Here are Some of the Fun Activities You Can Do in Cebu

Ask every Filipino to name the best cities in the country and surely, everyone would mention the Queen City of the South, Cebu. Other than astounding falls and beaches in the North and South, Cebu also features a commercially-developed city. It offers the best of both worlds. This is probably one of the reasons many people aspire to own a dreamy house in Cebu for their retirement.  Even better because the cost of living there is cheaper compared to Manila.

Are you planning a trip to Cebu City? You should know the best time to go in terms of festivals, food, climate, as well as the activities to enjoy. Best if your itinerary would allow you to go to the North, South, and explore Cebu City even for a short while. You just need to do enough research and consultations with friends who have been there. But don’t stress so much – the place is beautiful, people are friendly and accommodating, and the food is great, so you’d surely have a great time.

Abstract: Go and share these activities with your family and friends and finalize your itinerary together. The island offers something for everyone!

Here are 8 suggested activities you can enjoy in your trip to Cebu:

Rock Climbing

With its geological formations like limestone, Cebu is definitely a great rock-climbing playground. The best place to try this new activity is in Cantabaco in Toledo City. Go up North some more and you’ll get Biga Pit, which features tall limestone cliffs that just wait to be climbed up. The locals are ready to guide you.

Sky Walking and Other thrilling activities

Are you into challenging your fear heights? Crown Regency Hotel and Towers in the center of Cebu City offers sky walking for the daredevil in you. Take the Sky Walk platform and go around the building 126 meters above the ground to the Edge Coaster! You can even incline the 2-seater platform by 55 degrees, 130 meters above the ground if that’s how intense you are!

Cave Exploration or Potholing

Again, another activity to enjoy brought by Cebu’s geologic formations. Limestone has been creating large caves through the centuries, it is soluble to water and digs in it like a hot knife in butter. Among the caves you can explore are Balay Sa Agta in Argao, Guadalupe, and Lagtang in Talisay.

Sky Diving

This one is an experience you surely would never forget. Skydive Cebu is run by Brad Vancina, a certified USPA Tandem, AFF instructor, a Safety and Training Advisor. It lets you jump from a plane with a friend above the turquoise waters that surround Bantayan Island. Sounds scary, but those who have tried it go for a second dive. In fact, some would enroll in courses that teach solo skydiving.

Scuba Diving

This is another frequent activity by travelers. For this, you can try Oslob, Moalboal, Bantayan, and Malapascua. Another great option is Mactan Island where you’ll find a good choice of PADI dive centers that will take you to famed dive sites such as Shangri-La Marine Sanctuary, Marine Station Sanctuary, Airplane Wreck, Tambuli Reef and a lot more.

Dolphin & whale watching

Oslob is the prime destination to go whale shark watching. On the other hand, Moalboal on the southeast coast of Cebu Island is famous for dolphin watching day trips. Because this activity is controversial to some, strict rules are now being implemented by tour companies to regulate the visitor’s interaction with the animals.


This activity is a mix of climbing, walking, swimming, and scrambling, all rolled into one. Most travelers come to Kawasan Falls in Badian and Alegria for this. According to some professional tour guides, the best areas to enjoy this activity are around Tison, Moalboal, and Montaneza Falls.


Want to go wakeboarding? Head to Papa Kit’s Marina Resort on Silot Bay – a large lagoon at the northern tip of Metro Cebu. This place also accommodates a bunch of exciting activities such as fishing, horse riding, canoeing, and many more. You can try all these even if you do not stay in the resort. If this list isn’t enough to make you more excited about your upcoming trip to Cebu, then there’s something wrong with you!

Go and share the activities you’ve read about with your family and friends and finalize your itinerary together. The island offers something for everyone! The trip could even make you want to retire already and settle in Cebu City. After all, who’s not up for the best of worlds, eh?

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