The BlackShot: Revolution fires with new warfare heights!

A few days ago, BlackShot: Revolution was first released to Southeast Asian gamers last July 25th. Just a day after, BlackShot: Revolution Global was also launched, 26th of July! Anyways, to furthermore enjoy the ultimate arsenal selection and competitive battle of mercenaries, here’s the newest press release for the game.

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Lock and Load! BlackShot embodies its newest modernization and rebalancing. A new experience for a tactical Mercenary warfare lives! From as BlackShot, a free-to-play, first player-shooter PC games comes for a massive combat of mercenaries called BlackShot: Revolution! The biggest revolutionary change you’ve been wanting. From its first flight as BlackShot equipped with perfect features comes now to modernize and rebalance features such as newly game currencies, impressive combat modes, cut-above graphic updates, added maps and customization!

With almost 10,000 players, more and more players are drawn with its impressive features and tons of elite arsenals to collect. Be the best mercenaries and team-up with friends for an ultimate Team Deathmatch! Gear up your mercenaries with top of the line costumes and perfected equipment for massive combat! Domination of game modes will be put to test. Can you still keep up until the very end?

What to expect in BlackShot: Revolution
  • No more pay to win, just PLAY WIN! Experience a combat gameplay where only your skill matters
  • Mercenary Warfare redefined
  • Newly In-game currencies, BP and BC items will be converted to Gold and Gems
  • Fully autonomous Spectrum Training, added leveling system and level up rewards makes it easier to tell where you stand and compare other mercs
  • Be a part of the Hall of Fame! Your Weapon Masteries will be recorded and logged in the latest Hall of Fame feature!

Don’t just let it sweep away. Form an elite team of mercenaries for an intensive and massive combat you’ve been looking for! Visit the following social networking sites to find out:

BlackShot: Revolution SEA:

Official BlackShot Facebook Page:

Official BlackShot Twitter Page:

Official BlackShot YT Page:

About BlackShot: Revolution:

Originally released on 2008 by Vertigo Games, BlackShot is a Multiplayer First-Person Shooting combat game featuring an intense competitive multiplayer shooter action set in a dystopian future, where corporations and governments employ cloned mercenaries to battle one another for revolution.

Game Features
  • Customizable Mercenaries
  • World Class Arsenal
  • Various Game Modes/Combat
  • Team Deathmatch
  • New and Improved Maps
  • Competitive Rank Play
  • Additional How-to Guide for newcomers and veterans who aim to polish their skills and excel
  • And a whole lot more!
About Vertigo Games:

Vertigo Games is a game developer and publisher established in 2006 and based in Seoul, Korea. It aims to bring such pleasant feeling of dizziness to gaming experience.


[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Vertigo Games International and its partnership with PR-related and images resourced by GamesPress.]

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