangement or itinerary, tour packages and accommodation needs.

5. Motorcycle drivers are hospitable and they could help you get through to where are the famous stay-in Hotel & Resort or to affordable stay-in rooms.

6. You can also even ask the “habal-habal” drivers for tour arrangement through all the tourists destination. Arrange them for pick-up when you want to leave Camotes.

7. There are daily trips from Danao City Port (motorized banca and RORO boats); in Mandaue City Ouano Warf (motorized banca) and also from Pier 1 (ferry boat/fast craft).

8. Chartered flights is also available mostly for private tours only to Camotes.

9. It is advisable to reserve tickets ahead of your travel schedule to avoid disappointments esp. when your vacation falls on Holiday season like during Holy week.

10. No Bank/ATM machine.

11. Credit cards are accepted in most renowned hotels and beach resorts at Camotes.


To give us complete details of boat schedule in going through Camotes, I got this useful information from a website for our guide.

Departure Time Point of Origin Destination Vessel
5:30 AM Danao Port Poro, Camotes Ave Maria Pumpboat
5:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Jomalia Shipping
6:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Super Shuttle Ferry
8:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Jomalia Shipping
9:00 AM Cebu Pier 1 Poro, Camotes Golden Shipping Fastcraft
10:30 AM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes RJR pumpboat
12:00 PM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Jomalia Shipping
1:00 PM Danao Port Poro, Camotes Super Shuttle Ferry
5:30 PM Cebu Pier 1 Poro, Camotes Golden Shipping Fastcraft
5:30 PM Danao Port Consuelo, Camotes Jomalia Shipping


These are photos to remember captured at Santiago Bay Resort and Lake Danao Park.
Depature Time Point of Origin Destination Vessel
5:30 AM Consuelo, Camotes Danao Port Jomalia Shipping
6:00 AM Poro, Camotes Cebu Pier 1 Golden Shipping Fastcraft
9:00 AM Consuelo, Camotes Danao Port Jomalia Shipping
10:00 AM Consuelo, Camotes Danao Port Super Shuttle Ferry
11:00 AM Poro, Camotes Ouno Wharf Sto Nino de Cebu pumpboat
12:00 PM Poro, Camotes Cebu Pier 1 Golden Shipping Fastcraft
2:00 PM Consuelo, Camotes Danao Port Jomalia Shipping
4:00 PM Consuelo, Camotes Danao Port Jomalia Shipping
5:00 PM Poro, Camotes Danao Port Super Shuttle Ferry


Planning to have your vacation at the Camotes Islands? I just hope that the content above provides aid on your future plan trips. While it is most prominent that staying a day wouldn’t be enough, but rather prefer to stay longer than  two days or more for a more satisfying tour experience around the island.

Updated: March 16, 2016

Thank you for visiting my weblog and your comments. God bless!


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  • Hi! upon arriving Camotes Island is their a place where we can dine and eat Cebu Lechon? 🙂

    • I am not really sure Jazzy if there’s lechon available at the Island. I suggest just to bring lechon on your trip, you can buy it first when you are in Mandaue City or Cebu City area before heading Danao, I’m very sure there’s lechon in there. Or you may drop in Gaisano Danao, there might be a lechon stall at their Supermarket.

  • sydnie

    Pila ka hours from danao city to camotes island.?ug pila sad and plete sa boat?naa bay biyahe ana pgkagabie if ever mouli me eg ka gabie?thanks…

    • Hello Mam Sydnie, sorry for the late reply. Sa ako nahinumdoman Mam kay mo run jud ug 2hours sailing from Danao City to Camotes Island. About the sa plete Mam kay mag search pako this time kay medyo taud-taud napud ko wala ka balik ug visit sa Island. Will just update you Mam pila ang plete padung ngadto. About gabie nga schedule I don’t think so Mam. Thanks for dropping a comment here Mam Sydnie. Enjoy your trip!

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    is there a resto bar in camotes beach resort?

  • Chrstine

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  • Precious Love Pazo

    Hi Arneth,

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    Ask lang ko pwede ba mag tent lang sa santiago bay or san francisco bay?

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    Hi there! I just want to ask if which boat will go to ponson island in camotes…i think in Kawit?… And how long does it take to get there?

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    Hi, do you know how to get to Pilar from Poro or San Francisco?