Things To Know About Your Visit To Cebu

Visiting the beautiful area of Cebu is something that many people consider doing. Located in the Philippines, this is one of the well-known cities. Having some things to keep in mind during your visit is always a good thing. With so much happening around the city on a daily basis, it is always good to come to the city prepared for anything to happen. Learn more about this colorful, fun city and find out what to expect when visiting many of their destinations.

It is known as the “Queen of the South” and it is one of six cities that are all located on an island, making it a beautiful place to visit. It is the most dynamic part of the Philippines, which is why so many people visit it, and you never know what you might find every time you make a visit to the island.

Hospitality is Wonderful

One of the biggest things that visitors say about this area is that they are friendly. This is true. Staying in any of the hotels in the area, visiting many of the places to eat, shop, and visit are all going to invite you in with smiling faces and warm feelings. This is great for the most part, especially if you’re nervous about visiting the area.

It is Affordable

Cebu is an affordable place. You can get a taxi for an affordable price, pay a hotel to stay there for an affordable price, and even eat out every day that you are there for an affordable price. This is good news when you are traveling and want to stay on a budget, but also want to go somewhere that isn’t going to be iffy on what is inside. Clean, affordable, and friendly is what you will find within each hotel.

The Beaches are Beautiful

If nothing, the beaches throughout Cebu island are beautiful. They have the most beautiful waterfalls, beach sides, and more. You will really feel like you are in an oasis with how great these areas truly are. Some of the hotels are right by the beach, offering you a way to look out your window down to the water and even walk out the back door to visit the beach itself.

There are Many Adrenaline Racing Things to Do

If you love doing things that get your heart racing and make you defy the odds, or if you want to do something a bit more exciting than sitting on the edge of the beach, you have come to the right place. They offer many different activities for the adrenaline rush you desire. From bungee jumping to cliff diving and everything in between. Just ask one of the tour guides to point you to the right direction, and you will be off on quite the adventure.

It Can Be Quite Packed

Depending on the day that you are traveling, the roads of Cebu can become quite packed. A lot of people do not prepare for this. Going from one place to the next can be something that is tough to do. Not only that, but getting to some place that would only take 20 minutes might take you two hours. It all depends on the traffic of the area.

Irregular Internet Connection

It might be hard to connect to the internet because it doesn’t give a strong signal particularly to specific areas. The same goes for your phone. This is something you can either live with, or just ignore and enjoy your time there. This is one way to disconnect from the world you came from and immerse yourself into the world you are coming to. With many beautiful scenes and cultures to take in, this might be the perfect place to lose service in.

Consider Healthcare and Accident Plans

The healthcare in this area is not as high-end as one might like. They have it, but it might not provide the help that is needed in case something goes wrong. If you need regular medication, such as Klonopin, then you may not be able to get the prescription filled here. It is better to have it filled, bring it with you, and then worry about getting what you need when you come back to the states. This is the same for any other medications that you may need during your trip.

City Life is Party Life

When the sun goes down, don’t be surprised to see many people start coming out. Those who are in school find themselves going out with friends, the music is turned up, the drinks start flowing, and people start laughing. Cebu turns into a party town after a certain point at night. This is also something to think about if you are looking for a place to stay. The city may have bars and nightclubs with hotels above them, consider what that might sound like when you’re trying to sleep.

They Do Speak English Well

You don’t have to worry about being the odd one out, because most of the towns and cities throughout the area, including Cebu speak English. Their English is actually perfect and it ensures that you can communicate when you need to, and don’t have to worry about asking for directions or the wrong type of food while you are out and about. Many of the students have to learn English as a second language in school, making this a language that is pretty standard throughout many of the areas.


Whether you are visiting Cebu regularly, thinking about moving there, or just considering a trip away from home, it is always a good thing to consider what to expect. By having this information, you’re easily able to know more about the area and all that comes with it. Cebu is beautiful and they welcome one and all to become a part of what they have to offer. Whether you want sandy beaches, plenty to do, or just a change of scenery, Cebu can provide that and much more for you.

Disclaimer: This is a Guest blog post by Patrick Bailey, an English degree holder from Central Michigan University with background in journalism.

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