Enchanting Underwater Paradise of Pescador Island

If you have watched Finding Nemo and Finding Dory from Pixar Animation Studios, you’ll realize the setting comes alive when you are in Pescador Island. You are brought to a new dimension as you immerse in the waters of the island.

The jewels in bright colors of the underwater world are right in your sighting! You will gasp in amazement as life in such kaleidoscopic scale is presented to you in the cool waters of Pescador.

Things to Prepare before the Trip

For hassle-free travel to Moalboal, we sought Cebu tour package deal from Travel Cebu. Travel Cebu arranges for the transportation as well as the booking of private boat for the island hopping.

It is best to bring essentials for the island tour in Pescador. First, be protected from the painful heat of the sun. Apply sunscreen and wear attire that covers your body: rash guard and leggings. Second, get the ultimate underwater experience by having snorkel and underwater camera, such as GoPro.

Also, in Pescador Island, you are to feed fishes, so bring bread crumbs as feeds.

Further, while on the boat, the sun may dehydrate you. Thus, it is advised you bring water and snacks.

Going There and Eating Breakfast

From Cebu City, the travel to Pescador Island in Moalboal takes three hours. It is better you leave early, around 5:00 a.m., to avoid unnecessary traffic.

At about 8 a.m., you will have arrived in Moalboal. Travel Cebu stops in a location where the mini food stalls or “carinderias” are. These stalls serve cheap Filipino breakfast. Eggs and corned beefs are typically served in there. In addition, you can also sip 3-in-1 coffee to perk you up for the day’s activity.

Island Hopping in Pescador

Before we sailed on the boat for sea venture, we went to the center for an orientation. Also, an environmental fee of P100 (which was part of the package) was paid there.

After the orientation on what to expect in the island hopping as well as things to avoid doing while having the activity, we rode a boat. The boat drivers took us to three stops.

In the first stop, we got to see various corals, sea plants, fishes and other sea creatures. This is where you will find the species of Nemo and Dory. Try spreading the crumbs, and experience schools of fish swarm at you. And, be ready with your underwater cam – this scene is great photo opportunity!

The next stop is where you can see the sea turtles. Also, you can observe underwater cliffs. This area is where most divers are sighted.

The final stop is where the popular sardine run is encountered. Sardines are really tiny fishes but when they clump together massively, their swift movements would leave you in awe. They swirl, forming huge patterns.

Having Lunch with Tropical Sea Background

After three hours of submerging in the waters of Pescador Island, you will be left hungry. It is time to eat lunch in the eatery just where the boat docks in the land. You can order fish sinigang (stew or soup), dried fish, grilled fish…and those dishes are complemented by spicy, fish sauce.

Eating by hand is the best way to enjoy this meal. With the sea breeze, your Filipino gastronomic appetite surges which makes you want to eat more! Moreover, the eatery offers coconut juice fresh from their own backyard.

End Thoughts…

Snorkeling in Pescador Island is a fun and educational activity for family and friends. You would lose track of time when you are in the waters. And, you are brought to another world. It also is a real stress-relieving adventure!


Disclaimer: This is a guest blog post by Sir Hans of Travel Cebu.

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