Golden Cowrie Lahug: A Special Delivery Thru TwoAnyOne

Do you wish to have a fine dining experience right at your home without shelling yourself out to go in a casual dining restaurant? Or, are you busy doing your daily tasks at the office and craving for scrumptious meal? Why not call for special delivery? No, it’s not in the usual fast food chain restaurant. But isn’t it good idea to try also a distinct menu from a fine dining restaurant and make a call for delivery? Hehehe!

I never knew it at first, however, it came to a surprise that it’s possible anyway. Kindly check below – few of the images of the menu’s we’ve got and ordered from a well-known family dine-in restaurant here in Cebu — Golden Cowrie Lahug, Cebu City.

golden cowrie available menu cover photo

Last June we had our Business Unit Anniversary and our manager opted to just have our celebration to be held in the office. At the end of debates, our team decided to select a restaurant where the location is just nearby the office. Then we opted at Golden Cowrie in Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City. It’s impressive that our food was delivered on time as per scheduled agreement. Thumbs up for that!

Here are some of the pictures of our food that we’ve ordered – each menu is packed with microwavable container.

GOLDEN COWRIE LARGE CRISPY PATACrispy Pata (Small) — P275.00  deep fried pork legs
Crispy Pata (Large) — P325.00  deep fried pork legs
Crispy Pata (Extra Large) — P365.00  deep fried pork legs

GOLDEN COWRIE MENUChicken Pandan — P120.00  chicken pieces wrapped in pandan leaves and deep fried

GOLDEN COWRIE DINUGUANDinuguan — P85.00  pork cooked in savory pork blood
Crispy Dinuguan — P99.00  lechon kawali cooked in savory pork blood

GOLDEN COWRIE PANSITPansit Guisado — P98.00  egg noodles cooked with pork and vegetables sauteed in sweet sauce

GOLDEN COWRIE MENU3Calamares — P155.00  squid rings dipped in batter and deep fried
Sinigang or Tinola Pork — P119.00  cooked in sour (sinigang) or clear (tinola) broth
Bicol Express — P75.00  string beans with pork cooked with coconut milk
Sisig — P105.00  pork chopped and sauteed in aromatics (garlic, onion, chili) served sizzling

GOLDEN COWRIE ATSARAAtsara — P29.00  green papaya salad

GOLDEN COWRIE CALAMARES Calamares — P155.00  squid rings dipped in batter and deep fried

GOLDEN COWRIE CHIKEN HALANG HALANGChicken Halang-Halang — P92.00  bite size chili chicken pieces cooked in coconut milk and with kulikot

GOLDEN COWRIE MENU1Sweet Chili Chicken — P130.00  filleted bite size chicken pieces coated and deep fried then tossed in slightly spicy sweet sauce

KALDERETAKare-kare — P250.00  beef served with bagoong, made with freshly ground peanuts





GOLDEN COWRIE DELIVERYPreparing for dinner in our pantry area…



Day From To
Sunday 11:00am 9:45pm
Monday 11:00am 9:45pm
Tuesday 11:00am 9:45pm
Wednesday 11:00am 9:45pm
Thursday 11:00am 9:45pm
Friday 11:00am 9:45pm
Saturday 11:00am 9:45pm


Here’s the menu list of Golden Cowrie Lahug Restaurant, please click below:

>> Golden Cowrie Lahug – Price list and Menu <<

To Order Online, you may also visit the link below:

Disclaimer: We ordered these foods at twoanyone (Cebu). For placing your orders and deliveries, you may dial this number: 212-1212. And please also note that price menu are subject to change without prior notice. This is not a paid post.

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