Where To Go On Holiday In 2018

If you think you’ve been to pretty much everywhere and have seen pretty much everything, you should think again. If you’re wondering where to go next in 2018 and assure it would be worth the trip, then you should check on the world map then read upon – amazing destinations awaits you.

Here are 10 destinations around the world that travel experts, serial adventurers, and holiday enthusiasts believe should make it on your 2018 bucket list.

1. Seville, Spain

Spain will be buzzing with activity in 2018, and most of those goings-on will be taking place in the artistic city of Seville.

The Andalusian capital will play host to the 31st European film awards happening in August 2018. The game of thrones host city is also celebrating indigenous Baroque painter, Bartolomeo Esteban Murillo’s 400th anniversary with close to a dozen exposition running into 2018. There will also be two major festivals going down in Seville in 2018, the Feria de Abril and Semena Santa. Both events will take place according to Easter’s date.

So, if you’re in for fun and haven’t witnessed the magic of Seville in your lifetime, 2018 holds a great opportunity to make the most of different activities.

2. Forte Village Resort Sardinia, Pula, Italy

The Forte Village Resort is a known holiday haven rich with Mediterranean culture and scenic Beach Front views. It sports the best in relaxation, leisure, luxury and fun. From five-star hotels and golf courses to ultra modern spas and children playground areas, the resort is an all-inclusive holiday destination for 2018.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has been gaining prominence as one of the most popular travel destinations in the world for many reasons. There’s no better time than 2018 to visit the capital city of one of the world’s most exciting countries.

Mixed with the beauty of modern skyscrapers and historic mansions, Tokyo offers a scenic blend of history and contemporaneity. Things to relish include the world’s tallest Tower, the Skytree; the invigorating railway system; Mount Takao in the western region of Tokyo during the March festival; the UNESCO cultural heritage listed National Museum of art in Ueno park; temples and historic buildings; appetite engaging cuisines; and so much more.

4. Chile

Chile is fast becoming the most desirable adventure destination for wonderland seekers in South America. The days and years of Brazil’s dominance in the continent are slowly fading into history. With mind-blowing topographies and an awesome ecosystem, there’s hardly a reason to wonder why it has such a pull on nature lovers.

With new luxury, boutique hotels springing up, 36 national parks, and quick access to sand, beaches and waterfronts, Chile rewards every tourist with a proper dose of unwinding fun. Every holiday is worth the repeat.

5. Hold a view of the beautiful Northern lights in Iceland

The aurora borealis are scenic, sightly and probably the most amazing wonder you eyes will ever hold. If you are yet to understand what all the northern light fuss is all about, and why its part of the seven wonders of the world, then you should head to Iceland between April and September next year to find out.

But while you’re waiting for it, you should soak in other wonders Iceland has to offer. Glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, rocks, pure serene landscapes, and, of course, the ice sceneries that drew the set of Game of Thrones are amongst the offerings of nature that will see you have a time of your life.

6. The Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu, Peru

If you want to know what true history feels like, then you should book a trip to Peru in 2018. The Machu Picchu and its iconic landscapes and surroundings carries the aura of ancient history with it into any century.

You would be forgiven if you temporarily lose vocal ability when your eyes meet the ruins of the Inca city. The share magnitude of majesty and historic charm takes the mind through the portals of history and creates an emphatic connection to the Inca way of life.

As if the the landscapes, running rivers and the scenic sacred valley were not enough beauties, the Machu Picchu is framed by the magnificent mountain, the Huayna Picchu, which you can climb if you feel fit enough.

7. Bermuda

The tiny isle of Bermuda, rich with friendly locals, fine pink beaches, fresh fish, and food, has been identified as the perfect holiday getaway. The mid-Atlantic, 24-mile Paradise sports pristine golfing greens, attractive harbors, numerous spas offering hot stone massages, and of course, boutique holiday villas and hotels.

The historic buildings that grace the streets of St. Goerge will make you feel like you’re inside of a historic movie. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a must-visit part of the island.

8. Singapore

One of the most beautiful destinations in the world, Singapore has unfairly lived in the shadows of neighboring Tokyo and Hong Kong in the past, but it is finally getting the love it deserves. Come 2018, travel enthusiasts will be looking to chillax at the chic region.

Singapore has a potpourri of cultures that make it over-the-top exciting. With a number of festivals hitting the streets across the year, you’ll get the opportunity to mingle with jovial locals and soak in the wonders of tradition.

Other attractions that should take you to Singapore in 2018 include the architectural splendor of the city symbolized by sites like the Marina Bay Sands; the savory opulence of the city’s culinary lifestyle; and the affair with art, music and entertainment.

9. Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

Lanzarote offers a feast to the eyes and feeds one’s inner love for nature. Though the scenery is subtly bedecked with natural opulence and artistry, when uncovered, Lanzarote can be viewed as a giant, complex work of art.

There’s something rewarding about unwrapping the unusual aesthetic of Lanzarote even though its natural, abstract grandeur and twisted landscapes may not resemble an ideal holiday arena.

This island deserves to make it to the bucket list of any nature enthusiast. The activity of embarking on an adventure of unlocking the hidden beauties of a land rich with splendor can only yield spades of fun-filled discovery.

10. Jeju, South Korea

Jeju is an undeservedly obscure holiday destination. Although popular in its surrounding regions, most travelers are yet to find out about the natural wonder that is this island. Jejudo, as it is called, is the most popular holiday destination in South Korea and one of the busiest airline routes in the world.

The island is home to a dormant volcanic peak (the highest mountain in South Korea) and amazing lava tubes which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The island sports beautiful white beaches, waterfalls, theme parks and other natural wonders.


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