A Family Escapade At Cebu Ocean Pearl Resort: Marigondon, Cebu

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The Experiences

It was never indeed no matter how big or small your disappointments, misconceptions or afflictions are with your loved ones/relatives, always firmly believe that there’s something to look forward to about forgiveness and reunion.

As a matter of fact we had an abrupt event happened in our circle of relatives last New Year 2013. The original plan was supposedly celebrating with my entire immediate family members in my own house. Unexpectedly, my aunt (my mother’s youngest sibling) invited us to go with them at the beach, without any doubt, so we took a switch plan and instead we celebrated the New Year at the beach resort with them.

Indeed that moment was a celebration of life for another chance for all the wrong to get things right. It was a memorable celebration on January 1st at the Ocean Pearl Resort.

But anyway, since it’s a celebration, the first target destination was supposedly at the Blue Reef Hotel & Resort, but unfortunately, the premise was fully occupied. They have to find another resort. Since Marigondon have so many neighboring resorts, they have to go to the next resort which is the Ocean Pearl and fortunately there’s one available.

My uncle choose the Php 1,000 rectangular table which is good for 15-heads and free of entrance fee. In excess as per allowable number of heads for a package, shall have to pay an amount of Php 25.00 per head. Please note that rates may change in real time.

There was no room for regrets for us because the resort is so wonderful. At the end of the day, it was full of fun celebrating New Year at Ocean Pearl.


What’s in Cebu Pearl Resort?

It has an atmosphere of bonding with friends & barkadas’, family ties by some means you could observe in the premises. Some scenarios perhaps are collection of diversely alike reunion(s), special celebration(s), get-aways and much more.

This resort caters ideally for groups and family. You will pay an entrance fee if the person exceeded the maximum heads requirement in tent/cottage. You pay an amount of Php25.00.

There is no room for extra activities like beach volleyballs and etc. except for the presence of videoke machine that are stationed in different parts of the resort. NO swimming pool inside. NO available WIFI.

Expect a crowded environment especially during week-ends and holidays as you’ve seen the photos posted herein which was captured last New Year celebration together with my entire family, aunties, uncles and cousins. It was rare and awesome get together with my family.

Available Tents and Cottages

  • Open Cottages  – maximum of 15 persons; children of 3 ft. and above tall are included in the head count.
  • Checkered Open Cottages – on top of the cliff with 14 cottages available and 3 videoke machine available; 15 persons maximum with free of entrance fee.
  • White Canopy Type Tents – located in front of the bldg. with 5 tents available; 15 persons maximum and free of entrance fee.
  • Exclusive Cottages – with available videoke machine per cottage.
  • Umbrella – located near at the dolphin slide with 20 persons free of entrance fee.
  • Function – rectangular cottage with seawater on the opposite sides  with 40 persons free of entrance fee.
  • Veranda – beach front square shape cottage with maximum of 30 persons free of entrance fee
  • Ground Floor – located below the bldg with maximum of 40 persons free of entrance fee.
  • Floating – large square shape cottage with maximum of 70 persons free of entrance fee and an open space with a capacity of 120-150 persons.
Ocean Pearl updated rates as of March 2020

Guys, I just got the newest rates from Ocean Pearl, but, sad to say I did not capture it very well or maybe my mobile phone needs to upgrade. Hope some of you has a magic to make it clearer.

Room accommodation and rates

Modern Standard Rooms

There are 12 rooms available. Price ranges from Php 1,800.00 (24 hrs.) and Php 1,000.00 (12 hrs.). Amenities: Two single beds, cable television, refrigerator, hot & cold shower. An inclusive of  breakfast when two occupants.

Standard Rooms – Php 500.00 (3 hrs.); plus Php 125.00 for succeeding hour

Deluxe Room

There are 2 rooms available. Price ranges from Php 2,200.00 (24 hrs.); Php 1,200.00 (12 hrs.). Amenities: 1 double bed, cable TV, refrigerator, hot & cold shower. This is the best spot wherein you can have an overlooking of vast beautiful sea. Inclusive of Free breakfast when two occupants only.

Deluxe Rooms – Php 500.00 (3 hrs.); Php plus 150.00 for succeeding hour

They also cater for Short-Timer stay with minimum of 3 hrs. with 2 persons only.

Rooms Capacity

Every rooms has a capacity of 2 persons but will allow only 5 persons maximum. For Children 3 yrs. old and above are included in the headcount and pay the standard rate. Regulations for check-in and check-out time must follow upon 24 hours.

Entrance Fee

All fees are inclusive and varies which tent and cottage(s) you would be preferring to. An amount of Php25.00 shall pay if in excess of maximum number of heads.

Where is Ocean Pearl Resort Cebu?

The resort is primarily located at Tongo Marigondon, Mactan Island 6015 – Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. The resort is situated right next to among one of famous family & barkada get-aways in Marigondon, it’s the Blue Reef Mactan Island Resort.

How to Contact?

  • Establishment: Cebu Ocean Pearl Beach Resort
  • Address: Sitio Tonggo, Brgy. Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu
  • Contact Nos.: (6332) 318-2374; (6332) 324-3348; 09176317854

Cebu Pearl Resort Diver’s Shop

There’s a Divers shop located inside the resort it’s called the Marine Dream – A Scuba Diving Center.

Booking Recommendation:

Make your travel worthwhile and of course memorable by setting up bookings ahead of your scheduled trip.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that whereiscebu.com is not affiliated with this resort nor a paid post. For quick assistance, you may visit directly at their resort should you desire for reservation and booking. Contact numbers are also stated above for your inquiries. And please also note of tariff rates indicated herein may change in real time.

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  • Joie

    October 13, 2020

    Hello ask lng q if sa imong post ..updated ba ilang contact number? kay di makita sa image sa updated Sept 2020 na rates gud…salamat

    or if dili..unsa ilang updated na contact number?

  • Janeth

    November 7, 2020

    Hi Ma’am, mao ni last known contact number sa Ocean Pearl Beach Resort.
    Contact Nos.: (6332) 318-2374; (6332) 324-3348; 09176317854

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