Low-Cost Energy: What to Consider Before Investing in Solar Power Generator

We’re living in the world where energy is one of the essential things to have. Through energy, we can do all work with ease. The energy that comes from burning of coals, oils, and also from the wind, sun, and water which are the renewable sources of energy. Indeed, the installations of these renewable energy sources are rising since the past few years.

In fact, there are large productions of renewable energy around the world that can help us regarding energy crisis.  But the most popular source of renewable energy is the solar energy that comes from the sun. Solar power that the sun provides is infinite. It will never run out, unlike the energy we get from burning of coals.

That’s in fact, some places in the world are promoting solar power energy in their homes. It is true that solar energy has many benefits that you can get, but there are things to consider first before installing one for your homes. Here are some of them.

Assessment of Availability

Before you think of installing a solar panel, determine first whether it is possible to apply in your homes. Some places are covered mostly in shades, rather than acquiring the heat of the sun. If your location takes a less amount of sunlight, installing solar panel is probably not suitable for you. Also, assess your roof if it can still handle the solar panels for some number of years.

When your roof’s condition is not good enough, maybe you should replace it first before installing solar panels. Moreover, consider cutting trees that will possibly cover your roof in the years to come.

In essence, installing a solar panel will be useless if the location and availability will not match. Thus, performing assessment will be the key to your successful investment.

Know your Energy Consumption

The thing you have to understand also is your level of energy consumption. Determining your household energy consumption will give you an idea of how much power you will need. Also, knowing your energy needs will provide you more recommendations from the contractors that suit for your system’s size and type.

One good way to determine your energy consumption is through reviewing your energy bills. Consider reviewing every bill from every month from the past year. Further, you can look at the specifications of your appliances that you use all day.

Briefly, knowing your energy consumption is vital before installing solar power generator in your homes to avoid shortage and surplus in production of energy.

Rating of Its Efficiency

After determining your energy usage, considering the efficiency of the solar panel is somewhat crucial. The efficiency of solar panel is a measure of how efficiently it converts power from the sun.

The more power you will be using, the more efficient is the solar board you need to have. Having the right solar panel with the proper efficiency will produce enough energy for your consumption and can cost lower amount during installation.

Affordable and Reasonable

Price is another factor to consider before installing solar panels for your household. The price of solar panels differs on various factors. Some of these factors are the wattage it can produce, the physical size, and also the brand.

But bear in mind that price is not the most important factor to consider. You should be aiming for the balance of the cost and performance of solar panels for your homes. Don’t settle for cheap solar panels because it may affect the quality and safety of the product.

Think of Its Durability and Warranty

You are investing in an essential part of your home, that is why you have to consider the durability. The durability and also the warranty of solar panel are much crucial for some number of reasons. It also serves as the confidence of the manufacturers in its products.

Some reputable manufacturers will have 20 to 25 years of performance and warranty in its solar panels. But, remember that the warranty will only be valid as long as the manufacturer operates.

Hence, investing in known brands may assure you of their warranty and durability, rather than in cheap brands that may only last for a year.

The Materials of Solar Panels

There are three common types of solar cells that you can choose to install. These solar cells vary depending on the installation and what suits the best for you. Read on to learn the types of solar cells that may help you decide regarding what to choose for your homes.

  • Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells. These solar cells are often called single-crystalline silicon, emphasizing high-grade material. These solar cells come from silicon bars, carved in a cylindrical shape.

Moreover, these panels have the highest rate of efficiency and are space-efficient. Though, mono-crystalline solar cells are the most expensive type of solar panel.

  • Poly-crystalline Silicon Solar Cells. These solar cells came first in the market during the 1980’s, which are the multi-crystalline silicon and poly silicon. A poly-crystalline cell is consists of melted raw silicon, which is cooled and carved into squares.

These solar panels used to have a quite lower heat tolerance compared to mono crystalline solar boards. However, poly crystalline cells are not as efficient as of other solar panels because of its low silicon purity.

  • String Ribbon Solar Cells. These solar cells are also from polycrystalline silicon materials. As well, it consists of temperature-resistant wires created through molten silicon.

The production of these solar cells is half the amount of the manufacturing of mono crystalline cells, which means that it costs lower than other solar panels. Whereas, string ribbon solar cells have the lowest space-saving feature among crystalline-based cells.


In the world we are living nowadays, energy is crucial in everyday situations. Without the power supply, work and daily life can be challenging to handle. But, who knows when will the amount of coal and oil still be enough to provide our energy needs?

One way of having a renewable source of energy is to invest in solar power generation which is possible by installing solar panels in your homes. You can visit online sites like Gstore  for more information about solar energy.

And to put it briefly, before installing solar panels, you must consider first the availability of your location of acquiring enough light, the durability, and warranty of solar panels, its price, and the materials it is made of to have a convenient and satisfying investment.


Disclaimer: This is as Guest blog post by Kobe Parker

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