Survival Gears: 8 Tools for a Safe Camping Trip in the Philippines

For those outdoor-type people who have an active personality, their years would not be complete without a true camping experience. The Philippines has a lot of breathtaking spots. Whatever type of camping you want, whether it’s a romantic, reenactment or a friendly excursion, the Philippines is a great place to explore the wonders of the great outdoors.

Camping can be physically challenging as you need to boost your physical endurance and flexibility. Thus, there are several gears that can help lessen the burden of this particular outdoor activity. If you’re planning to camp or climb a mountain such as Mt. Apo, check the items below to ensure that you will have a safe trip.

Osmeña Peak, Dalaguete, Cebu, Philippines

First Aid Kit

Bringing a first aid kit is not a surprise anymore as everyone owns one. Since you’ll take risks during your camping so you will need a kit to survive. Your first aid kit should include bandages, aspirins, and gauze, or even moleskin for blisters, bug spray, and aloe vera in case of burns.

Tent Set And Sleeping Bag

You may stay in a specific camping place until dawn or morning. Thus, a tent set and sleeping bag are something you must have for comfortable accommodations. Knowing how many you are on a team to determine how much personal space you will need is also good.

Trekking Outfit

First and foremost, secure your trekking outfit. Whatever activities you will have, whether it is for hiking or not, you should always have clothes for camping purposes. Your clothes must be durable and breathable to have a comfortable experience. Make sure to find the right clothes that can adapt to any environment as you can experience humid or freezing temperatures.

Mt. Lanaya, Alegria, Cebu, Philippines

Hydration Bottle

The hydration bottle keeps you hydrated in going out for camping trips. Your endurance is significantly in use during outdoor activity. Mountains such as Pulag, Daraitan, Samat,and Pinatubo are some of the famous tourist spots in the Philippines that have their own tiring heights. Thus, at any time in your journey there, you will need adequate hydration.

If you don’t want a water bottle because you think it’s uncomfortable, you can bring a water bladder as a substitute. A water bladder is effortless to carry around because it is a like a plastic bag. Whatever type of water container you will bring, be sure to take enough water to ensure that you are hydrated during your camping.

Lamps and Lights

To secure your camping site, consider the distance and brightness of a flashlight when picking one. During outdoor activities especially when you’ve planned to stay all night with your friends or loved ones, you can’t just rely on your phone’s flashlight. You can’t assure that anyone of your group can make a fire. Thus, it is necessary to bring lamps and lights.

Trekking Shoes

If possible, do not wear sneakers or any running shoes during camping. A trekking shoe is a suited one. Running shoes are usually soft and have less protective features. Meaning, it can’t be capable of extreme outdoor activities.

Mt. Lanaya, Alegre, Cebu, Philippines

Hiking boots are usually used for vigorous activities outside because it is made of sturdy materials intended for walking on rocky terrains or even for slick surfaces. It is initially made to cover your ankles so you won’t end up spraining in case of misplaced footing. You remarkably use your physical aspect during camping. Thus, you should also to protect it.


Backpacks come in three main variations: daypacks, overnight, and long hauls. A Daypack bag is a small backpack with straps and is for day hikes. An overnight bag is a suitcase for your clothing for an overnight camp while a long haul bag is for traveling long distances during your camping trips.

Always determine first how you will spend your outdoor activity to decide which bag you will need. It should be capable of carrying your other tools for camping.

Paper Maps

During your outdoor activity, you can’t assure that you will have a cell phone service all the time. Get a map before you step outside your house and learn how to read it. Do not just rely on GPS or Global Positioning System. You can bring a compass as well.


There are plenty of places in the Philippines which you can visit for camping. To make your camping trip fun and successful, the tools above are some of the things you must bring during any extreme outdoor activity and exercise as well.

For more essential camping gears, you can shop from any online sites like Aussie Disposals to assure you that you will have a complete list of your camping gears. Since you’ve already read the article, for sure you’ll have a nice and safe camping trip here in the Philippines.


Disclaimer: This is a Guest blog post by Kobe Parker. Photos owned by WIC.

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