Visiting The “Pagdaong Sa Talisay” Monuments of the U.S. 8th Army: Poblacion, Talisay City

On one note: When we thought of sumptuous roasted pig also popularly dubbed as “LECHON”, I am sure we can think of where is the best lechon in the country can be found? Meanwhile, since I am a Cebuana thus I would love to brag about that Cebu is known as the finest and the original lechon maker in the country.

But did you know that it was in Talisay where lechon is first originated? And one thing for sure we would always be delighted with its crispy red skin, lemon grass in the belly, the succulent meat.  A celebration would not be complete without the presence of it on the table.

On the other hand, are you also curious about how the name of Talisay is derived? Upon research it was named after the mantalisay tree. Amazing, right?

Nevertheless, if you are also a fond traveler I am sure it is common to look after for trips that could give us a complement – so here’s to check  this important landmark in Talisay. A remarkable scene called the Landing Memorial with the statue of 8th US General. The location can be reached at Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu. This heritage serves as the commemorative mark during the liberation forces of General MacArthur – U.S. soldiers during landings at Talisay Beach the 26th of March 1945 World War II.

The History

The Battle of the Visayas was fought by U.S. forces and Filipino guerrillas against the Japanese from 18 March – 30 July 1945, in a series of actions officially designated as Operations Victor I and II, and part of the campaign for the liberation of the Philippines during World War II.

On 26 March 1945, at 08:28 on Talisay Beach, four miles (6.5 km) west of Cebu City, the 182nd Infantry and 132nd Infantry landed on the west and east, respectively, after an hour-long naval bombardment. Japanese mines destroyed ten of the first fifteen landing tracked vehicles that moved ashore, effectively stopping the advance. Subsequent landing waves stacked up, but the Japanese did not exploit easy target.

The next day, 27 March, the Americal Division moved into already devastated Cebu City, as the Americans began a rapid advance. On 28 March, Lahug airfield, two miles northeast of Cebu was seized, as Arnold’s troops began to confront two heavily defended Japanese positions in the outpost line, capturing one on the same day. The Americal Division grimly assaulted individual positions with tank-infantry teams and with crucial fire support from offshore Seventh Fleet destroyers, the Japanese slowly gave ground.

Pursuit operations began on 20 April, and together with Cushing’s guerrillas, killed any Japanese who turned to fight. Some 8,500 Japanese troops remained holed up in northern Cebu until the end of the war.

Source info: The Battle of the Visayas

as inscribed
Pagdaong sa Talisay

“Dito dumaong ang Americal Division ng U.S. 8th Army na pinamunuan nina Com. Gen. William H. Arnold at Capt. Albert T. Sprague, sa tulong ng mga Filipinong Gerilya ng 8th Military District sa pangunguna ni Lt. Col. James M. Cushing, 26 Marso 1945. Ang pagdaong ay bahagi ng operasyong Victor II na ipinatupad ni Gen. Douglas MacArthur upang mabawi ang mga lalawigan ng Cebu, Bohol at Negros. Ito ay nagbigay daan sa paglaya ng Lungsod ng Cebu, 27 Marso 1945; at pagsuko ng mga hapones sa lalawigan, 28 Agosto 1945.”


The US 8th Army Monuments 

Below are few of the images I have captured during my visit. Hope these give you idea of how the place looks like. My apology of the poor picture.

in the afternoon Talisaynon often overcrowd this location…
the iconic place of Talisay City, Cebu
Panagdaong Statue




My Thoughts based on Experience

I think the sea water level will fill-in or will rise at the bottom of these monuments when it’s high tide. And during my visit we noticed it was all dried up.

The surrounding was massive with people. I have seen few couples and lovers hanging over there, friends chatting along the side of the monument, whilst some of them enjoys taking photos and selfies. Other individuals were seen swimming at the beach even though it’s getting dark. So this place can accommodate huge number of people. As a side note, I have also seen tons of trash or garbage piled along the shoreline. Tsk!

this is a location in Talisay City where you often see meet ups and gatherings…
this is beside the Panagdaong statue, a public beach black sand…
apology for having a poor photo…

Anyways, glad that I had able to visit at this place so wondrously. I think without the invite to celebrate the birthday of a common friend located in Deca Homes BayWalk, I would be silly for myself at this time.

Good thing also that a former buddy decided to take a tour in Talisay since we still have ample time before going at the venue. It seems he wanted to introduce to me to where he used to hang-out with during his childhood days. By the way, heading to Talisay City is a familiar route esp. these landmarks, fly-over and Gaisano Tabunok, when I am traveling to South through Negros Oriental province.


Disclaimer: The photos above were captured using my Samsung S Duos mobile phone – with enhanced 5mega pixel camera.


Updated/Edited: July 24, 2018

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