A Solo Flight: The Advantages of Being a Solopreneur

Probably you have already heard the term “solopreneur” being delivered around in the past years. A solopreneur is an arising term which means “entrepreneur who works alone and operates their business solely.”

What initiates the solopreneur separate from the entrepreneur is that while the entrepreneur can be responsible for the everyday operations of their company, they have workers, unlike the solopreneur, who do not have. But other than that, there are many benefits of being a solopreneur, and below are some of them.

Hassle-free Business Set-up

Setting up a business with your acquaintances or any other person can be a stressful task. You have to discuss different issues before deciding what move to do. But this is not the case when you solely operate the business. There is no need to step up and down, all for the sake of registering your business with the needed legal authorities.

However, you are obliged to inform the local government regarding your plans as well as acquire a license that will allow you to perform daily transactions legally.  Big businesses often require the help of a lawyer to get going.

Flexibility of Time

Solopreneurs are allowed to choose how and when they want to program their time to be productive. For some, this is probably the most desirable reason towards working as a solopreneur. You can wake up at whenever you want, and start working any time you like.

However, it also means that your schedule doesn’t have to rotate around your work unlike with a regular job. You are beholding to no none, other than your customers, and that can be balanced by aligning their anticipations with your preferred schedule of work.

High Grow of Demand

Freelance works continue to increase, and probably in the next few years, it will grow even more. Many businesspeople say they will be developing the use of freelance workers, and these personalities will be replacing the employees that will be laid off.

Also, there are more opportunities available through various social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Some users show the term “solopreneur” in their profiles. Freelancers are gathering together and are rising, and even the solopreneurs are not alone anymore.

You’re The Boss

There are possibilities you are going to handle yourself better than your past supervisors. One wonderful feeling to experience is to be the boss of your business. You will be establishing values, goals, standard, and the growth of your company. This scenario may seem challenging at some times, but these challenges will drive your business to the higher level.

When you decide to be a Solopreneur, you may suddenly pay attention to each detail, finally making your business’ experiences more fulfilling and meaningful.

No Salary Limitations

Big businesses make a lot of profit if compared to sole ownership. But, the different shareholders of the company will receive the vast amounts of profit produced by companies. It  gives each member with a minimal amount to take home.

A solopreneur holds the entire profit their business and will make within a specific financial period. A large number of entrepreneurs who own firms and industries on their own do not like the concept of employing large numbers of people in their venture. Thus, it makes them acquire fewer expenses while maximizing the profits they generate at the same time.

In addition to profit recognition, these people can also hold their assets that they were using in the regular operations within the company. The profit grasped by the business can be utilized to open other business investments or any other plan according to the solopreneur.

Maximum Security

Commonly, most people commit to full-time jobs because of the security of a paycheck. But, that security is not needed any longer. An employee can now last for about five years in the same industry, and when a company is in trouble, the first thing to cut is the job.

While solopreneurs often work for some clients meaning if one project is over, they won’t lose all of the assets at once. Hence, it’s easy for them to choose up another client to replace that lost one.


Solopreneurship is indeed a fast-growing flow in today’s digital labor force. While working for yourself may seem like the perfect job at first, but being a solopreneur has its challenges as well.

If you are looking to start a new venture and decide to become a solopreneur, then those benefits above will be something to consider. Further, you can ask assistance from companies like Rose & Jones and other financial institutions to better build your decisions while running your business.


Disclaimer: This is a Guest blog post by Kobe Parker.

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