Cebu Delicacies You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

What comes to mind when you hear ‘Cebu’? A good chunk of the population probably would think about the beautiful, white sand beaches in North Cebu, and whale shark in the south. Truly, Cebu is a paradise for beach and nature lovers not so much into the loud, nightlife of Boracay, Palawan, and Davao. But what about the rest? These people would have to be thinking about the Cebu delicacies anybody visiting the city shouldn’t miss out on.

Abstract: Other than the wonderful beaches, Cebu is a dream destination for foodies. It’s no wonder that many are buying properties and choosing to retire in this city.

Cebu has always been among the cities in the country with the best food. For one, it’s been the go-to place for everyone’s favorite Lechon. Good thing, there are many restaurants now in Manila delivering this party must-have to people who couldn’t visit Cebu yet. Other than Lechon though, the city offers a whole lot more when it comes to food. Here’s a list of ten Cebu delicacies you should try:


Let’s start with one of Cebu’s original recipes. Rosquillos was named by late President Sergio Osmena Sr. in 1907 after the circular-shaped cookie with a hole at the center was served to him by Margarita “Titay” Frasco. Rosquillos means ringlet in Spanish.


Cheesy name you might say, but Puso isn’t red in color nor heart-shaped. It refers to another original Cebu recipe – boiled rice wrapped in coco leaves. Some people call it ‘hanging rice,’ as it is strung together. Made for seafarers who need to prevent their cooked rice from spoiling during trips, it is commonly sliced in half when served for easy eating. The presentation also facilitates moisture and protects the rice from insects.


Masa means dough, while real means fine. This delicacy comes in a rectangular bar form made of ground peanuts and sugar, combined together in white paper and secured with a plastic string. Over a century after it was introduced by Juliana “Didang” Suico, Mazareal is now a favorite pasalubong of sweet lovers and Filipinos living abroad.


Many people surely haven’t tried Torta yet. This cupcake-like pastry can be found in many, if not all, bakeries in Cebu, yet the ones in Argao are the best. This is made by pouring flour into a tuba (fermented coconut wine) and mixing it with salt or anise before being cooked on a clay furnace.

Budbud Kabog

Budbud Kabog is another original Cebu rice recipe. It is even celebrated yearly during the town fiesta every 10th of February. Discovered in Catmon, this delicacy wrapped in banana leaves comes with a distinct texture brought about by adding sugar and coconut milk. Here’s a trivia: according to residents of Catmon, Budbud Kabog was first sold to cockfight aficionados in a toll booth. Also, since production is dependent on the availability of ingredients, it is only sold on certain days of the year.

Pintos (from Bogo)

Bogo, a center of trading in the northern end of Cebu, introduced Pintos as rice cake made by mixing and steaming ground corn, milk, and margarine wrapped with corn husk. Sellers today make it more special by adding cheese or strips of coconut. Also, best enjoyed with hot chocolate! The major town center of Bogo celebrates an annual Pintos festival in May.


Cebu is so original, they have their own coconut crunchies! In terms of form, Salvaro is thin, oval-shaped, crispy, and creamy despite not having any ingredient to render richness. And because it is made of coconut, you can take delight in munching some, knowing it is healthy and nutritious.


Bocarillo is an original of Carcar, Cebu – a delicacy made of coconut strips made sweet with some milk, sugar, and eggs. Kids love this, as it is molded into flower-like shapes and produced in different colors. Perfect for special events, right? Vendors sell it on buses or in the streets where private cars pass by.

Feeling ready to fly to the Queen City of the South yet? Other than the wonderful and serene beaches, Cebu indeed is a dream destination for foodies. Many of the biggest companies have also stationed their offices to the city – allowing Cebu to have the perfect balance between getaway and advancement. No wonder many people are buying properties and choosing to retire in this city. It offers the best of both worlds, indeed.

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