How to Be ‘Less-Bored’ During Your Stay at Home

There are a handful of interesting ways to spend your time at home while waiting for the world to get better. Here are some of them.

Staying at home, under normal circumstances, is one of the best feelings in the world. You feel safe, warm, and comfortable in your personal abode. However, staying at home due to a pandemic can be dreadful and boring since no one gets to go out and enjoy the outdoors or their favorite go-to places.

Thankfully, there are plenty of activities that are totally safe to do at home. By turning to these, you battle the novel coronavirus–and your boredom.

Spring Clean and Disinfect Your Home

Being quarantined is the perfect, and perhaps the most sensible, time to do some spring cleaning and disinfecting in all parts of your house. Keeping your home tidy and disinfected will lower the risk of you and your family contracting the novel coronavirus.

Cleaning your home may also lead you to discover things that need to be disposed of, donated, or kept.


If you have a new home, it’s still clean and you still have space for everything. After a while, however, things pile up. Decluttering your home can be stressful at first, but the results are rewarding and somehow therapeutic. Tidying up and organizing your home is an effective way to clear up any mess, and to dispose of broken, expired, and unusable items. Having a cleared-up house is satisfying to look at, and can help reduce the stress and panic of merely staying at home.

Learn a New Hobby

Being indoors allows you to learn a new hobby. With the endless array of online classes that offer lessons on pretty much everything, you can conveniently learn painting, cooking, handicrafts, baking, and fixing things in the comforts of your own home.

Learning a new hobby also helps in keeping you productive and happy even if you are self-quarantined. Plus, you can use these newfound skills even after the pandemic is over.

Finish What You’ve Previously Started

You can also use this self-quarantined opportunity to pick up on old hobbies, such as an unfinished artwork, a book you have yet to finish, or a language you have always wanted to master.

Being in a home you have lived in for a while or one you have newly rented allows you to revisit certain activities you’ve left unfinished. Take this chance to gradually finish them before moving onto a new hobby. Take your time; you have a lot of it while the world is healing. Instead of compromising your safety by going outside, spend your time indoors and improve your skills.

Play Games with Your Family or with Your Roommate

Nothing beats the fun of playing with your family and friends. You can play your favorite board games, learn to play new ones from the Internet, or maybe even create your own game with your own set of rules.

Staycationing at home during these times doesn’t always mean doing things by yourself. It is also about enjoying these moments with your loved ones while preventing the spread of the disease together.

The primary objective of self-quarantine initiatives is to keep everyone safe from getting infected with the virus, as well as curbing the spread of the infection. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the forms of amusement and learning you can get within the comforts of your safe space.

Disclaimer: This is a guest blog post from Lamudi Phils.

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