A Quick Visit To Sugba-Sugba Sa Parola: Lilo-an, Cebu

When you happened to roam and visit around the Municipality of Liloan, there’s one historical spot there that you shouldn’t be missed at the town — it’s the notable historic figure of the Liloan Lighthouse or Parola ng Bagacay Point whichwas built in 1904. It’s about 20+ minutes away or approximately 3km SouthEast from Lilo-an Municipal Hall, a one distinct destination that is sought to some locals, Cebuano citizens whose unaccustomed of the said place.  Anyway, consider the place as one of your list for those who are planning to visit in Cebu and or things to do in Cebu.

Apart from the famous Parola, there are lots of views that can be achieved for at the destination. Take Papa Kit’s first before heading your way through, then after which you’ll be passing along a prominent seaside haven — a high-end village/subdivision of Amara land that costs millions. Landmark of which is a rotunda, the lofty lighthouse and the signage where there’s Sugba-Sugba Sa Parolathis way.

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So after roaming around the place, you can have your leisure time for a while at the Sugba sugba sa Parola – the sole bar and restaurant at the place. Just few walks away from Parola.

From where particular in Liloan is the Parola located? The exact address is at Barangay Catarman, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines.


Parking space – There’s an ample parking space and any type of vehicle can park with no entrance fee.

Means of transportation | How to get there – To commute: ride on a jeep (# 25) and stop at the Liloan Municipal Hall or at the front of San Fernando Rey Parish Church Liloan, Cebu. Beside the church head to town’s sports complex, ask for some locals if uncertain and or take tricycle where going to Catarman and hint for going in Parola.


Upon getting inside, this is the first point of attention adjacent of the entrance of Bar & Restaurant.


Tables and chairs perfect for hanging out for friends, chill and have fun.


It’s the place for gigs. There’s the presence of musical instruments and lounge chairs. The place where you can have yourself a bottle of beer. Don’t forget to drink moderately.


The facade of Sugba-Sugba sa Parola.


Establishment | This considered as one of it’s best of Liloan’s bar & restaurant. This also categorized as resto bar or a bistro. A cool place for hanging-out, packed with privacy and tranquility. Located beside the superior homes by Amara. And the presence of breathtaking view of the sea and the undeveloped land.

However, it is advised to take extra cautious during night time due to it’s quietude and reserved land.

Experience | Good thing that I was able to take a hold and permitted to capture pictures of interior of the restaurant. Actually, there was no customer inside but there were few people have stayed outside the bistro. They were Koreans. I perceived they were residents of Amara.


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It was around 3-4pm when my husband and I arrived there with our trusted honda motorcycle. Actually, it’s just a quick visit. The first thing that caught our attention is the sight of the sublime Parola and it’s surroundings, got to enjoy taking photos of different angles. Then roaming around and along through the stealthy seaside near Sugba-sugba. Then we moved out past 5pm since it’s already hushed the environment.


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To further insights, you check more pictures here and there! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!


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