7 Perfect Historical Destination In Cebu

Cebu was the first Spanish settlement and the oldest city in country of Philippines. Cebu city brags to have some of the distinguishable historical destinations in the world. You can win yourself a ticket from the national rail trains and get a lifetime opportunity to visit one of these historical destinations;


Magellan’s Cross

It was planted by Ferdinand Magellan in April 21st, 1951. It’s here the where first Christian Filipinos, Queen Juana, Rajah Humabon and about four hundred followers got baptized by Fr. Pedro Valderama. Between 1525-1740, an open shrine for the cross was built by the Augustinian priests but natives started taking chips from it with faith that it had powers for miracles; a kiosk was built to protect it from destruction. A hallow cross of Tindalo wood was made to cover the original cross so as to protect it further, it still stands even today.


Fort San Pedro

It is the smallest and oldest tri bastioned fort in Philippines. It served as the centre of the Spanish settlement. Its walls stand at 20 feet high, 8 feet thick and the tower is 30 feet high with a total area of about 2025 sq. Meters. Its work was first started on May 8th 1565 with De Legazpi and Miguel Lopez breaking the ground. Commodore George Dewey turned it to local Cebuanos, after the Manila Bay battle. It was later turned into American Warwick Barracks during the regime of the Americans before being converted to classrooms where the Cebuanos received their formal education. Currently, it is under administration of PTA and it now houses National Museum.


Heritage of Cebu Monument

It is located in the original place of Parian. It showcases symbolic and significant events in history of Cebu from the time of Rajah Humabon to the current beautification of martyr of Cebuano, Pedro Calungsod. The sculpture of the table of the monument was done by the national artist Eduardo Castrillo. The construction began on July 1997 with its inauguration taking place on Dec 8th 2000. Magellan got inspired by his success in converting people to Christianity. He crossed over to Mactan in an effort to spread Christianity. Magellan got killed before reaching the shore by island chieftain Lapu-lapu, during the supremacy and freedom battle on April 27, 1521. Efforts to get the dead body of Magellan were useless despite the offer to trade spices and jewelries for the body.


Colon Street

Colon Street is one of the oldest streets in Philippines. It was named after Christopher Columbus. It was built by Spaniards during the time of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. An obelisk with details about it was built on its northern end.


Lapu-lapu Monument

It’s a site of battle that took place between Ferdinand Magellan and Mactan Island Chieftain Lapu-lapu in April 27th 1521. It shows a hero holding a pestle on one hand and a bolo on the other. These weapons are believed to have been used by Lapu-lapu during his war with Magellan. The monument stands to remind the bravery of the Filipino.


University of San Carlos

It’s the oldest school in the country established in 1565. It was once called Colegio de San lldefonso, established by the Jesuits.


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