7 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Health and Sleep

Many people avoid the effects that may occur with their old mattress. While it is true that mattress actually cause health and sleep problems. Several studies also have shown that individuals who sleep on a new mattress felt that their stress levels lowered compared with the old mattress. If you are using your mattress for more than eight years now, I think it is time to replace a new one. Look for a new mattress that can help you get better and quality sleep.

Also, it is important to change your old mattress because it is prone to millions of tiny dust mites, thus, it can cause dust allergies. I believe, there were twenty million Americans are suffering from dust allergies. That is why it is important to buy a mattress like Ortho Mattress that can help you get rid of several health problems occurred by the old mattress.

Apart from using the mattress for more than eight years, there are various other factors that you should consider before buying a new mattress.  You should know that warranty only covers if there are any defects, but it does not give any guarantee for comfort.  So make sure to replace your old mattress before the warranty expires.

In this regard, kindly check down below the surprising ways that your mattress can affect your sleep and health.

1. Suffering from Back Pain.

The moment you are getting up with body pains then maybe you should remember it is the right time to replace your mattress. The new mattress such as Ortho mattress can help you get rid of your back pain.

2. Are you suffering from Neck Aches?

If you are having a neck pain, then don’t ignore it, it is also one of the signs of using the old mattress. If this symptom exist, beware because you’ll have to suffer from various other health problems, so make sure to change your old mattress.

3.  Replace Mattress As per Transformation of Your Body.

You should also consider changing the mattress according to the changes in your body. Every year your body changes and you should change the mattress accordingly.   The changes in the body also directly connected to the robustness of the mattress. Gaining or losing of your body weight is connected to your mattress.

For women, during their pregnancy, there will be a lot of weight on the mattress.  Your body tells you exactly when it needs a new mattress.

4.  Experiencing Inflexibility in Your Body.

In the morning, after you wake up, if you experience stiffness in your body, which means you are not getting enough support and unable to sleep properly on your mattress.

5.  Check the Comfort of Your Mattress.

It is important that having a good night sleep is very healthy and waking up fresh in the morning is a key indication that you are a healthy person. Having a comfortable mattress is very crucial and you should look for all these factors before buying a mattress.  The new comfortable mattress can help you reduce your stress levels as well.

6.  Get Mattress according to Your Lifestyle.

Sometimes you need to buy a mattress as per your lifestyle.  You may spend a lot of time on your mattress like working on a laptop, reading, and of course, you sleep a lot.  If you are one of those who spend a lot of time on the bed, then you should buy a mattress that is suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

7.  Check the Mattress Condition.

You can easily recognize if you need to change your mattress or not is when you are feeling something on the springs of your mattress, then if there’s unusual already now it is time to replace your mattress. Also, check if your mattress gets noise when you turn and toss that means you need to change your mattress immediately.

Disclaimer: This is a guest blogpost by Cindy Walker.

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