Angel Stone Road to 350,000 Facebook Likes

Get a chance to win over 1000 USD worth of prizes!

Angel Stone, one of the greatest hack-and-slash mobile MMORPG by Fincon, announced on its Facebook page that they will be giving away 150,000 Carats (over 1000 USD worth) to all players who will join the Road to 350K Likes Facebook Milestone Event.

Joining the Road to 350K Likes is easy. First, players must invite their friends to like the official Angel Stone Facebook page. Then, players must leave a comment in the event’s Facebook post

 to confirm their entry. When the Angel Stone Facebook page reaches 350,000 likes, all players who followed the event mechanics correctly will receive 150,000 Carats which they can use in the game to buy boosts, items, and more.

Angel Stone’s official Facebook page also published precautionary health tips to help prevent the spread of COVID-19Angel Stone advised its players to wash their hands with soap and water, cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, and avoid large crowds. Additionally, all players who will log in to the game from March 12 to 15 will receive 500 Carats for free and 1,000 Carats more if they share the infographic on their Facebook profile.

About Angel Stone

Angel Stone is a mobile action RPG developed by Fincon in 2015. Players can choose among three playable classes (Berserker, Gunslinger, Shadow Mage) to battle with the Angels against the Demons for the fate of the post-apocalyptic world. Angel Stone is an international cross-platform game, where players can join co-op raids and PVP live with friends on iOS, Android, or PC via the Facebook canvas.

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