Beat Insomnia: Best Tips and Strategies That Can Help You Get a Good Night Sleep

A normal adult needs an average of seven to nine hours of sleep every day. However, there are lots of factors that hinder us from getting our good night rest. Sleeping disorders prevent us from getting a productive day. This disorder is a widely-recognized issue across the globe.

Some people can’t rest soundly enough to the point that they do not function well during the day. Most of them spend their nights in hurling and turning, to the point that they would feel hopeless.

Where there are diseases, there are also cures. And insomnia is no exception. Before giving up and run forward to medical institutions for expensive sleep therapies, try some of the alternatives below first.

Insomnia In a Simplest Definition

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder and difficulty of falling asleep, even when the person is already tired and wants to fall asleep.

Individuals who suffer from insomnia always feel discontented and unhappy with their sleep and experience prevalent symptoms such as fatigue, low energy,  mood disturbances, difficulty concentrating,  and decreased performance at some activities on work and school.

Try to Create a Stressless Environment

Your room should always be a place that you can sleep and rest peacefully. Lighting, noise, and temperature should be controlled so that you will experience a bedroom environment that helps you fall asleep peacefully.

If you are a pet lover,  consider moving it from your room if it often disturbs you during the night.

Consider Using some Scents

Lavender is also a great help for you to fall asleep because of its mild tranquilizer. You just need to use a dollop of oil on your forehead before you go to sleep. Its aroma will help your body relax to help you fall asleep quickly.

Another thing is to put a small amount of essential oil on your wrist before you go to bed. Researchers just recently discovered that people who use scented rooms sleep more peacefully and quietly.

You can also try aromatic bath before going to bed. It will help you to feel comfortable because of its soothing scent.

Plan Ahead of Time

If you always tend to lie in your bed thinking about the things that you have to do for tomorrow, try to set aside the time before bedtime just to make your plans for the upcoming days. The aim of this tricks is to avoid doing some things that hinder you from falling asleep.

Snacks Before Going to Bed

You can eat a slice of banana before going to bed because it’s rich in an amino acid called tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin. It is a chemical that goes directly to your brain to help you to fall asleep.

Eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates boost the production of tryptophan that enters to your brain.

It takes three to four hours to digest a meal. Sugary or spicy food is also a bad idea because spicy food can affect the circulation of your stomach while too much sugar in your body will also hinder you in sleeping because it causes a reaction in the body that prompts the nervous system’s “fight or flight”  which causes wakefulness.

Try to Get Up if You Can’t Fall Asleep

If you can’t fall asleep, don’t just lie there in your bed worrying about it. Try to get up and do some things that help you to relax until such time that you feel sleepy, then slowly go back to your bed.

If this is continuous and already affecting your daily life, don’t hesitate to make an appointment from the experts.

More Don’ts For Better Sleep

Always avoid alcoholic drinks during evenings. Instead, drink more water at night as it helps you to fall asleep and helps normalize blood circulation.

Smoking before your bedtime is also one of the causes of your insomnia as nicotine stimulates your central nervous system and interferes your ability to fall asleep.

Insomnia affects our health in numerous ways possible. Always remember that people with the sleeping disorder are prone to have a serious illness such as heart disease, fails to meet work deadlines and accomplish fewer job assignments. They are prone to depression due to lack of sleep.

Cognitive Therapy

This therapy helps those people who have insomnia and beliefs that can cause insomnia. Cognitive therapy can also give you proper information about age-related sleep changes, sleep norms, and it helps you to set your sleep goals.

Follow a Schedule

One way to set your body clock is to take a regular walk. You don’t have to traipse as far as you can, just walk outdoors to refresh your eyes. The presence of light dictates your body to wake up. In this routine, you are trying to help your body to set a body clock.

Try not to sleep during the day, regardless of how tired you feel. Try not to sleep during daytime, if you do so, there might be a possibility that an afternoon nap will disrupt your body clock.

Good mattresses are worthy investments too as they help enhance your sleeping cycle. You can always look for a unique mattress that can help you sleep better in sites like Beds Online.

Limit your Naps

If you think that napping is one of the proper ways to catch up all your missed sleep, trust me it will not help you improve your sleeping disorder. The most important thing to consider is to maintain and establish a sleep pattern and train yourself to associate sleep with a consistent bedtime pattern.

Napping can also affect the quality of your nighttime sleep. So better avoid napping during the day to avoid any problems during the night.


If you are one of those people who have big trouble in falling asleep or struggling with insomnia, or you always wake up during the night, that’s a pervasive problem. Just stick to the following tips above. If all else fails, it could be the best time to consult a therapist or specialist to aid your problem.


Disclaimer: This is a Guest blog post by Kobe Parker.

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