Learning The Shabu-Way Hot Pot Cuisine: The Terraces In Cebu

We once had two (2) discount coupons/voucher availed from ensogo.com for half the price off for Php 300.00 in the Shabu-Way Hot Pot Cuisine to any branch in Cebu. The first coupon was consumed last June 2012 in time of our Wedding Anniversary, and the second (2nd) dining happened on September 1st in the same year. Honestly, it’s unimaginable fine dining experience since obtaining the coupons from a friend who purchased it from a famous online deal website. Glad that she had able to avail many coupons/vouchers and when my estranged husband knew it, he grabbed two (2) for our forth coming Wedding Anniversary even without my knowledge. How thoughtful!

Then it came to our significant day. All I had in mind was no special celebration could happen or even a fine-dining perhaps due to financially drought. However, while we were strolling around Ayala Center that late afternoon (after office), my estranged husband led the way at the 2nd level of The Terraces then surprisingly he turned at the way to Shabu-Way Hot Pot Cuisine. We actually had a great time together!

At last I was handling chopsticks again since my contract ends in Taiwan last 2008. That awesome first (1st) coupon really saves our Anniversary date!

whereiscebu_shabu way4

Learning the Shabu-Way

Learning the Shabu-Way makes every one’s perfect as you’ll be doing it by yourself (DIY). You don’t need to learn some cooking techniques and or showing off your cooking moves and expertise at the table, thus, everyone can show off how to savor your cooking, creating masterpiece according to your taste bud and likings.

According to source: Shabu shabu or to translate in Japanese term it’s swish swish which is called a hot pot variant which uses thinly sliced meat, eggs, vegetables with sauces which is served while at the dining table.

Inside the cuisine, each tables are set to 4-seaters and an electric hot pot, then choose a platter menu of your choice. Just stay on your table and after a while your broth will be served by waiter/waitress and poured some in your cooking bowl then wait to boil. To complete the table settings, plates, bowls and other necessary utensils will be placed on your table after a while.

whereiscebu_shabu way6

To prepare your hot pot, submerge the meat of your choice into the boiling broth, add some vegetables and or egg whites, noodles, fish balls and other menu available (according to your choice) then swish it back and forth!

whereiscebu_shabu way8

You can add everything what’s available in your platter.

whereiscebu_shabu way5

You can add everything what’s available in your platter.


The swift caption of the cuisine. This is located at the 2nd level of Ayala Terraces.

whereiscebu_shabu way3

Our first visit we selected the “Veggie Platter and Wangyu Beef Platter” and “Veggie Platter and Pork Platter”. Wahhh bongga! Each platter includes the Shabu-Way Veggie Platter which contains a medley of fresh garden vegetables with Udon and Vermicelli Noodles, plus an assortment of Soup fish balls. But, the 2nd visit we only ordered one “Veggie Platter and Mixed Meat Platter”.

whereiscebu_shabu way2

Main dish of our choice…

whereiscebu_shabu way

Cover the lid til it cook then serve later. It won’t take long.

whereiscebu_shabu way1

My cup soap…

whereiscebu_shabu way9



Enclave Building C – 5 & 6, Parkmall, Mandaue City, Cebu

Contact number: +63(032) 505-2598

Ayala Center Mall – The Terraces

2nd Floor Ayala Terraces

Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Cebu

Contact Numbers: +63(032) 505-2598 or (032) 505-5451

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShabuWayCebu/info

Email: shabuway.resto@facebook.com


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